Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavoured 450g

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder is an unflavoured collagen supplement created from 4 major types of collagen. Ancient Nutrition is a supplement company that is part is owner by the renowned Dr AXE. Unlike most collagen supplements that come from one source type of collagen, the Ancient Nutrition Collagen is a Multi Collagen Protein meaning it is made from multiple collagen sources, making this a full spectrum collagen meaning it covers off the main types of collagen in the body. 

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Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavored 244.8 grams

If you are interested in buying Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavored 244.8 grams We’ve looked deep into the inner workings of this item and found that it meets the standards of the most demanding users. We strongly recommend it. It’s an excellent product for a reasonable price.

Most powder-based collagen supplements are very difficult to deal with. They can be chalky, grainy, smelly and just plain nasty, but they leave behind a sticky residue that’s a pain to deal with! Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder is completely different. The great smell is the first thing you notice when you open the package. It’s only lightly sweetened with stevia, and there’s no aftertaste. The consistency is nice and creamy. It mixes quite easily in hot or cold liquids, or it can be stirred into applesauce for a very tasty snack!

You can save a lot of money by purchasing Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavored 244.8 grams online. This product is one of the most popular ones on the web. You can read the reviews online before purchasing this product. There are many websites selling this product, but we recommend only the best so store your great treasure in good place and keep it in a safe place.

In the end if you are looking for the best quality product, we recommend the Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavored 244.8 grams .

Ancient Nutrition Collagen – Dr Axe Collagen – Multi Collagen from 5 different sources of collagen a truly Full Spectrum Collagen

When looking for a collagen supplement many people opt for one type of collagen. For the skin plumping benefits they will go for marine based collagen rich in type I collagen that is shown to be very beneficial for the skin and its appearance. But there are so many factors as to why collagen benefits the body and skin. Collagen makes up the matrix that holds us and our organs together, it is key to the integrity of the body. Taking just one type of collagen is like trying to fix a cracked bath with tape, it make look ok but underneath its just as broken as before. You need to allow your body the full range of collagen types so the body can rebuild holistically. This is where a Multi Collagen Powder like Ancient Nutrition’s comes in, the collagen types covered in the collagen protein powder cover all 5 major types of collagen.

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collage Protein Unflavoured UK
Ancient Nutrition Multi Collage Protein Unflavoured UK

5 Types of Collagen Powder – Full Spectrum Collagen – The building blocks to a new you.

The key to getting the full health and vitality giving benefits of Collagen is to give your body the 5 major types of collagen the body need. You would not spend on expensive paint if the plaster work is crumbling, nor should you spend on one type of collagen when the body is a whole pathway of multiple organs and parts that need to work together to give you the youthfulness you can get from collagen supplementation. You are the bones in your body, the heart that beats the blood round your body, the joints in your body, the structure that hold your muscles in the body.  Ancient Nutrition is a US brand as is Vital Proteins UK, You are a number of working parts and those different parts each need a certain type of collagen. Getting collagen in the western diet naturally is hard, if not impossible. Its harder than getting your vitamins and minerals and after the age of 24 or so your body can no longer produce is as well.

Dr Axe Collagen Protein Powder UK
Dr Axe Collagen Protein Powder UK

Why Supplement with a Multi Collagen Protein like Ancient Nutrition?

We have spoken before that the like-hood of you getting the right types of collagen in the amount your bodies need in the diet is very unlikely. Unless you eat a diet based on old ways of eating, including a lot of bone broth, meat on the bone, eating nose to tail including eating the skin of all meat. People have moved away from meat on the bone, skin on and eating it all and chewing on the bones. You no longer make a sauce from boiled down chicken bones with some other bones added, no fish head soup?

We do not eat eels anymore, no more pigs feet but all is not lost! Collagen supplements such as Ancient Nutrition collagen from Dr AXE has all the types of collagen that is missing from the modern diet. Genuinely though, even if you decide to buy some Dr Axe Collagen and take it daily, please go back to bone broth at least. Frankly bone broth is delicious, it contains no MSG, cheap and easy to make and will make your food taste amazing.

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen - Nutrition
Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen – Nutrition

Dr Axe Collagen Protein Powder – Full Spectrum Collagen

Now you may well be on this page because you have heard DR Axe on a podcast, seen a Dr Axe YouTube Video or maybe you have been to Dr Axe’s website. Dr Axe has be talking about the benefits way before he invested his own money in the business Ancient Nutrition. As a functional health adviser it is no surprise that Dr Axe loves collagen and how it works on the body. Dr Axe has taught us how people are ignorant of the lack of collagen in the diet, people eating a modern diet are probably not getting any collagen in the diet, none, zero nothing not one gram. Back in the day we used to have abundance of collagen in the diet, people go the most out of the meat they bought and it was included with the bone and often with the skin. Dr Axe always says we should be drinking chicken broth daily, not once a week, once a month but daily. We need type II collagen in the diet for our guts, and the only way to get type II collagen is from chicken bones. Dr Axe put his money where his mouth is and invested in the business and now sells one of the best all round multi collagen protein on the market today.

