Mirafit M3 Bench

Mirafit M3 Bench Review

Up your game with The Mirafit M3 Bench. Engineered for a full gym experience with a max weight load of 500 kg (1000lb), adjustable preacher pad, and textured anti-slip bottom. Enjoy the all-weather construction with powder coated components and an easy to assemble design, this bench is built for the heavy lifter.

The new Mirafit M3 adjustable bench from Mirafit is a massive upgrade of the M2. It is now even stronger, has a higher weight capacity and can handle heavy power lifters easily. Weighing in at over 30kg the M3 is as solid as they come. The M3 uses 2x4mm heavy duty steel tubes with 4x10mm cross members to form a super strong frame which is then stress relieved for added strength and stability.

The M3 is a bench designed for those serious about strength training. It features independent back rest and seat adjustments, all in one durable frame. With the maximum weight load of 500kgs (over 1000lb), you can get real serious with your training.

Tone and strengthen your muscles, whether you’re a fitness novice or an elite athlete, with the Mirafit M3 bench. This weight lifting bench boasts a 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) capacity, giving you the space you need to challenge your body in multiple exercises – and while you focus on building strength, it’ll help stabilize your body and support it safely. The high density foam padding and other materials used to create this piece are designed to target every muscle group in your body during each exercise. Unlike many benches out there, you can adjust the height of this bench from 120 to 174 centimetres.

Mirafit M3 Bench Benefits

The Mirafit M3 Weight Bench Review: is it worth the extra £100?: A review article of the new M3 Mirafit Weight Bench. This review covers the reasons you should spend that extra £100.

Mirafit M3 Bench For Sale
Mirafit M3 Bench For Sale

The Mirafit M3 is the new and upgraded version of the M2. It was designed with two primary goals in mind: Durability and performance. Assembled, it feels like a solid, heavy piece of equipment and looks almost as good as it does in the pictures. The assembly time, at around 1 hour per person (although this greatly depends on personal assembly speed) is a lot less than most other comparable weight benches on the market. My beef with the Mirafit M2 was that sometimes it would move slightly if you were doing bench presses at times which made things less fun than it could’ve been.

Now that we’ve established why my favourite thing about the M3 is its flat height, let’s discuss other things I love about this adjustable weight bench:

That’s an accomplishment of genius in my opinion, whether it was intentional or not. The fact is, this height helps to maintain a similar feel as you move from incline to flat. Whether you’re doing incline dumbbell presses or doing flat bench presses, the flat height never seems to feel different from one position to the next on this bench.

When I’m making my squat or bench press form checks, the position in which I like to check from is flat. This makes it more challenging to hold the same external shoulder rotation and scapular depression/retraction and holding it flat really solidifies everything you’re trying to do when getting into the hole for pushing exercises. This easy adjustment from incline to flat also makes this one of the few adjustable weight benches you can perform decline and incline pressing from. Most adjustable weight benches will only allow you to use one or the other, so if you need both angles as many people do, then this is a big advantage over all of the other adjustable weight benches on the market.

Mirafit M3 Bench

This bench is the best of both worlds because of its incline and decline adjustment range. The adjustable weight benches that are two-in-one what a great idea, but not all of them get it right. Too often, I’ve seen benches that don’t offer a great range for decline, especially when it comes to the flat setting.

The Mirafit M3 also features a quick change over and at only 60lbs, it’s not going to cause excess strain on your back when you decide to move it around. A great feature in my eyes, not having to pull out a jack and changing the wheels each time you want to get the bench from flat to incline. This is one of the reasons I think the Mirafit is better than its predecessor.

Mirafit M3 Folding Weight Bench

The Mirafit M3 Folding Weight Bench is constructed with a durable steel frame and thick padded cushions. This adjustable weight bench features 7 backrest positions and 5 seat positions so you can lock the bench into the exact position needed. It can support up to 350lbs while holding its shape to guarantee years of heavy-use.

Our M3 Adjustable Weight Bench, featuring 5 seat positions and 7 backrest positions, makes it easy for anyone to get in the right position, no matter how tall or short they are.  The thick padded cushions, durable steel frame and weight tray will ensure that this bench is able to withstand even your hardest workouts.  With its black, red and silver design and durable wheels, you can easily move the adjustable weight bench from room to room.  Our M3 Folding Weight Bench is suitable for both commercial and home use.

The Mirafit M3 Weight Bench offers power through simplicity. Elegant, compact and well-built – everything you need for fast and effective workouts. The M3 is made from a thick padded cushion with sturdy steel frame. This weight bench can handle all of your compound moves such as scapular pulling and pressing (ins/flyes), oblique crunches, squats and stabilizer work. The backrest has 7 positions and seat has 5 giving you maximum versatility to meet all your fitness needs in the comfort of your own home.

