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The collection includes a synergistic blend of organic mushrooms and herbs that contains the right balance between natural and synthetic ingredients to provide targeted support in everyday life. GAIA, one of the world’s leading herbal brands for mental health and wellness, has launched its first ever line of herbal products at the 2017 International Mental Health Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The collection included a synergy of organic mushrooms and herbs that contains the right combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other essential oils to provide targeted support in daily life, as well as a range of anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant products. 

Mental clarity promotes cognitive function and healthy memory and also includes the fungus dandelion mane, which is traditionally used to support the nervous system. Along with basil, which reduces stress and improves mood, and rosemary for commemoration (read: “Let the Rosary study up there”), it promotes mental health and clarity. 

Review of Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity Mushrooms & Herbs by Cheap Supplements

The team at Cheap Supplements brings over 45 years of collective bodybuilding experience to their review, with three members holding BSC (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy. Having used Gaia Herbs since its inception, their extensive expertise adds credibility to their evaluation. Additionally, insights from over 200 personal training clients who use Gaia Herbs supplements provide a comprehensive overview.

What is Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity Mushrooms & Herbs?

Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity Mushrooms & Herbs is a brain and cognitive support supplement designed to promote cognitive function, healthy memory, and mental alertness. The blend includes Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Gotu Kola, and Holy Basil, all known for their cognitive benefits.


  • Mushroom Synergy Blend: Lion’s Mane fruiting body extract, Reishi fruiting body extract, Cordyceps fruiting body extract.
  • Herbal Synergy Blend: Gotu Kola Leaf, Holy Basil leaf, Rosemary leaf.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy memory and a clear, focused mind.
  • Supports cognitive function.
  • Ideal for moments of feeling overtaxed.

Ingredient Analysis:

Lion’s ManeSupports cognitive function
ReishiPromotes mental clarity
CordycepsEnhances focus
Gotu KolaSupports healthy memory
Holy BasilAids in staying clear and alert

Summary: The combination of mushrooms and herbs creates a comprehensive solution for mental clarity, memory, and focus.

Review Experience: During the review period, the Cheap Supplements team noted improved focus, mental clarity, and alertness. The supplement proved effective in demanding situations, aligning with its intended purpose.

Editor’s Review: The editor at Cheap Supplements commends Gaia Herbs for its commitment to purity, transparency, and organic cultivation. The MeetYourHerbs platform exemplifies their dedication to quality. The product is vegan, gluten-free, and made in the USA, reflecting Gaia’s focus on premium ingredients and sustainable practices.

Pros and Cons:


  • Effective cognitive support.
  • Premium, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients.
  • Commitment to transparency and sustainability.


  • Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Benefits Experienced: The team and clients reported enhanced cognitive function, improved memory, and sustained focus during overtaxing moments.

Suitability: Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity is suitable for those seeking cognitive support, focus aid, and mental clarity. Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Comparison with Other Mushroom Supplements in the UK: Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity excels in various aspects compared to other mushroom supplements in the UK. The comparison table below outlines the key features, with scores out of 10:

Cost Effectiveness9
Packet Size7
Blend of Ingredients10
Ingredients Quality10
Brand Confidence9

Review Summary: Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity Mushrooms & Herbs receives an impressive overall score of 78 out of 90. The blend of ingredients, quality, and brand confidence stand out, making it a top choice for those seeking effective cognitive support in the UK market.

Reishi turmeric also contains immune-supporting mushrooms, fermented root ginger and a warming herb that acts as a bioenergy source. Reishi turmeric also contains immunity – supporting mushrooms and fermented root ginger as well.

Gaia Mental Clarity UK

Mental clarity promotes cognitive function and healthy memory and includes fungi of the lion’s mane, traditionally used to support the nervous system. There are additional nootropics in lion mane, reishi and cordyceps as well as additional nootropics like gotu, cola and rosemary. Psychic clitoris promotes cognitive function and healthy memory, including the lion’s mane, which is traditionally used as an immune system – it supports the nervous system and is a warming herb that warms and soothes. 

The region of our lives is preoccupied with a number of tantalising health benefits, such as mental clarity, relaxation and even mental health. 

The mushrooms that get the most attention belong to a class called medicinal mushrooms, while culinary mushrooms such as Cremini and Portobello have solid nutritional benefits. In nature, plants and fungi work together to thrive, and the duo is a great ally in supporting mental alertness and maintaining oxygen flow to the brain. The Gaia Difference, Mental Clarity provides antioxidant support and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. It contains a brain-supporting blend of vitamins, minerals and minerals as well as antioxidants and is used to nourish the body. 

If you need individual advice on which herbs and supplements to choose, consult a clinical herbalist or certified naturopathic practitioner. Learn the benefits of these powerful medicinal mushrooms so that you can gradually choose the right one for your needs. If you are looking for a mushroom that offers a particular benefit, do not use a single mushroom; however, all mushrooms work synergistically and their combination can often offer even greater benefits. Although they only seem to be above ground, they resemble aspen, but are connected. 

Visit Gaia’s MeetYourHerbs traceability platform for the latest information on organically harvested herbal products. For more information about Gaia Herbs organic herbs and products, please visit the Gaia traceable platform “Meet your herbs.” Visit Gaia’s’ Meet your herbalists’ Traceability Platform for more information on Organic – Harvested Herbal Products and more. 

I have loved Gaia herbs for almost a decade and this year I am thrilled to be working with one of the largest and most respected organic herb farms in the world. As always, as a herbalist, naturopath and blogger, it is important for me to connect more closely with the people behind the plants and to present herb plants that I really admire and trust. I will tell you more about their cultivation practice in a few months, but now you can faint over Gaia’s herb farm later in June, when you make your first visit

Gaia Herbs is the leading herbal brand in North America with its patented Liquid Phyto Caps and its own line of herbal supplements. Their products are sold in independent health food stores and on trusted online retail platforms such as Amazon, Whole Foods and Wal-Mart, as well as in the UK. Gaia HerBS ‘products are also sold in independent health food stores in Canada and the United States and through its trusted online retail platform Amazon. 

You can be sure that when you choose products from Gaia Herbs, you will get the best for your health and well-being. If you buy mushroom supplements that you can use with nut butter, you want to make sure you get the right one. In my experience, reishi mushrooms are a very balanced remedy that does not negatively affect dosha. 

Ron Teeguarden says: “Reishi is an excellent anti-stress herb and it is one of the most effective herbs in the world. Using laboratory and scientifically validated methods, we harness the wisdom of nature to create a blend of fungi and herbs that support key functions of health and well-being. Mushrooms and herbs: A pure and effective combination of fungus and herb, combining ancient wisdom with scientific confirmation through laboratory tests. With the science validated in the laboratory, we have harnessed the wisdom of nature to create a blend of fungi and herbs that support the key function of health and well-being – being. 

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