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Gaia Herbs – Thyroid Support 60 Capsules

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As with all things related to health, seek the help of an integrative or functional doctor who will help you understand, treat and heal your body. I recommend you find a doctor specialized in integrative and functional medicine who specializes in thyroid health and can help you do what is best for your overall health. The next steps are best body specific, but it is recommended to find out as much as possible about what your thyroid needs and what are the best steps for you. 

Thyroid Support from Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support is recommended if you want to improve thyroid function, metabolism, and energy levels. As shown in the facts and pictures of the supplement, they release small amounts of iodine, but concentrate on herbs. They also have a page that deals with the function of the herbs they have selected and what they call their function in them. It seems to me that herbs focus more on vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and less on the thyroid gland and its role in health. 

Land Steward Harvesters This term stands for ecologically sensitive wild artisans who collect native herbs from the wild and sell them directly to Gaia

This includes herbs grown in managed forests or grown by local farmers. Organic harvested Organic harvesting is a term that describes herbs sold by Gaia Herbs that are not organic and that are not certified organic. 

These herbs are used to produce 190 proven distilled alcohols from corn and wheat and used by Gaia Herbs as solvents to produce liquid extract. GMO herbal ingredients and are therefore also considered a source of their alcohol. Gaia buys genetically modified herbs and ingredients because non-organic alcohol cannot be reliably sourced from non-genetically modified plants. GMO and grown on an organic farm, contaminated with gluten-containing cereals, gluten-free, non-gluten contaminated, or used as a solvent in liquid extracts and in production, etc. 

Thyroid Herbal Support from Gaia Herbs

The duration of the use of herbal extracts should be determined by the nature of your condition and how long you should take them. The production of thyroid hormones requires iodine and omega-3 fatty acids, and the conversion of inactive T4 into active T3 requires selenium. If laboratory tests indicate low thyroid activity, your doctor may prescribe synthetic T 4 (also called levothyroxine, synthroid, levoxyl or levothroid) as a treatment. D vitamins, but you may need to take reduced amounts for a few months or switch to another receptor. 

If you are feeling sluggish than you should, it is worth using your time and effort to determine whether your thyroid is working optimally. Restore a healthy metabolism by allowing your cells to use thyroid hormones more efficiently to restore thyroid health so that you can feel happy and healthy again. 

Of the hormones released by the thyroid gland, the most important are T3-triiodothyronine and T4-thyroxine. These three specific nutrients have a strong influence on thyroid hormone levels. This is important because many other nutrients, including B-complex vitamins and zinc, also contribute to the formation of thyroid hormones. It is claimed that this unique formula supports normal thyroid hormone production by helping to maintain a healthy balance between the production of thyroid hormones and the metabolism of other hormones in the body. 

Gaia Herbs is committed to using and supporting only GM-free materials and we welcome the careful scrutiny by consumers and practitioners to ensure that our level of transparency remains unmatched. We welcome other botanical supplement manufacturers that are in line with our transparency and commitment, but we are doing and will continue to do everything we can to ensure that all our products are not genetically modified. Our anti-GMO policy is consistent with our long-term commitment to the health and well-being of all our customers. 

For Gaia, the primary role of GC-MS is to produce and distribute high-quality herbal medicines and herbal preparations. We grow our herbal ingredients locally and make sure that we do not source them from external suppliers. To deliver a plant medicine of guaranteed purity, Gaia adheres to the life sciences standards certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which must also be followed by all other botanical supplement manufacturers and the FDA. 

Strangely, most herbal formulas, such as ashwagandha, indicate an increase in the ability to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as a decrease in blood pressure. Daptogenic herbs such as ashwagshanda and reishi are also excellent for managing stress and anxiety associated with the thyroid gland. 

If the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone (thyroxine) to keep the body in balance, this means that the gland is active. While thyroid support regulates metabolism, altered thyroid hormone levels affect all important systems in your body. 

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