Adonis Keto Bars

Get cheap keto Adonis Bars here. Adonis Bars are Vegan, low carb and natural. Adonis Bars are made by Adonis smart foods a London based healthy snack foods company with the goal of making great tasting Vegan and Keto Friendly Snacks.

Our Adonis Peanut & Hazelnut bar is the perfect treat for when you’re in need of a keto-friendly snack or dessert. With a crunchy layer of hazelnuts on top and a creamy base layer with smooth peanut, it’s made with both protein and delicious goodness.

Adonis Keto Bar Deals

Adonis Keto Bars

So far there are only a few flavours of Adonis Keto Bars. The flavours are:

The Adonis Bar is the best tasting, nutritionally complete and balanced bar on the market today. These are high in fat and adequate in protein to help you start your keto diet or maintain your state of ketosis. The Adonis Bars contain no simple carbs that will kick you out of ketosis, and no sugar alcohols that can cause stomach issues.

Adonis Keto Bar Review

Many of us have been there, wanting to eat something delicious whilst on the keto way of eating. Often what is available isn’t the healthiest of snacks, with plenty of hidden carbs and sugars.  We found the Adonis Keto Bar a lovely find for all those on the keto diet.  Ketogenic Diets have been shown by many studies that it can help with weight loss due to the intake of fats, which helps your body burn stored fats faster.

 They have just released 3 new flavours, Cinnamon, Cherry Bakewell and Chocolate Fudge Brownie and we have tried them all. These bars are great as they don’t contain any artificial ingredients or added sugar so they are a healthy way to help you through the keto diet we found.  There was no aftertaste or strange texture from eating them the only downside is we found they upset our stomachs if we ate too many at one time ( this may not happen with everyone) They do have a lot of fibre in them so just taking one or two will be ok.

The Adonis Keto Bar is a bar which is designed to fuel you whilst on the Keto diet. If you want to know more about this product and whether it lives up to its claims, keep reading this review. By the end you will have a good idea if these are keto friendly or not and also decide if buying them for yourself is worthwhile.

The keto diet is becoming more popular with many people trying to lose weight or eat a bit healthier in their lives. The Adonis Keto Bars come in different flavours that I was fortunate enough to try thanks to Lovely Me Lifestyle Club. I don’t do the diet myself, but have family and friends who are doing it and so was interested in seeing how these compare to other bars on the market. We found Adonis to be not one of those standard cheap protein bars you can find, but one with real ingredients and that taste great.

Adonis Keto Bar, we have found the Adonis Keto Bar a great find for all those on the keto diet. All those that are on this diet know how hard it can be to not be able to eat any kind of sweets, and so to find a product like this is such a relief. Now we can eat a nice tasty treat on our diet knowing we will still be able to stay on track with our weight loss goals and not have to go off our low-carb eating plans.

Review Summary

Today we test out the new Adonis low carb friendly keto bars. The range includes four, sweet and very tasty flavours : Almond Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate and Berry. Each bar is reasonably priced and each bar contains 8g of protein and 3g net carbs. Most importantly all four flavours tasted pretty good, unlike a lot of protein bars out there which can be disgusting. These keto friendly bars are great for snacking when you are busy and on the go or for after work.

I had the opportunity to try out the Adonis Keto Bar range from their huge selection of bars, and I was very impressed with what they had. You see, I just tried low carb eating as a way of life about three or four months ago. I had previously tried other diets in the past such as low fat but it never worked for me. Low fat led to high sugar!

One of the many keto diet products that have started flooding the market are low carb protein keto bars. In fact there are so many different brands and flavors, it has made it harder for users to decide which bar best fits their needs. Like most keto fans, I like the taste of desserts way too much to give them up entirely while on a keto diet. It’s why I personally stick to a low carb eating plan, but try to add in some sweeter ingredients like chocolate from time to time to keep my cravings under control. I first came across the Adonis Keto Bar range when I was in a local GNC store looking at the huge range of weight loss and muscle building supplements they had to offer

Pecan, Cocoa and Goji Berry Adonis keto Bar

Our Pecan, Cocoa and Goji Berry Adonis keto Bar is made with only the finest natural ingredients, but it doesn’t stop there. These keto bars are formulated for both men and women to ensure you receive a delicious, clean-burning energy boost that will have you hitting the gym, beach, or any activity you enjoy better than ever before!

The Adonis bar is the perfect protein bar for those looking to lose weight and get fit. This low carb keto friendly snack tastes so good without sacrificing on macros. With a delicious nutty pecan and chocolate flavour, this is one of our best-selling bars.

Chocolate-coated and bursting with pecan, cocoa and goji berry flavor, our Adonis Keto Bar is the highest-protein snack bar on the market. This all-natural, gluten-free treat also has a delectable low-carb caramel drizzle that will keep you coming back for more.

Nothing is more delicious than a chocolate-covered nut on a stick! Pecan, Cocoa and Goji Berry Adonis Bar is the most delicious way to enjoy nuts, cocoa, and goji berries in one bar.

Turmeric, Orange and Brazil Nuts Adonis keto Bar

I’m truly happy I found this Turmeric, Orange and Brazil Nuts Adonis keto Bar. I had been looking for this specific type of healthy protein bar on the Internet for a long time. And finally, a great product has been launched with reasonable price, and now I can purchase it without any guilt because it gives me satisfaction if I use it to support my health goals.

