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Cheapest protein bars UK + Short Dated Protein Bars

We have found the best deals on cheap protein bars in the UK. Protein bars are one of the easiest ways to get extra protein into your diet, from brands such as Myprotein, USN, maxinutrition etc. We have found cheap protein bars that pack a punch when it comes to protein and other macros for your gym fit diet. Unlike the likes of musclesupermarket we actually update our prices daily using a cronjob meaning our cheap protein bar prices are constantly changing and updating to ensure you get the very best deal on protein bars in the UK.

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Cheap Protein Bars – Where are they and why are they so cheap? 

The answer is protein bars are everywhere now, and this makes finding cheap protein bars easier than ever. There is an abundance of protein bar brands and therefore we often manage to get deals by searching for the cheapest protein bar deals from all resellers and give you the list of the cheap protein bars we have found. 

In this article we will give you the list of the cheapest protein bar deals from all resellers and give you the list of the cheap protein bars we have found. We work tirelessly to find the best protein bar deals for consumers. Whether it’s a single bar or a box, our mission is always the same.

These days you will find that there are cheaper protein bars a lot easier than ever before. Actually, this is probably the easiest time to get hold of cheap protein bars in history. There are so many brands out there right now that it’s really not hard to find a great deal on cheap protein bars and that’s why we’ve decided to create this article.

Protein bars have become mainstream and are often found in supermarkets in your local area, but many people are still unaware of the vast benefits of cheap protein bars. These bars are extremely convenient because they can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack when you’re on the go.

Protein Bars UK’s Cheapest

We have searched for the best value cheap protein bars, these deals are often one off’s so you need to buy them today. We sometimes list short dated protein bars going for a bargain but be sure to only buy what you need.

We search for the cheap protein bar deals from the likes of Affordable Supplements, Myprotein, Bulk Powders, Monster Supplements and Bodybuilding warehouse. The market for protein bars in the UK is pretty saturated so there are often protein bars that do not get sold. We find the best protein bar deals by searching for the deals daily.

cheapest protein bars in the UK

Short Dated Protein Bars

We sometimes list short dated protein bars, now the websites that sell them make this clear and we are not trying to fool anyone. If you buy a short dated protein bar you should be told in advance and the website will make it clear. Some of the cheapest protein bars are short dated deals and they tend to be great deals. To be honest we eat them even if they are out of date, we tend to keep short dated protein bars in fridge and they are just fine.

Short Dated Protein Bars allow you to get a great deal on the best protein bars, they are a short term offer, and when I say short term they are often only one day or less. If you see this symbol on the product it is only available for 24 hours. The main reason we list these cheap protein bars is that they go very quickly because due to the low price they are popular deals, sometimes thousands of people want them because the price is so low.

We are not trying to fool anyone but sometimes short dated protein bars can be a bargain and that’s okay. They should be discounted as they get older and they may taste a little different after a while. We are here to once again offer our bargain hunters some great protein bar deals.

For people who are trying to find a cheap protein bar, they can be tricky to track down. But they do exist. There are also some sites that sell them via short dated offers which means you can make £ savings on your cheap protein bar.

Buying Short Dated Protein Bars

This is totally up to you if you want short dated bars or not and if they do not say short dated on the listing they will have pretty long use by date. When it comes to the reasons that there are short dated protein bars the answer is simple. Protein bars do not have as long a shelf life as a regular chocolate bar. Mixed in are sometimes flavours that are new and the protein companies need to produce a large amount in each batch leaving some bars coming up to there sell by date. To save money on waste the protein companies sell these short dated bars for a lot less than the full RRP and you get a bargain.

These Short Dated Protein Bars are an ideal choice for health conscious individuals and can be used as a great alternative to other high sugar and fat protein bars. We offer this versatile product at competitive prices through our extensive distribution channels.

These are protein bars that are short dated. They will hit a use-by date of less than 12 months, so all the ingredients will remain fresh & tasty. Not all protein bars are short dated, so please check with other manufacturers before making your purchase decision.

With Short Dated protein bars you’re getting the convenience of a protein bar in a portable package and are convenient to eat just about anywhere. Short Dated bars are high in protein, low in sugar and fat with absolutely no gluten ingredients. Just like any other soft-baked protein bar, you’ll get the benefits of 20 grams of protein, plus calcium and iron.

Short Dated Protein Bars are a true protein and have been strategically engineered to deliver MAXIMUM PROTEIN PER SERVING. They are not only designed to be a viable protein replacement but to be great tasting and convenient as well. With a shelf life of only 25 days, the bars provide consumers with an easy solution for the storage of unused products in their protein consuming lifestyle.

Cheap Protein Bar Brands

We have found really cheap protein bar deals from the likes of Sci-Mx, USN, Myprotein, bulk powders and Maximuscle. There are some brands such as Sci Mx that they sell in Poundland that can be pretty cheap all the time and others that come in deals such as Quest bars cheap. Apart from Poundland there are a number of places you can buy bargain protein bars.

Home Bargains often sell really good value bargain protein bars, they have short dated bars at really good prices. Today we got 5 protein bars for £2.50 today from Home Bargains and the bars were not even that short dated. Home Bargains sells CSN, USN, Maximuscle cyclone bars and a big range of not so well known protein bars.

Discount Protein Bars Sale

We list the best discounted protein bar deals around. We get the emails from all the major protein bar suppliers and list when they discount protein bars. Sign up for our emails to be notified when we add a new set of discount protein bars to the page.

Our discount protein bars are carefully chosen to provide the most addictive flavour and the highest quality protein possible at our lowest price possible. If you are looking for a protein bar that you can enjoy eating and not feel guilty about, you have come to the right place!

