Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rower Review

The Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 looks like a superb water rowing machine at first glance, but how does it fair on closer inspection? Read on for my review of the latest rower from Bluefin Fitness.

The Bluefin Fitness Water Rower Blade Aqua W-1 is an amazing bit of kit using water resistance to mimic real rowing. This wooden water rower is a awesome well priced rowing machine built of wood and looks like a piece of art. The Bluefin Fitness Water Rower Blade Aqua W-1 is 100% natural water rowing machine which makes use of the natural hydraulic resistance provided by flowing body of water.

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Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Specifications:

Brand Name:Bluefin
Product TypeWater Rower – Water Resistance Rowing Machine
Manufacturer Bluefin Fitness
Product NameBlade Aqua W-1
Model NumberBlade Aqua W-1
Manufacturers Part Number MPNBlade Aqua W-1
Product Weight40 kg / Kilograms
Item Dimensions114.5cm x 52.0cm x 67.0cm
Product MaterialAmerican Ashwood material, plastic
Max User Weight100kg
Resistance:Water Powered Resistance – Dual Chamber Tank System
Bluetooth Ap ConnectivityKinomap Mobile/Tablet App with video training
Safety FeaturesAnti-slip secure foot pedals
Pump TypeElectric water pump

The Blade Aqua W-1 is a wooden rowing water machine looks great and ships from the UK. It’s a versatile workout that works your upper body in a different way than walking on land.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 VS Water Rower – Which is the better rower?

Are you searching for Best water rower? Here I will Compare Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 VS Water rower. Not only that, I’ll also provide You with the best price for it here in the UK.

Here is a battle between two of the best rowing machines in the UK & Ireland market. The water rower is a sturdy machine that can take on most workouts. For the most part, it’s very similar to the Blade Aqua W-1, only it’s water based and not as portable.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water - UK

Forget the idea that you need to join a gym to get the full benefits of exercise. The Blade Aqua is the ultimate at home fitness and aerobic workout tool, able to give you the same benefits of the rowing machine with the convenience of being able to exercise from home. It’s an astonishingly effective piece of equipment.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 VS Water rower best price UK & Review. The Bluefin Blade is a high-quality, heavy duty home water rower with a robust construction that is built to last. Like all rowing machines, the Blade requires you to strap your feet in and ‘pull yourself’ across the water to get a full body workout.

Where to buy the Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1

Where to buy the Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1. The cheapest, most dependable place to get this portable rowing machine is at Amazon . I am a strong believer in shopping at Amazon first whenever you are looking for any consumer product.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rower - Dimensions

The Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 is the ultimate in home water rowing machines. According to its manufacturer, it uses more water than any other type of workout—with no vibration or impact on your body. However, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the most cost effective for you to buy. You have to make sure you are getting a good value for your money, and that you’re buying from a reputable retailer (so that you don’t need to bring it back).

Why buy the Blufin Water Rower?

What the Bluefin Water Rower offers that no other water rower can is a frame that simulates rowing in actual water and a separate tank in which to hold a volume of water.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rower - side view

The BlueFIN Fitness Blade Aqua W 1 Water Resistance Power Rower is designed as a natural rowing machine and can be used in a variety of water- and water-resistant conditions. This machine can also be rowed in water up to 1,000 m and is used as an alternative to the traditional natural rowing machine with a water resistance of 1.5 m. 

The 10 levels of magnetic resistance make the Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W 1 Water Resistance Power Rower is one of the most intense you have ever experienced. This advanced belt-powered system allows you to achieve better movement quality while exercising, and you can always rely on our vibratory plates when it comes to the level of fitness goals that may have led you to choose a vibratory plate in the first place. Blue FinFitness vibratory plates can increase strength, improve flexibility, reduce cellulite, tighten the body after a vigorous workout, maintain bone density, promote recovery from injuries, train core muscles, and improve posture. You can improve your posture, increase your strength and promote recovery from injury. 

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rowing machine UK

Aqua Rowing Machines – Why are the better than regular rowing machines?

Aqua exercise machines offer a great way for anyone to stay in shape and help to improve fitness. Resistance in water means the aqua rowing machine will build up the strength in your arms, shoulders and back.

Latest rowing machines you need to get the full body workout like you do in the gym but with less effort. Aqua rowing machines make it easier for anyone to get and stay fit because you feel more comfortable when exercising in water.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rowing Machine - With integrated Kinomap

If you are looking to buy an aqua rowing machine for your home how sure are you that you know what questions to ask yourself? With hundreds of different models and types of exercise machines on the market, it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. It can get very overwhelming, especially, when dealing with a piece of fitness equipment such as aqua rowing machines. To help you get started we offer some helpful tips below that we feel will narrow the choices down for you and help you buy your perfect aqua rowing machine.

Blade Aqua W-1 Water Rowing Machine UK – Manual

Bluefin is a brand that really wants its customers to get the most out of their workouts with Bluefin. At around 1000 PS1, this model is not only a robust, well-designed machine that provides great cardiovascular training, but also one of the best water rowers available in the years to come. Check out some interesting ads related to water rowers, and what caught your eye? 

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua - Room View

It has some interesting features that help users work longer, and it comes with an added security. It is suitable for most users, but has an interesting feature that helps users to work longer. The belt is driven by a 2.5 mm driveline and a 1.2 mm motor, which gives a total power of 3.4 mm. 

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