Our Turmeric, Orange and Brazil Nuts Adonis keto Bar offers a high-protein and low-carb option for those looking to lose weight. This product contains less than 1g of sugar, is high in fibre (7g), vegan, contains 16g of protein per bar and is packed full of fresh ingredients like turmeric, orange juice concentrate and brazil nuts.

Turmeric, Orange and Brazil Nuts Adonis keto Bar – taste as good as it sounds! This easy to make power packed energy bar is bursting with flavour. Made in minutes, a quick snack or to take with you on the go.

Coconut, Vanilla and Acai Berry Adonis Bar

Adonis’ Coconut, Vanilla & Acai Berry Nut Bar is a delicious blend of nuts, berries and coconut flavor, with a hint of natural vanilla. It’s keto-, gluten- and dairy-free and tastes great. The natural and nutty flavours fill that mid-afternoon craving, while only 2g natural sugar and 4g net carbs per bar help to minimise those sugar spikes.

The use of nuts as a main ingredient in Adonis Keto Bars makes them packed full of good fats, helping drive your Ketosis and with few sugars that combined with a balanced ultra low carb keto diet should not kick you out of ketosis.

The Sugar content of the Adonis bars is no more than 5%. Despite being low in sugar these treats can kick you out of ketosis if your background diet is already near to your daily carb level.

Due to the natural, nut and berry ingredients in Adonis Bars makes them suitable not only for those doing Keto but also the Paleo diet.

Adonis Bars Keto Pecan, Cocoa & Goji Berry Nutritional Information

Ingredients & Nutritional Information – Pecan, Cocoa & Goji Berry Adonis Bar

Ingredients:  Pecan nuts 25%, coconut, hazel nuts 17%, chicory root fibre, sweetener – erythritol, chia seeds, cocoa mass 2%, low fat cocoa 2%, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), Goji berry powder 1%, sea salt

Total Fat15.7g
Saturated Fat5g
Total Carbohydrate6g
Dietary Fibre8g

Adonis Bars Keto Pecan, Cocoa & Goji Berry Nutritional Information

Ingredients & Nutritional Information – Adonis Bars Keto Pecan, Cocoa & Goji Berry Nutritional Information Adonis Bar

Ingredients – Almonds 41%, coconut 18%, chicory root fibre, sweetener – erythritol, cashew nuts 7%, chia seeds, vanilla extract 2%, acai berry powder 1% cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), sea salt

Total Fat14.2g
Saturated Fat4.7g
Total Carbohydrate6.8g
Dietary Fibre8.2g

Adonis Bars Keto Ingredients & Nutritional Information – Turmeric, Orange & Brazil Nuts Adonis Bar

Ingredients- Brazil nuts 28%, coconut, chicory root fibre, almonds 15%, sweetener – erythritol, chia seeds, turmeric 2%, emulisifer (eunflower lecithin), cocoa butter, ginger 1%, cherry, sea salt, natural orange flavouring 0.1%

Total Fat15.1g
Saturated Fat6.1g
Total Carbohydrate5.8g
Dietary Fibre7.3g

Adonis Keto Bars History

Adonis bars have come into life in the last few years by a small group of health fantatics based in London UK who decided they were fed up with keto protein bars that used low quality ingredients and thought there could be a better option for a keto snack. They came together and the Adonis Smart Foods company started.

The first range to come from the Adonis Smart Foods was the Adonis Keto Bar range which is one of our very favourite keto protein bar.

About Adonis Keto Snacks

Adonis Keto Bars are a part of the Adonis low sugar snack range from the Adonis snack company. Adonis plans to create a full range of Keto Friendly snacks, made from healthy nut base. The aim of Adonis is to produce healthy, keto friendly alternatives to sugar laden snacks that are fuelling the obesity epidemic in the UK.

Adonis Keto bars are ideal from post workout snacks, pre lunch snacks and even for kids lunch boxes. Packed full of omega fats, slow digesting carbs and fibre all designed to keep you fuller for longer helping you avoid temptations. Adonis bars are a great way to pack in healthy fats, dried fruits and fibre into your diet and the diet of your family.

The Adonis Keto Bar is a decadent and buttery tasting keto bar that is high in protein. It will bridge your appetite until your next meal.  They are the perfect snack on Ketogenic diet to replace the sugar laden junk you have been eating before embarking on your keto journey.

Adonis Bars Benefits

Adonis Bars are a low-carb keto friendly dark chocolate nut butter nut bar. They are sweet, but keto-friendly containing only 1.2 grams of net carbs and 21 grams of protein per serving, providing a healthy sugar alternative to replace your need for sugar, a good source of MCTs, and a great source of fibre.

The benefits of Adonis bars, keto nut bars designed with ingredients to promote muscle growth and development as well as stamina and endurance. Adonis nutrition bars are sweet but not too sweet and taste great.

Simply put, our Adonis Bars are for guys who want to step it up a notch. These nut bars are delicious, but they’re also keto friendly and packed full of protein and omega 3s. Gluten free, kosher and with no artificial sweeteners, our Adonis Bars come in three unique flavours – Chocolate Sea Salt Steel Cut Oats, Vanilla Almond Crunch and Coconut Mocha Espresso Nut. Take your health to the next level and power up with these all-natural keto snacks.

There are a lot of keto nut bars out there. But, what makes Adonis Bars different?

Before I start this Fattbar reviews, let me tell you that I loved the product. Yes it took time to prepare and sometimes got messy (need to be careful when storing them), but I was able to lose much more weight because of Fattbars. They are higher in carbs than other bars but if you are into keto diet or any higher fat diet, then this is for you.

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