Dr Axe loves collagen powder so much he invested in Ancient Nutrition. Ancient Nutrition is a company that looks to add back in the missing nutrients that our ancestors used to get from the diet, but we have by accident removed from the modern diet. 

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen
Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen

Dr Axe Collagen Quote:

“There is more collagen in your bones than calcium”

Wow that quote really hit me, how many people take calcium daily for their bones, but for some reason they are not taking collagen with vitamin C daily?

Bones need collagen for there structure, the mineral components from the bones come in part from the calcium along with a range of minerals, but the frame is collagen. You can get the full range of minerals and collagen from bone broth which we recommend having daily as an addition to the collagen supplements. 

Dr Axe Collagen in the coffee
Dr Axe Collagen in the coffee

What does Dr Axe Recommend for increasing collagen?

 Having seen a number of YouTube Videos of Dr Axe on collagen as well as reading his blog it is clear that Dr Axe things the modern diet frankly sucks when it comes to the collagen level in it. We simply are no longer eating the same as we used to and our health is being affected. We used to eat far more meats on the bone, whole fish with the skin on as well as well as drinking bone broth. 

Dr Axe suggests that we make bone broth at home if possible, the type of bones that really benefit us is using chicken bones. You can use other bones but for type II collagen the only real source for type II collagen. 

We like to make bone broth from a roast chicken, we will have the roast on a Sunday and then boil down the carcass of the chicken for 5-6 hours on a low heat. We add some onions and herbs to add some flavour. We then strain the broth to remove the bones and leave to cool. This gives us three days worth of collagen rich chicken bone broth. 

Dr Axe even recommends doing a bone broth fast. The idea is to do a bone broth fast for three days to let your body cleans, allowing your digestion to take a break. You will find a bone broth fast easier to do than a water fast as you are getting some of the base amino acids from the collagen that comes from the bones. 

If you prefer just to add the bone broth to ingredients and cook with it, the bone broth is a perfect replacement to water in soups, stews and sauces. This way you will be getting collagen in all those parts of the diet that you would not normally have the benefit from collagen in. You will love the taste of the chicken bone broth, it has the flavour of chicken in a rich tasty liquid. Some people prefer to make the chicken bone broth with chicken legs as they are cheap and full of type II collagen. 

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Review

We decided it was time to give Dr Axe’s Collagen a try. We have tried multi collagen before but given our love for the main man Dr Axe we thought it was only fair to buy some Ancient Nutrition Collagen from Amazon. We have also read the Amazon reviews for the Ancient Nutrition Collagen. Many people love it and their reviews show this, people mention loving that it is a Full Spectrum Collagen. 

The Dr Axe Collagen Review

When the Dr Axe Collagen AKA Ancient Nutrition Collagen arrived from Amazon it looked the part. A nice clean looking tub with a nice looking label with the nutritional information clearly stated on the label. One worry for me was if the Eggs where GMO free and luckily this is clearly stated on the label that they are GMO free.

The collagen itself had settled a little in the tub so I gave it a shake and left it for a while to settle. I had the first scoop in a glass of water. I did this as we normally have collagen in coffee but that is no real test for the review, I wanted to do the review on how it mixes with all liquids. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed in which the collagen mixed into the water and left the water clear. There was almost no flavour to the collagen water and it went down with ease.

The next time I took it in my regular coffee and this time not surprisingly the collagen mixed into the hot coffee even faster and easier. I love how the Dr Axe collagen gave the coffee a light fluffy texture on the top of the coffee it tasted great.

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Sachets
Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Sachets

The Review Results:

Well the time it took to see the results in my nails was only around a week. I was surprised really. I had heard some great things about collagen from my colleagues but I find it hard to grow out my nails. I saw they were growing and they did not stop. It took another couple of weeks of taking the Ancient Nutrition Collagen twice daily before I noticed further results. My hair seemed thicker, my joints feel smoother somehow. I do not suffer from bad joints really but over time I have noticed they are better than before. I feel great, my poos are more frequent and I have suffered in the past from IBS and since taking the collagen for the review. I have now re ordered another multi collagen tub from a different brand (Sorry Dr Axe) but I like to try different things. But I would definitely be buying Ancient Nutrition collagen again.

that being said we are very interested in doing reviews of the full Dr Axe Supplement range from Ancient Nutrition.

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