Be it at the club or in your very own home, you’re going to want to keep yourself motivated and focused on meeting your fitness goals. But sometimes that’s hard to do when you’ve been putting a little too much emphasis on bench pressing. The thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice building mass for being able to keep rolling without missing a beat. You just need something to help support you (that doesn’t hurt). And that something is the smartly designed Mirafit M3 Folding Weight Bench. This top notch piece of equipment features a ton of versatile features: plenty of settings for experienced and inexperienced users alike; seven backrest positions and five seat positions; an array of support U-shaped lumbar cushions and latex padding; incredibly solid construction with flat bar spacers and reinforced steel frame; 300 lbs weight capacity; and more. With all these great features, it’s no wonder users are raving about this weight bench online! But before we let them answer questions you may have, let’s answer just a few more questions regarding this incredible piece of cardiovascular equipment (indoor bike riders don’t count):

Mirafit M3 Bench Specifications

Mirafit M3 Adjustable Weight Bench Specifications:

  • Seat Positions: 5
  • Backrest Positions: 7
  • Supported Weight: 450kg
  • Dimensions: L 125cm W69 cm H 45vm Flat H 126cm Highest Position
  • Assembly: 2 box delivery, assembly requires 19mm, 17mm & 14mm Spanners (not included)
  • Padding: Pu Covered Foam
  • Frame: Steel with Matt Black Power Coated Finish

Mirafit M3 Flat Weight Bench Specifications

  • Seat Positions: 1
  • Backrest Positions: 1
  • Supported Weight: 500kg
  • Bench Weight: 31kg (with Original Pad), 35kg (with Ultimate Pad), 37kg (with Ultimate Wide Pad)
  • Bench Measurements: (HxWxD) 43 x 55 x 124cm (with Original Pad),  43 x 55 x 124cm (with Ultimate Pad),  43 x 55 x 124cm (with Ultimate Wide Pad)
  • Pad Measurements: 7 x 30 x 124cm (with Original Pad), 11 x 30 x 124cm (with Ultimate Pad), 11 x 35 x 124cm (with Ultimate Wide Pad).
  • Assembly 2 box delivery assembly requires 19mm, 17mm & 14mm Spanners (not included)
  • Frame: Steel with Matt Black Power Coated Finish
  • Padding: Pu Covered Foam
  • Handle: Built in Handle

Mirafit M3 Powerlifting Bench

  • Seat Positions: 1
  • Backrest Positions: 1
  • Supported Weight: 500kg
  • Bench Dimensions: (HxWxD): 43 x 55 x 124cm
  • Pad Dimensions: 11 x 30 x 124cm
  • Height: 43cm
  • Bench net weight: 31kg
  • Frame: Steel with Matt Black Power Coated Finish
  • Padding: Pu Covered Foam
  • Handle: Built in Handle
  • Pad Type: Ultimate Pad

Mirafit M3 Bench Build Quality

When it comes to your home gym, I recommend cheaper yet effective options. I want to utilise my investment and give the best return for my investment as possible. That being said, there’s one area where I treat myself and that’s with quality fitness equipment. The Mirafit M3 bench is your quintessential budget home gym product. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also up there among some of the best benches in that price range.

The Mirafit M3 bench does weigh 40kg, but it’s still a good bit lighter than a lot of other benches on the market. It’s got a weight capacity of up to 600lbs, which is quite strong. I wouldn’t recommend dropping that much weight on this thing, but I would expect it to hold.

The back of the M3 is supported by a single piece of heavy-duty steel. The underside of the bench has been integrated with reinforced rubber feet, which serve two purposes. The first reason we like this is because it gives you a solid grip on the floor, to help keep the bench immobile during your lifts.

The M3 bench has a fantastic range of adjustment – 17″ to 21″. The first three settings (17″, 19” and 21”) are more suited to standard use, with the additional two settings (19.5″ and 21.5″) being ideal for those of you who are taller or want more leg clearance beneath your bench.

Mirafit M3 Weight Bench Review Summary

I bought my Mirafit M3 bench 3 weeks ago now. I am very happy with it and I would say the build quality is great, actually better than other benches that are twice as expensive. . In this article I’ll be sharing with you my experience, but more importantly some information on the strength of the top plate. Let’s start at the beginning.

Mirafit M3 Weight bench is one of the best selling weight lifting benches in the market today . It features an adjustable backrest and ergonomically designed seat pad as well as a sturdy frame. It’s comfortable, has a great build quality and can support up to 500 pounds. Mirafit is known for manufacturing quality weight training equipment at incredible prices.

Mirafit M3 is an excellent value for money. it is one of the best weight benches this year. I love the padding design and the angle adjustment system.

I purchased the Mirafit M3 as my home weight bench and I am very impressed, it’s simple yet durable.

Mirafit M3 Bench
Mirafit M3 Bench

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