Mirafit Multi Purpose Battle Rope Anchor Station & Sled

Functional training is the order of the day, and Mirafit combat ropes and kettlebells perform unconventional workouts at gyms across the country. It has been around since the mid-noughties, but interest has steadily grown to the point where almost every gym has a facility. I only thought about it once, back in the early nineties, with the introduction of the MIRAFIT Multi – Purpose Battle rope-anchorage sledge. 

Below we’ve put together a list of our tried and tested and popular brands that will do the right thing for you, whether you want to improve your arsenal of home workouts or just want something new to help you break a sweat. This rope training workout, developed by trainer Matthew Forzaglia (NFPT, CPT), involves a quick warm-up workout of two minutes, followed by a 30-second set of 10 – 15 reps of the MRAFIT Multi – Purpose Battle rope anchor station. You can then use it for up to 30 minutes at a time and take full advantage of the benefits, with a maximum of 30 seconds break between sets. 

Mirafit Multi Purpose Battle Rope Anchor Station & Sled Review

Pump your left hand onto the rope and your right, then turn around, aim for a fluid wave, then switch to the side and do 12 reps. Move your hand and wave your right hand to keep it stable for 15 seconds, then turn around and turn around to aim for fluid waves. 

Move your hand with your shoulders, not your elbows, up and down the rope as if it were sliding like a snake. Hold this position for 4 seconds while you are still making waves, rest for 20 seconds, then do the same for moves 2 and 3. Take turns squatting down with one arm from a standing position, stand up, repeat and repeat. Move from 1 to 2 in 40 seconds and hold for 2 seconds, then move to 1 in 30 seconds. When looking to buy the Mirafit Multi Pupose Battle Rope Anchor Stations & Sled, then grab a Mirafit Money off voucher here.

Make a circle outwards while moving the rope like a corkscrew, working your shoulders and rotator cuffs. Find a way to get your wrists out in a way that you can’t do if you just hold the handle. Bring your rope up as if lifting sideways, and keep your thumbs slightly forward. Wave the ropes while keeping the rest of your body steady and focusing on higher reps and higher amplitudes. 

Counting seems incredibly tedious and very unrealistic, but you can do this by simply counting the number of repetitions you have to complete in a given time frame. 

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If you step on the battlefield twice a week, you will achieve quick and tangible results in just a few days. 

In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, combat rope drills can eliminate 335kcal in 30 minutes. But that’s not all, you can also build muscles by regularly doing the combat rope workout with the workout below. In addition to increasing strength and fat loss, they offer an intensive cardio workout, develop muscle stamina and are well suited for Tabata training. When you are tired of iron, the weight of the ropes can help develop size and strength, while dynamic resistance provides serious definition and fat loss. 

Mirafit Multi Purpose Battle Rope Anchor Station & Sled UK

With a 1: 1 work-to-rest ratio, this 10-step workout has the potential to boost metabolism and burn stubborn fat faster than burpees can be said to be. It also includes a weight sled to help you train and increase strength, as well as a wall bracket that keeps you safe. If you imagine that it is a one-piece set, you only need one piece set for the 10 moves in this workout. 

The Mirafit Battle Rope Anchor is made of reinforced nylon and keeps the battle ropes securely in place while you buckle the set on poles, posts and trees. It is a large rope and you will notice many fraying when used intensively, but it does not suffer from a fraying that is a little too large during use. Well, your battle rope will probably feel more stable, but depending on what you anchor and twist around, it can fray during its use (of course, it depends on how you use it). 

Maybe you circle a pole or a tree, knock it around or give it work, and it works for you. 

A large rope conditioning test involves wrapping the rope around a hockey frame and using a safety beam as a measuring point. Pump your right hand to work your biceps, triceps and abdomen into plank position, and your shoulders will burn for 30 seconds. Train arms, shoulders, hips, back, legs, knees, ankles, feet, arms, and legs in the same position for a few minutes. 

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