Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag 65Kg Review & Price

IronMan Im-409B Home Gym UK

It is designed to be eye-catching, but also safe to use and offers you everything you need to do a full body workout. Although it is not a multi-gym like others on this list, you can still use it to do several exercises to pay the bill.

Multi Gym with Training Bag

If you are looking for a Multi Gym, with a Punch Bag then the IronMan 409B is ideal for your needs, budget but well built. The Punch Bag that comes with this Gym is awesome, you have plenty of space to swing and the bag has never fallen off the bar. The Chin Up Bar that comes with this gym is also life changing, I really enjoy going to the gym now!

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym

This Multi Gym with Punch Bag is a very good and capable machine. Not only does it come with a punch bag but you can workout with this Multi Gym from the comfort of your own home. Growing up I would sometimes like training out in my garden which was good fun but I never really felt comfortable out there, I didn’t have any equipment just myself. But now there is such technology and machinery for us to use to be able to train that is fair safe. The IronMan 409B allows me to do just that, train safely in the comforts of my home.

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag 65Kg

We were looking for a Multi Gym with Punch Bag. Not an easy task, but we decided on the IronMan 409B, it’s a great work out and allows us to play around with our fitness program. When setting up the gym, be sure to follow supplied directions. Bend the supports into the right position and then screw in using the correct size screws. We put one side together without consulting the instructions and nearly couldn’t get it back apart again. Once completed, this is an excellent piece of kit.

Make sure that the weight stacks and plates for this multi-gym are sold separately. On the plus side, this means you have full control over how much weight you add to each machine. Make sure to check the weight class in each stack as you want to make sure you have enough extra weights to make progress to get fitter and stronger. 

Iron Man 409b Multi Gym - Price

Iron Man 3 Multi Gym

Iron Man 3 Multi Gym, the IronMan 409B is the 3 station Iron Man Multi Gym from the Brand IronMan with a added punch bag. It has two pulleys for chest, back and abdominal exercises.

3 station Iron Man Multi Gym from the Brand IronMan. The machine is beautiful and it is very functional, you will enjoy hours of workout. It has a good design and a lot of features that are really useful for people that work out often in the gym. Some of its features are: padded seat back – adjustable arm rests – rubber counter weight – variable height row stations – chest press station – dual action arm row station – adjustable seat and back pad – high torque motor – steel frame with powder coating finish.

Iron Man 409b Multi Gym - Wheels

It can accommodate and give great workout to you by providing maximum resistance which is required for body toning, strengthening your muscles, building endurance and increasing flexibility of the muscles. This machine offers 20 workout routines including 6 Chest Exercises, 6 Back Exercises, 4 Shoulder Exercises and 4 Arm Exercises.

Iron Man 3 Multi Gym. IronMan Multi Gym is the newest equipment from the brand IronMan, with a added punch bag. With an all new design, and updated features the Ironman Multi Gym is for both the home and professional users. With three stations able to individually target different aspects of fitness, you are able to have a complete work out.

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag 65Kg Review

IronMan Im-409B Multi Gym with Punch Bag Review

The IronMan Im-409B is a great value Multi Gym for those looking for a multi station Multi Gym that will not break the bank. IronMan is exclusively imported to the UK by UK Sports Imports. UK Sports Import has exclusive distribution rights to the IronMan Range of Multi Gyms and sports equipment.

We have had the pleasure of Reviewing the Im-409B for this article. We received the Multi Gym in two boxes and it took us 3 hours to build the gym up, and fill the punch bag with sand. (We used sand to fill the Punch bag, you can use a softer filler if you want to not use gloves on the bag)

Iron Man 409b Multi Gym - Weight

Iron Man Im-409B Review Considerations

One should also think about the maximum user weight of the multi-gym. For newcomers to strength training, opting for a slightly lighter maximum weight machine is a good option and if you are just starting out, 60-70 kg should be enough. For those of you who already exercise, opting for 80 kg or more is the best of this multi-gym, but for those who are new in weight – training is the best option to opt for equipment with slightly higher maximum weights, such as the Iron Man IM 409B. Home Multi-gym with punching bag 65kg or the IRON MAN IM-118 Home multi-gym with punching bag 60Kg or 60 kg, you should not worry about this being considered as a maximum user weight. And for those of us who are new to weight training and have already weighed, opting for 80 kg and more is another good option. 

For those who are not yet convinced of their decision to buy the Iron Man IM 409B Home Multi-gym with punching bag , you might want to try this one for size. If you are looking for a compact machine that does not take up too much space in your home, this is the perfect choice for you. For those who want to strengthen themselves, it is a good option for those who need a more compact cheap multi-gym with punching bag. 

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag 65Kg UK

Iron Man Im-409B 3 Station Multi Gym weight stack

The stack weighs over 70 kg and offers most people more than enough resistance and is available in a variety of weights. If you want to buy something different for your home gym, check out our best exercise bike guide, which includes a full list of the best exercise equipment to choose from. Before you buy it, you can always look around in our good exercise bike guides to get a detailed insight into what you are looking for.

Iron Man 409b Multi Gym - Side View

If you think the Iron Man Home multi-gym might be the right multi-gym product for you, click through to read our review and see what our customers say about it. Take the time to read our full review of the Iron Man IM 409B Multi-gym with punching bag 65 kg and compare it with other multi-gyms, which are available on the UK market today. 

This type of multi-gym will have a seat where you can do your exercises, but it will take less space, as it can be pressed against the wall in any way. Make sure that the seats in your chosen multi-purpose hall are adjustable, as more than one person will use them. This type of multi-gym will be equipped with a seat where exercises can be done and it needs less space and less space, as it can be pushed against a wall either in the way or in front of it. 

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag 65Kg - Dimebsions

Having a Punchbag with a Multi Gym

The Im-409B is equipped with a punching bag for elbows, knees, and even takedowns, as required for elbows, knees, or even takedowns. The advantage of a thin base is that you can get much closer to the bag You are able to throw punches and kicks with a shorter range and that helps those with shorter limbs. 

Those who are serious about martial arts will want to have a good quality punching bag and include it in their training schedule. I would recommend filling the floor with sand instead of water, as it will make it much more stable, but if you are looking for a free-standing punching bag and do not want to lose quality, the Gallant is an excellent option.

Iron Man Im-409B Multi Gym With Punch Bag

Other Punch Bag Options to add to the Iron Man Im-409B Home Gym

The Everlast Powercore is a good free standing punching bag and a very good training partner at this price, when the sand is filled up and left at one point. Another criticism of punching bags is directed at those who fill their base, and I would recommend that you fill your base with sand instead of water, as this makes them even more stable. 

If you wait until Black Friday to buy this multi-gym, it will help you a lot to get a good result, but if you use it daily for intensive exercises, I would suggest to splash the money. If you are looking for a full home gym set up take a look at the Mirafit Range here.

Iron Man 409b Multi Gym - Best Price in the UK

If you are looking for a high-quality multi-gym with punching bag for your home gym, the 100kg Multi Gym Machine is just the thing. So I hesitate to accept the U-King model, but it is worth taking a look at my book. The Iron Man IM 409B Home Multi – Gym with punching bag 65kG is a great value Home Gym Multi Gym.

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