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Stealth Core Trainer Personal

Dynamic Ab Plank Workout and Interactive Fitness Board Powered by game play

If you have ever wanted to mix the ultimate in game play and a ripped mid section then you need the Stealth Core Trainer.

Stealth Personal UK Review – Mixing Gaming and Toning

The Stealth Core Personal comes with an integrated app that allows you to add the gaming element to your core workout. Simply load up the app, put your arms on the board and immerse yourself in a ride of a game while all the time you are getting ripped core muscles.

Stealth Core Trainer Personal
Stealth Core Trainer Personal

Stealth Core Trainer / Exerciser Personal Muscle Groups

With the Stealth Core Trainer Personal you can pretty much exercise all of your muscle groups including:

  • Arms – Tone and build muscle in your arms.
  • Shoulders – Get well toned and muscular shoulders .
  • Lower Back – Shape and bring in your lower back and tone.
  • Glutes – Tone your glutes/bum area, make that bum as pert as you want with the Stealth Core Personal Trainer.
  • Legs – Tone and build muscle in your upper and lower legs. You really build on your balance muscle to allow you to improve your running stance.
  • Calves – Tone and build up your calf muscles with the board.
  • Lower, upper Abs and side Obliques. This is where the Stealth Board really comes into its own. You mange to bring your waist in, you sides look more slender and over time you start to build some rock hard abs.

The Stealth Core Trainer Personal is the ultimate all round workout machine that helps you build the body you want while at all time you are playing a immersive game. Workout in your living room, adjusting the workout to focus on the body-part you want to improve.

Stealth Core Trainer Personal

Dynamic Planking Motion – Stealth Core Trainer Review – Lean Core Programme

The way the Stealth Core Trainer Personal moves as you plan enables you to workout muscles that planking alone cannot reach. The Stealth Core Trainer has a place for your smart phone and works both with Apple and Android phones. Just attach your phone to the Stealth Core Trainer and immerse yourself in its many games.

You can workout to hand gliding, driving and many more games that help you through your workout.

Using the Lean Core Programme you run through the range of motions needed to train the body parts you pick. By the time you start to notice the burn your workout is already up, its that immersive.

The Dynamic Planking system means your body can move around while being supported by the board. This way all those muscles that support your body in each different move are also worked out. This is what makes this system so unique.

Stealth Core Trainer Personal Amazon
Stealth Core Trainer Personal

Stealth Core Trainer Personal Retailers – Plankster UK

The Stealth Core Trainer Personal is quite new to the UK, but it has taken the US by storm. Sold online and in many retailers the US market cannot get enough of how easy it is to get a well toned well muscled body whilst playing games.

Amazon Stealth Core Trainer Personal

In the UK Amazon is the main retailer for the Stealth Core, offering the Stealth core personal board. The app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store and the Google Store.

Stealth Core Trainer Personal Unboxing for Review

When unboxing the Stealth Personal Core exercise system. The Stealth Personal comes in a big box! It contains the Stealth Personal well wrapped in protective packaging.

Once you have unwrapped the Stealth Personal Orange you will see the area for the phone and instructions on how to download the app so you can start your workout. You will notice that the game is hard on your first go but at you work your core you can direct the games easier with each workout.

Making Planks Fun! Stealth Core Trainer For Sale

We all have to plank if we are looking for a lean ripped core area, but who actually enjoys it. Now we do not enjoy our planks, even watching Netflix is not enough for us until we found the Stealth Personal Core Trainer.

With the Stealth Core Trainer you get two free games to use along with your core trainer, for us this has been enough for the last few months. But there is a membership option that gives you access to more games and we have now upgraded. We have found this is really good for getting the workout we wanted.

Plankster is another term for this type of exercise as these machines help you to make the plank as simply fun as you can possibly do it.

Stealth Core Trainer Personal App
Stealth Core Trainer Personal App

The Stealth Core Trainer and Diet

We have to say this is an amazing piece of kit. We have had our Stealth Core Personal for a few months and we do well more than the 3 minutes a day recommended by the Stealth Personal and we are getting tighter and fitter by the day.

We are looking to get visible abs and you need to look at your diet if you are really going to get the visible abs you want. You need to be under 17% body fat to start seeing your abs therefore we are dieting to get down to this body fat ratio. To do so we are eating Keto diet food and the fat is falling off. We are really looking forward to hitting the beach looking great and its all thanks to the Stealth Core Personal.

Stealth Plank App

The idea for the Stealth Plankster App and the Stealth Personal Plank Exerciser started with a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter worked and the Stealth Plankster got its funding and the app and the board was made.

You now have the option of three different Stealth Core Boards

The Stealth

The Stealth Personal

and the

Stealth Pro

These three boards are all brought together by the Stealth Plank app. The app is free and only works with the stealth range of boards. The app itself has a place for some vital statistics and two free games. These games is what makes the board so much fun to use, they make doing the plank an enjoyable experience. Now saying an enjoyable plank is not anything I thought I would say but genuinely this makes them fun!

Planking made fun! 

If you are looking for one good reason for buying the Stealth Core Trainer then it would be that you can get abs and have fun at the same time. Planking has got to be the most boring of all exercises but with the Stealth Plankster you have total immersive gaming at your finger tips. You will not even notice you are working out your core as you play the great games the Plankster has to offer.

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