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Cheap Weights & Cheap Weight Sets UK

Grab some extra cheap weights or weight sets for your cheap dumbbell or barbell set.  We have the cheapest weights in the UK using our weight price comparison tool. From plastic coated weights to cast iron weight sets we have the cheapest weight deals.

Looking for some cheap weight plates to build your strength and fitness and want a cheap dumbbell or barbell set? Look no further. We have the best deals on weights, not only do we have cheap weights but we also have weight sets. Check out our range of cheap weight and weight set bundles from brands. From weight plates such as Mirafit Plates, to full sets of weights bought by the kilo we have your back.

York Dipping Belt with Chain UK

York Dip Belt Review UK The York Dipping Belt is one of the best dip belts on the market, York have been selling dipping belts for a long time. Get the York leather dip belt here. The York Dipping Belt with Chain is a popular choice among weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Made from high-quality leather …

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Mirafit Vkr Power Tower UK

It is understandable that some users want to explore the Mirafit VKR Power Tower first, but let us list some things you might want to consider when buying a Power Tower. In this article, we will look at the highly rated Mirafit VKR Power Towers to help you make the best possible purchase decision.  There …

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Metis Hex Dumbbells UK

Metis Neoprene Hex Dumbbells Review If your friends are not familiar with cheap hexagonal Barbell weights, that will change, because I am here to greet you with open hands with the best rubber hexagonal weights. We thank the universe for giving us a uniform hexagonal shape for our dumbbell balls!  Since our foundation in 1988, …

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Mirafit Farmers Walk

Looking to make the most of your Strongman training? Take a look at Mirafit Farmers Walk Handles. Whether you prefer the classic straight handles, or you’re after some vertical load challenging the range of different products on offer means that we have farmers walk handles that can meet both your practical and aesthetic needs! If …

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Mirafit Dumbbell Rack

The Mirafit branded dumbbell rack is a great piece of kit that stores your workout equipment when it’s not in use. It’s compact, easy to put together and you really feel the quality of it as soon as you get it out of the box. The Mirafit branded dumbbell rack is a multi-functional rack that …

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Mirafit Crash Pads

Mirafit Weightlifting Lifting Crash Pads are made for the sport of weightlifting. Whether you’re novices or advanced lifters, increase your training volume without losing focus. Use our 6-Inch high density foam to absorb the powerful impact of dropping weights and protect your floor from damage. Mirafit Weightlifting Crash Pads are used by top CrossFit, Olympic …

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Mirafit Adjustable Dumbbells

Mirafit adjustable dumbbells provide you with the highest quality available. The spinlock bars include secure collars and fasteners for added safety and comfort. Mirafit adjustable dumbbell sets are fully compatible with the widely used OHP technique, which is essential for building lean muscle. Mirafit Adjustable Dumbbells are ideal for training at home. Mirafit Spinlock dumbbells …

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Mirafit M3 Bench

Mirafit M3 Bench Review Up your game with The Mirafit M3 Bench. Engineered for a full gym experience with a max weight load of 500 kg (1000lb), adjustable preacher pad, and textured anti-slip bottom. Enjoy the all-weather construction with powder coated components and an easy to assemble design, this bench is built for the heavy …

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Mirafit Multi Grip Workout Sandbags

The Mirafit Multi Grip Workout Sandbags come in the following weights 15kg, 30kg or 60kg. The sandbags are ideal for functional fitness such as CrossFit and as an alternative to kettlebells. These Mirafit sandbags have been manufactured with a thick nylon shell and filled with a mix of natural and synthetic sand to withstand anything …

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Cheapest Weights for Weight Lifting

Grab a great value budget weight set here for all your weight lifting need here. We have budget weights from some of the UK’s top suppliers, including Mirafit UK. Cheap does not mean bad quality here.

We have a massive range of Cheap Weights at wholesale prices. From cheap barbell weights & cheap dumbbell weights to cheap weight sets, we have all the cheapest prices on Gym Equipment and cardiovascular equipment UK wide.

Cheap Weights per the KG Prices

One of the cheapest way to buy weight plates is to pay per the kg weight. This way you get the best value for money for your next weight set.

If you don’t want to fork out too much on your weight set and your gym doesn’t offer surprise discounts on their weights, then getting the cheapest way to buy weight plates is the way to go. A cheaper alternative to buying weight plates by the set is to pay per kg. This will ensure you get value for money.

Finding cheap weight plates can be difficult and time-consuming. This post is dedicated to give you the best value for money and help you find the cheapest prices for weight plates.

The best way to buy and sell weight plates, dumbbells and bumper plates is via weightlifting and fitness communities or here. This way you can negotiate a better price for your desired fitness equipment.