Get your protein from discount protein bars, in the best flavours around. We have a huge range of discount protein bars, with tastes from cookies and cream to chocolate peanut butter. Better yet, our bars are gluten free and taste amazing! Protein bars are perfect as snack on the go or for that late night munch. Nothing beats a good discount protein bar.

Protein Bar Sale

The protein bar sales are great, because I don’t have to worry about stocking up on inventory. It’s really easy to sell my bars when they’re ordered and shipped directly to the customer. When I heard that my local gym was having a protein bar sale, I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the trouble.

With the Protein Bar Sale here our team have scouted out the market for the best deals in protein bars. We’ve brought them all together so you can grab yourself a bargain with our huge protein bar sale! Whether you are looking to bulk up, cut down or just maintain your physique, there is something for you in this protein bar sale. Are you looking for protein bars? We’ve got them and another top diets supplements at the Protein Bar Sale. Just check out our deals and get the best price in our Protein Bar Sale.

The Protein Bar Sale is here! We’re offering an extended selection of delicious bars at a great price. Stock up and save with this Protein Bar Sale and use them for snacks, post workout fuel or even as healthy protein-rich breakfast on the go.

The protein bar sale is composed of 7 discounts for the gym protein bars. Get yourself a bulk of 20 bars and save off all purchases! The protein bar sale is going on now at any time when you want to buy wholesale protein bars. Use discount code when you check out and get an amazing discount today!

Home made protein bars on the cheap

You can of course make your own protein bars for an even cheaper option. Homemade protein bars are not actually that hard to make, if you are looking for a really low carb option we have a recipe below that you might like to try.

Strawberry delight Protein Bars Recipe:

This protein bar recipe is good for 4 x 60g bars

You will need 1x dark chocolate 0 added sugar bar 100g (Sainsburys sell a own brand bar its in red packaging and is perfect as its 0 added sugar perfect for Keto Diets)

300 g strawberry protein powder – Make sure this has calcium caseinate in it or casein protein.

200g Coconut flour or coconut flakes (with flacks you will need to blend them to a fine powder.

2 table spoons of strawberry Jam

A can of Coconut milk.


Put the time release protein powder and coconut flour in a big bowl. Add in the two spoons of strawberry jam and mix it up. if the mix is still very dry add a table spoon of coconut milk at a time until it is almost a dry but firm paste. Melt the chocolate in banmarie. Roll out the protein mix and cut into 8 even bars. Dip each bar in chocolate covering it all. Sprinkle lots of coconut flour on a surface and place the chocolate covered protein bars onto the coconut flour and leave to dry. Put the bars into the fridge until you are ready to eat them.

Enjoy these are the cheapest protein bars in the UK – Home Made.

History of Discount Protein Bars

Protein bars have come a long way since the first ever protein bars hit the UK market. The protein bar like a lot of advancements in nutrition NASA came up with protein bars of easy ways to up the protein intake of astronauts. Back on the popularity of the space food Pillsbury the maker of the NASA food marketed the protein bars as space sticks.  Then in 1986 the second commercially available protein bars came onto the market in the form of PowerBars. Originally aimed at pro and semi pro athletes, the protein market quickly started marketing to the diet market. 

Protein bars had been on the scene in the background with the likes of Bob Hoffman and Hi-Protein, high protein are the real pioneers of the protein bar for weight lifting. Bob Hoffman experimented for many years getting the right source of protein for his bars, even at one time using fish protein as an ingredient. You can imagine how bad some of the early protein bars must have tasted. 

PowerBar led the way to creating a marketing for easy to eat protein on the go, this appeals to anyone who wants to swap out regular chocolate bars to the healthier alternatives the protein bar. The early protein bars were not exactly cheap and they tasted pretty basic with a lot of the base protein being Soya protein which takes a lot to taste good. 

Move forward to modern day, PowerBar are still one of the main brand of protein bars around the world, but there are so many more brands coming on the market by the day. If you pop into a health food shop on the high street today you will see a huge selection of protein bars, but the cheapest bars are online unless you get short dated protein bars. 

Whey Protein Bars

The main source of protein in protein bars have moved on from Soya protein and gelatine to a more bio available whey protein giving the flavour options a new leash of life. Now the main ingredient is whey protein mixed with casein protein to add a chewy texture to the bar the flavour of protein bars are getting more and more like a real chocolate bar. The cheapest protein bars on the high street tend to be the whey protein based ones. This is due to the huge amount of whey protein bars being made and the systems they use to make them being more and more automated meaning the end result being a high protein but cheap protein bar.

Cheap Protein Bars on Sale on the High Street

If you cannot wait for a protein bar delivery there are a few places on the high street you can pick up cheap protein bars. The first point of call should be Holland and Barrett but only look in the discount section where they put the short dated protein bars. Holland and Barrett do sometimes do deals on protein bars especially in the Holland and Barrett penny sale. 

Home Bargains Protein Bars

Home Bargains has started selling protein and supplements and often have very good deals on protein bars. We have been a been able to pick up some great deals on short dated protein bars and brands that have not really done that well in the UK. Some Home Bargains protein bars as cheap as 49p each, so it is well worth checking out your local Home Bargains for protein bars. Home Bargains often sells Snickers and Mars protein bars if you like a little treat for yourself as a protein bar. 

B&M Bargains Protein Bars

Very similar to Home Bargains, B&M Bargains do great value protein bar deals, often they have Sci-Mx protein bars, USN protein bars and other cheap protein bars. So try and check out your local B&M Bargains for your protein bar deals.  You can pick up a Mars protein bar at B&M Bargains as well as Home Bargains. 


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