Cheap barbell set

Cheap barbell sets, grab yourself a bargain barbell set here to build up some lean muscle. We have found the best and cheapest barbells available in the UK by checking all the suppliers and getting the best deals for you. We have hand picked a selection of cheap barbell sets from the web for you to buy.

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Cheap Barbell Types:

Barbells come in a number of different types and sizes and we look at what kind of barbell is best for you. From high quality barbell sets to low quality ones, you can get cheap barbells. There are various cheap barbell sets on the market. They’re made of various materials. Plated steel ones, solid metal ones, stainless steel ones, cast iron ones with affordable price tags. 

Cheap barbell types are barbell sets that cost £100 dollars or less. So you might ask yourself, why would one need a cheap barbell set? Well, there are quite a few reasons, the main reason being price. Compare them with the price of a fancy Olympic weight set & you’ll see what I mean be cheap barbells will save most people a great deal of money.

Straight Barbells

Straight Barbells are the most common type of barbell, they are the most widely used due to they are easy and cheap to make and easy to use. Straight Barbells vary in length from 4ft to 7ft. A 7ft foot bar can weigh up to 20kg without any weights on the bar.

A cheap straight barbell is a type of barbell that has no bend or curve. It is a solid rod with one end having a metal sleeve to hold the plates which weight can be added to and remove from. These types of barbells grip on the sleeves of the actual barbell and are held together with collars at both ends so they do not slip off. A straight bar in contrast to Olympic Barbells are shorter than 7 feet in length as they can become unstable.


Cheap Barbell Weight Set

Cheap Barbell Weight Set UK – Find the best deals on cheap barbell weight sets in the UK. Save money on a range of easy to setup home weight training kit from reliable online suppliers. Cheap gym equipment is available for safe and effective workouts from home with our barbell weight set, incline bench set and cheap bench press which can be used for incline or decline chest exercise.

There are many different types of home gym equipment you can buy to build muscle, endurance and overall strength. Most people buy cheap barbell weight sets as it’s the most cost effective way to train in a small space at home. With this in mind, it makes sense to check out our guide to the best cheap barbell weight sets UK.

Your search for cheap barbell weight sets ends here. I’ve gone through all the related keywords including ‘cheap barbell weight set’ to find the best deals currently available online.

If you are looking to start a cheap barbell weight set, then have a look at the range of available barbells. You can buy barbells for as little as £30 and the prices can rise up to well over £500. There is also a wide range of weights available, from 5lbs all the way to 300lbs. The size of your weights will be determined by the diameter of the plates you use. They will need to fit onto your barbell handles, which luckily are quite standardised in size.

Types of Barbell Weight Sets: 


Straight Barbells also come in two thicknesses, 1 inch sleeves and 2 inch sleeves. 2″ bars are called Olympic barbells and 1″ bars are called standards barbells.

Straight Barbells are used for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

Cheap Barbell set
Cheap Barbell set

EZ Curl Bars for Barbells

EZ Curl Bars are slightly more expensive than the cheap straight barbells but they have benefits. EZ Curl Barbells are shorter than the average straight barbell. The EZ Barbell is a shorter bar that makes it easy to use in a smaller lifting area.

The EZ Curl Barbell is perfect for bicep curls but you cannot use an EZ Curl bar for squats. This is due to the EZ Bar having an angled grip area that gives less stress on the forearms, wrists and elbows.

Along with bicep curls the EZ Curl Bars are great for lying tricep extensions. This makes EZ Curl Bars the ideal Bi’s and Tri’s Barbell, ideal for arm workouts.

Olympic Safety Squat Bars

the Olympic Safety Squat Bars are those that love to squat but do not like the pain that can come with squatting. Squatting with a cheap straight barbell have some risks. The other benefit of the Olympic Safety Squat Barbell is that you do not have to cup the barbell with your hands keeping them free.

This hands free type of barbell gives the freedom for you to focus on the lifts.

