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Mirafit Kettlebell Review

The Mirafit Kettlebell Review is one of the most comprehensive kettlebell reviews that you will ever come across. It is quite evident that this product was a labor of love because it was so well researched.

Mirafit Kettlebell range is a great value, high quality kettlebell option for Mirafit branded kettlebells from the top grade material. They are assembled and packaged in The UK to ensure we can deliver you a great value and obtain a vast choice of kettlebell sizes and variations at reasonable prices.

Whether the aim is to tone up, increase muscle or just burn fat, Mirafit Kettlebells are the perfect equipment for these types of workouts. A kettlebell workout can be very effective and a lot more fun that going for a run along the treadmill, or pumping iron in the gym.

Mirafit Kettlebell Sets are manufactured in Europe with precision, strength and durability. Mirafit Kettlebells are available in 8kg, 12kg , and 16kg all to the same high standard of quality.

Similar to dumbbells, the portability of the Kettlebell means that it can be used practically everywhere for exercising. These three-piece kettle bell sets are relatively light, making them ideal for anyone new to training with kettle bells.

All you need for a torso dumbbell workout are a set of kettlebells and plenty of time at the gym, and you can do all this from the comfort of your home. You have to be sure you have the best exercise bike equipment and are ready for the next step in training. 

Mirafit Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells are a fantastic way to exercise quickly and efficiently. Mirafit Kettlebells are the perfect introduction to kettlebells with a wide range of weights including some heavier options. Experiment with different types of presses, curls and more for a varied workout that will have you feeling stronger in no time at all!

Mirafit KettleBells
Mirafit KettleBells

Mirafit Kettlebell Set Range offers you a great value, high quality option for Mirafit branded Kettlebell sets to ramp up your workouts. Available in a range of weights, from 8kg to 32kg sets are all designed to work with a variety of training programs and are perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

Working out with a Kettlebell set

There are also exercises that can be done with body weight with all the items you have around the house. There are also good reasons to invest in more than one Kettlebell if you can vary the weights used. These weights are useful for extra resistance, but there are good reasons to invest in more than one kettlebells because they are a useful addition to any exercise.

If you are looking for inexpensive, high-quality Cheap Kettlebells, you might like Rep Fitness Kettle Bells, if you are looking for it. These types of kettles are used for exercises that involve simple movements and do not require too much interaction between the kettles themselves, such as squats, deadlifts and push-ups. If you’re not a beginner and just want to try out a kettle, you can start with just one for a few weeks or even a few months. While you want to buy hydrogen belts in the UK, it’s great to know that I can get my hands on reasonably weighted products at half the price I’d have to pay for a dumbbell or barbell. 

Cast Iron Or Soft Touch?

When looking at Mirafit Kettlebells you have a lot of choices, weight option, colour options but also which finish do you want? These sets come in either cast iron or soft touch, cast iron being the cold steel feel and soft touch is coated in a neoprene coating.

Cast Iron is the option for old school weight lifters who love the feeling of cold steel, whereas if you are going to be throwing these kettlebells around in a bodypump class you may way to go for the soft touch finish. Soft touch protects you and the bells from knocks and bumps and your floors will prefer them, but sometimes you cant beat the feeling of cold steel.

As you can see with the list above, the decision is difficult. Cast Iron will give you more grip and means they are susceptible to more wear but will be heavier to start with. Soft Touch needs a little bit more care in that you shouldn’t drag them across your floor, but it has a lighter feel and is likely to start off lighter for some of the lower weight colours.

Softtouch Mirafit Kettlebell

Mirafit Kettbell Specifications:

Kettlebells are very versatile, here we take a look at the specifications of the various kettlebells made and sold by Mirafit. There are a range of sizes and styles to choose from that have been designed with the user in mind.

Mirafit Soft Touch Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Specifications:

Mirafit Soft Touch Cast Iron Kettlebells are an ideal choice for beginners. The weights are easy to grip and lightweight, so you can start building your strength without causing too much impact to your joints. The soft outer coating reduces the risk of damage to floors through heavy use.

  • Colours: Black or orange
  • Coating: Soft touch coating
  • Weights: Available in a range of weights from 6kg to 32kg
  • Used for: Excellent for working out arm, leg, back & ab muscles
  • Handle: Easy grip handle
  • Brand: Branded with the Mirafit logo
  • Weights available:
    • 6kg – orange
    • 8kg – orange
    • 10kg – orange
    • 12kg – orange
    • 16kg – orange
    • 20kg – black
    • 24kg – black
    • 28kg – black
    • 32kg – black

Mirafit Cast Iron Kettlebell Specifications:

Mirafit Kettlebell Set in Stock

Training with Mirafit kettlebells can be an excellent way to increase your strength, cardio, and fitness, just have a look at our kettle bell workout guide. If you are looking for one of the best kettle bells for CrossFit, then there are Mirafit cast iron kettle bells in a weight range from 16 kg to 30 kg. While I’m comfortable with the other two weights, 16kg would be ideal for women who want two – hand – kettle bell swings, but if you forget them at home for use, they’re good for beginners too. If you are looking to buy a Mirafit Kettlebell, get a Mirafit Discount Voucher Code here.

If you want to know more about Mirafit Kettlebell training in general, then you should have a look at our article about the history of the kettle bell. This information about symptoms, health and lifestyle will help you achieve your personal training and fitness goals as well as your CrossFit training goals. If you already have two-hand skills but want to take your kettle-bell training to the next level or even take part in a competition, I would be interested to know which kettle-bell competition suits you best. Learn more at the Mirafit full body kettle workout, which offers many exercises that you can do when you want to exercise at home, or you can work on advanced torso workouts to train the muscles of your torso with a variety of different exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, and more. 

Mirafit Cast Iron Kettlebell Review Summary

If you don’t have space for a complete set of Mirafit kettlebells, this is a great choice, as most of us need a great variety of cheap weights sets to get the most out of our workouts. For this reason, we have developed a training for home resistance, where only a pair of dumbbell balls or something equally heavy is needed. Once you have identified the weights you need, it’s time to find a product that won’t damage your forearms or wrists or cut your hands off during exercise. You don’t have to do that in the gym but you do need weights, and that’s why I’m here. ‘ M is a big fan of the Mirafit full body kettle workout. 

To conclude this guide: If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to do a full body kettlebell workout with the OriGym full body Mirafit kettlebells, this is the best – cast iron – kettle bell for you. Before you head off to the next part of this home resistance training, remember that competition kettle bells do not allow for two-handed exercises like swinging so it is difficult to learn the basics, so a cast iron kettle bell would be a better choice. 

Mirafit Kettlebell Sets are designed in extensive consultation with top kettlebell coaches, to ensure maximum usability, and a wide variety of exercises. Made from the highest quality steel, these kettlebells will stand the test of time. Each set features a custom padded rack for easy storage, ensuring your equipment contains no unnecessary rattles or noise.

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