Mirafit Battle Rope Review

Mirafit battle rope is amazing value for build quality, we have a set of these battle ropes in the office here. We compare the Mirafit battle rope to the competitions and breakdown the ropes for our review.

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Cross winder: After 3 sets of 30 seconds to 30 seconds break, hold the rope parallel and whip from right (a) to left (b). Side Lung Slam: Keep it flat after the 3 sets, rotate vertically to the rope and lift it up (a). Hit it down at the left end in a side lunge (B).

Battle Ropes UK

Battle ropes are an awesome form of functional fitness training which comes from the world of commercial gyms, but also can be used in CrossFit gym settings. They’re great for a variety of things as you’ll find out in this battle ropes UK review. But before we get into it, let’s find out what exactly they are!

I train in martial arts and have been purchasing equipment for my training for quite some years now. Battle ropes are a good way to build core strength as well as endurance. Mirafit battle ropes offer some of the best battle ropes currently on sale in the UK. The best part is that they are priced at a reasonable range so that they are accessible to the majority of people. Let’s take a look at why I believe these ropes are some of the best available and offer great value for money.

Battle ropes are a fantastic tool for your strength and conditioning training, and Mirafit are some of the best on the market right now. They’re also highly comparable to battle ropes used in UFC, so if you’re looking to improve your conditioning, they may be a smart investment.

I train using Battle Ropes at least three times a week and they are excellent for cross-training with other sports. If you want to get in shape and ramp up your training then take a look at Mirafit Battle Ropes .

I’m a big fan of my battle rope from Mirafit. I use them regularly in my own workouts and recommend them to anyone who will listen. They’re great pieces of training equipment, and they’re worth checking out if you do any functional fitness training or are planning to.

Mirafit Battle Rope Review UK
Mirafit Battle Rope Review UK

Thick and heavy ropes to throw is more than impressive to look at, it is also an effective training. In addition to increasing strength and fat loss, the combat rope also offers an intensive cardio workout, making it well-suited for Tabata training and the development of muscle stamina. 

To see the rest of the Mirafit range, visit their website at www.mirafit.co.uk. If you subscribe to the our mailing list, you will also receive a free eBook with 101 health and fitness tips as well as exclusive offers and news for our subscribers. 

Mirafit Battle Rope Review Summary

Battle Rope Jump Power Slam 3 sets (30sec – 30sec rest) When you are fresh and increase your plyometric strength, hold the combat rope in each hand and jump off the floor with the rope over your head and knock it down. One Arm Plank Wave (3 sets, 30 seconds to 30 seconds rest) Work your biceps, triceps and abdomen from plank position by pumping your right hand for 15 seconds. Repeat with the other hand for another 15 seconds. 

The key to this exercise is to hit the rope. This can be done with a double hand, with both sides of the rope moving simultaneously. You can switch between both sides by taking one end of the ropes and using two hands. 

Mirafit Battle Rope UK
Mirafit Battle Rope UK

This video is a clear example that summarizes the possibilities of the combat rope. It’s not associated with any fitness reviews. If you know your stuff and want to see someone selling a product, scroll down to the video. The other exercises I have focused on on this page are compared to YouTube videos. 

Mirafit Battle Rope Compared to the Competition

It is an easy-to-obtain kit that is easy to set up and requires minimal disk space. We recommend the MiraFit rope to have a rope of different lengths that suits your experience and your space. With the five anchor options available, you can attach the rope to the outside of a wall, a stake on your lawn or a matching bar in addition to the strap. 

Allan Price’s favourite combat rope exercise to broaden your training repertoire. Keep the rest of your body under the shaft of the rope for as long as possible and focus on higher reps and higher amplitudes. It will prepare your muscles for what is to come.

Mirafit Battle Rope Review
Mirafit Battle Rope Review

This form of exercise has been around since Roman times, and it has helped people around the world achieve the most intense HIIT workouts today. After 10 minutes on the fight rope you will know why people are so enthusiastic about them. 

The Mirafit Battle Jump Rope combines the best aspects of skipping rope and combat rope into a whole body workout without the need to fix one end of the rope to an anchor point. The black polyester fabric of the skipping rope is hard-wearing and the rubberized handles provide a comfortable hold and prevent fraying. 

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