Cheap Barbell Maintenance

Keeping a barbell working for you for longer is key to getting the best value from your Barbells.To maintain your barbells, both your weights and bars you will need the following items:

  • A short firm Nylon Bristle brush – Nylon is vital to keep the bar from being scratched, wire brushes are too harsh.
  • A roll of kitchen towel
  • WD40 – This is to clean the shafts and the weights.

How to clean your Cheap Barbells:

Take your weights and bars outdoors and lay them on some old newspaper. Spray the bars and weights with WD40 and leave for 5 minutes.

Now brush the bars especially the grip area, get into the groove and displace any dead skin and grime.

Do the same to the weights, but go lighter on the weights as the coating tends to be thinner on the weights.

Once you have run the brush over all the bars and the weights, wipe them off with the kitchen towel, especially making the grip area free of oil.

And you are done, if you do this maintenance every few weeks your bars and weights will last you for years!

Best Cheap Barbell Set

When looking for the best barbell set you need to look at how long you want to use the Barbell for.  If you are looking for a short term use your best option for the barbell set would be the cheapest which would be concrete and vinyl set. If you are looking for long term use then the best barbell set for you would be a cast iron set. If you maintain the barbell set you will have the best long term use from the metal barbells and will help get your body into your best ever body. 

Have you been shopping for a cheap barbell set? You can find thousands of barbell sets on the market today. Which one is the best cheap barbell set for you? There are different types of cheap barbell sets, plastic coated, metal ones, and cast iron ones. Learn all about the cheap barbell sets here. 

Finding the best Cheap Barbell Set is not easy, there are so many different designs and questions that come to mind, but before you just purchase an iron barbell set, make sure you know what you’re getting. The market is full of cheap barbell set products. This article will you help to solve your problem in choosing the best one. I am very glad that this article offers you some tips for selecting and buying a cheap barbell set , providing you with enough details as well as information about each model.

Cheapest Barbell Sets Buyers Guide:

When you are looking for a cheap Barbell Set there are a number of options available to you. We look at the Various Barbell Types starting with the cheapest. Cheapest barbell sets buyers guide is here to help you to make good decision and avoid mistakes. It will also help you to choose risk-free barbells as there are many fake and bad quality ones on the market. There are a lot of people who are willing to buy cheap fitness equipment, which is not necessarily a bad thing, however there are few crucial things you should know before buying cheap weightlifting equipment.

When you first start working out, you can usually afford more expensive stuff. But once you get bitten and you need to buy some cheap barbells, it’s actually quite hard. You might be tempted to go with the cheapest ones, but there are certain things you should look out for when buying a cheap set of barbells.

Vinyl and Concrete Barbells:

The Vinyl and Concrete Barbell Sets are the cheapest to make of any of the barbell sets. You should be paying the least of any type of barbell sets and these are entry level sets for those who do not want to go to heavy. 

What are Vinyl and Concrete Barbells.

These types of Barbell come with weights that are plastic outside which is also the mould and inside is concrete. The vinyl outer is the mould and also the outer shell of the barbell weights holding the concrete together and stopping it chipping off. These are the most basic barbell types on the markets and the bars are normally hollow as the weights are not normally heavy enough to require a solid metal bar. 

Benefits of Vinyl and Concrete Barbells.

The benefits come mainly from the price, but also these are pretty durable if you do not abuse them. Most teenagers start with this kind of Barbell sets as they are cheap. You go to Argos and buy a set of York weights and within a few weeks you think you are Arnie, flexing in the mirror looking at your newly formed gains. They are better than a metal weight if you drop them on your feet as they are less dense weight wise. 

Negatives of Vinyl and Concrete Barbells

Well there are a few issues with the concrete and vinyl barbells. They are far bigger weight for weight than a metal barbell as concrete is far less dense in terms of weight for size. They also break, the concrete can break inside the vinyl cover, this can cause a slight unbalance of weight when the concrete shifts.

Benefits of Steel Barbells / Cast Iron Barbells

The best thing about barbells is the feeling of the weight in your hand and the compactness of the weights. You really do not get that feeling from concrete barbells, simply put steel barbells or cast iron dumbbells in the hands have the feeling of lifting.

Now Steel may not be as cheap as concrete but over time the investment is well worth it. Were the concrete cheap dumbbell set may look like a wise investment if you look simply at the price. But think about handing that set of dumbbells to your kids or grandkids? No but I got my first set of Dumbbells from my old man. I still have those and they will be good to hand over time and time again.

Negatives of Steel Barbells / Cast Iron barbells

No there are some negatives of steel or cast iron barbells, they weigh a lot, they can rust and they take some chips out of your toes if you drop one on them. You need to look after metal barbells, keep them in a dry place away from water and all that sweat you get on them. that sweat is concentrated corrosion and that sweat needs to be wiped away.

If the paint chips on a metal weight you should replace that paint. They paint the weights for a reason and that reason is that metal underneath corrodes. So if you chip the weight, get out a cloth clean it up, let it dry. Then get some good radiator paint and paint over it and cover it up. This way those not so cheap barbells will last you many many years of muscle gain.

Buy a Barbell Set

When you are looking to Buy a Barbell set then you may want to look here at our guide to barbell buying. We spell out what to look for in your Barbells, the quality over cheap prices and how to maintain the set you buy.  To buy a barbell set is the beginning of a long muscle building journey that will see your body change and improve. We know as long as you use our barbell guide you will have a great number of years of muscle building use. If you are looking for a good UK brand see the Mirafit Dumbell Set Range as they offer great budget and not so budget dumbbells. 

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Budget Barbell Buyers Guide

If it is true that “the best bar in the world is the one you have in your hands when you need to lift” then you might be interested in this guide to buying a barbell.

If you are thinking of purchasing a barbell for your home or gym, then this guide will walk you through the many things to consider. And, if you do decide to make that investment in a barbell, then this guide will help you find the best barbells at the best prices.

The best cheap barbell sets are the ones that make you look forward to getting your workouts done before the day is over. Cheap barbell sets are not necessarily expensive but they’re not cheap either. Cheap barbell sets do not just have low prices, they also have low quality. The main purpose of having a cheap set of barbells is to have it as a back up if you primary barbells ever break for any reason. Having this in mind, there are things you should consider so when buying a cheap barbell set.#

What to look out for when buying a cheap set of Barbells:

The Barbell is an iconic piece of equipment that can be found in most gyms but what happens if you’re after a cheap alternative to a standard Olympic bar? In today’s article, I’ll show you what you should look out for when buying a cheap set of barbells.

Everyone wants to work out in a gym. But, for the reason anyone will tell you that they don’t have time to go to the gym – it’s expensive. Most people today want to buy cheap barbells which are sold on internet. There are various websites which sell cheap barbells but scam artists also try to rip of customers by selling cheap barbells that are not even made of steel. This is because mostly they are made of aluminum and have a rust-proof coating on them. In this article you will be knowing about how you can make sure that you are not buying a set of barbells made from aluminum and instead purchasing those which are made from metal.

A cheap set of barbells can be attractive to a beginner, looking to save some money. They might not look right but the price tag could be captivating. These cheap barbells are the ones you should stay away from since they are poorly manufactured and put together with low quality raw materials that probably won’t last more than 1 year.

A cheap set of barbells can be attractive to a beginner, looking to save some money. They might not look right but the price tag could be captivating. These cheap barbells are the ones you should stay away from since they are poorly manufactured and put together with low quality raw materials that probably won’t last more than 1 year.

Brand Name and Quality

  1. Avoid Manufacturers that aren’t well known
  2. Research the manufacturer and products to see if they have a good reputation
  3. Make sure that you get the bar, plates and collars
  4. The bar should be made from steel, not aluminium or wood
  5. You should look for a bar that is 28 mm in diameter and weighs 20 pounds
  6. Always check for a warranty when you buy
  7. Ensure the barbells are chromium plated
  8. Check the size
  9. Look into the company’s reputation
  10. Find out what comes with your package?
  11. Find out if there are any extra items you will need for use
  12. Look into customer reviews and see how good or bad they are
  13. Are the barbells easy to store away in your home?

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