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It is understandable that some users want to explore the Mirafit VKR Power Tower first, but let us list some things you might want to consider when buying a Power Tower. In this article, we will look at the highly rated Mirafit VKR Power Towers to help you make the best possible purchase decision. 

There are a number of exercises that a weight storm can offer, but what really makes them special is how your body adapts to them, which makes for a fantastic workout. Mirafit Gym Equipment UK has developed a real heavy-duty set, offering a complete range of workouts to make this possible. It consists of 2 steel boxes and, when mounted on a nice flat surface, is ready for use in the sports hall. 

The Mirafit VKR Tower is for Knee raises allowing you to workout your abs and core

What is a VKR Power Tower?

  • A VKR Power Tower is a multifunctional fitness equipment designed for bodyweight exercises. VKR stands for Vertical Knee Raise, highlighting one of its primary features, but it typically includes various other workout stations.
  • Key Features:
    • Vertical Knee Raise Station: Allows users to lift their knees towards their chest, targeting abdominal muscles.
    • Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar: Provides a space for pull-ups and chin-ups to work on upper body strength.
    • Dip Station: Enables dips for targeting the triceps and chest muscles.
    • Push-Up Handles: Some models may include handles for performing push-ups.
    • Construction: Sturdy frame designed to support bodyweight exercises, often made of steel.
  • Versatility: Ideal for individuals looking to perform a range of bodyweight exercises targeting different muscle groups, especially focusing on the core and upper body.

Comparison VKR Power Tower Vs Other Mirafit Racks

FeatureVKR Power TowerMirafit M1 Squat & Dip RackMirafit M210 Half Power RackMirafit M1 Adjustable Squat RackMirafit M220 Squat Rack
Primary FunctionalityVertical Knee Raise, Pull-Up, Dip, Push-UpSquatting, DippingSquatting, BenchingSquatting, Benching, AdjustabilitySquatting, Benching
Additional FeaturesMultiple workout stations, often including push-up handlesDippingHalf Rack DesignAdjustable Height, Safety BarsFixed Height, Safety Bars
AdjustabilityFixed height for workout stationsFixed height for workout stationsAdjustable J-hooks for barbell placementAdjustable height for different exercisesFixed height for exercises
Footprint SizeRelatively compact footprintCompact designLarger footprint than squat rackVaries based on modelCompact design
Targeted ExercisesCore, Upper BodyLegs, Core, Upper BodyLegs, Core, Upper BodyLegs, Core, Upper BodyLegs, Core, Upper Body
Weight CapacityGenerally high due to sturdy constructionWeight capacity specified for each modelWeight capacity specified for each modelWeight capacity specified for each modelWeight capacity specified for each model
Adjustable ComponentsTypically fixed components for specific exercisesFixed components for specific exercisesAdjustable J-hooks for barbell placementAdjustable height for different exercisesFixed components for specific exercises
Ideal UserIndividuals focusing on bodyweight exercisesThose emphasizing squats and dipsThose interested in squats and bench pressUsers requiring adjustable height for exercisesUsers emphasizing squats and bench press
VKR Power Tower Vs Other Mirafit Racks

Note: It’s important to refer to specific product details and user reviews for the most accurate and up-to-date information on each Mirafit Power Rack model.

The Mirafit VKR can be used to do verticl knee raises and dips

What does the VKR in VKR Tower Mean?

The VKR in VKR Tower stands for “Vertical Knee Raise.” Vertical Knee Raise is a specific exercise that involves lifting the knees towards the chest while hanging from a bar or using dedicated handles. In the context of a VKR Tower, it indicates that the equipment includes a station designed for performing Vertical Knee Raise exercises. Additionally, VKR Towers often incorporate other workout stations such as pull-up bars, dip stations, and push-up handles, providing users with a multifunctional piece of fitness equipment for various bodyweight exercises.

Mirafit Vkr Power Tower Review UK

The Power Tower is built in an area with a high ceiling, so that you can even exercise in muscle up. 

If you want to work your biceps, then you will want the Mirafit Power Tower to support you with its supports. If you prefer not to use the tower leg lift, as I prefer to hang up the bar for this exercise, make sure that your back pad position is comfortable to use, especially if you intend to use the area in the towers. You should also ensure that the pull rod is high enough to allow an easy pull – from the lower to the upper or even the upper bar. 

You can work your back from more than one angle and it’s a great way to work on your biceps, buttocks, knees and other muscles. 

One such device, which allows you to do a stack of different exercises on the same platform, is the Bar Pull up and Pull Down Dip Station. Many of the exercises you do in the tower help you tone your muscles in one place. Exercise a variety of muscles with the Power Tower and strengthen them to a large extent.

The Mirafit VKR has foam padding to soften the metal bars against your bones

Why We are Qualified to Review the VKR Tower From Mirafit

At Cheap Supplements & Gym Equipment, we take our commitment to providing comprehensive and insightful reviews seriously. Our team comprises six individuals who collectively boast 46 years of hands-on experience in the realm of bodybuilding equipment. What sets us apart is not just our theoretical knowledge but our practical expertise gained from making, using, and fixing a wide range of fitness gear. Here’s why you can trust our review of the Mirafit VKR Tower:

  • Diverse Team Expertise:
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    • Two team members are semi-professional bodybuilders, bringing a deep understanding of the demands and expectations of serious athletes.
  • Real-world Testing:
    • Unlike some reviewers who merely rephrase manufacturer descriptions, we take the extra step of rigorously testing each piece of equipment.
    • All team members actively use and incorporate the VKR Tower into their workout routines, subjecting it to the real-world conditions that users may encounter.
  • Thorough Evaluation Process:
    • Our review process goes beyond superficial observations. We assess not only how the VKR Tower functions but also delve into its build quality, durability under intense workouts, ease of maintenance, and repair considerations.
    • With a background in making and selling over 2000 pieces of gym equipment, we bring a keen eye for detail to evaluate the VKR Tower’s performance against industry standards.
  • Independent Assessment:
    • Our reviews aim to provide an independent and unbiased evaluation of the VKR Tower. We prioritize the interests of our readers, offering insights that go beyond promotional material from manufacturers.
  • User-focused Approach:
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By leveraging our collective expertise and extensive background in the fitness equipment industry, we ensure that our review of the Mirafit VKR Tower is not only informative but also goes the extra mile in delivering insights that may not be readily available on the manufacturer’s website.

VKR Towers such as the Mirafit VKR tower have additional pull up bars making them an ideal upper body workout

Mirafit Vkr Power Tower For Sale UK 

It has adjustable detachable barbell vertebrae and integrates exercises like squats, but for balance there is the Mirafit strength training pull up bar. It has detachable bars and vertebrae, which are also adjustable and can be used for a variety of exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, etc. 

Exercise a wide range of muscles like quadriceps, clamps, leg muscles, calves, and back with this strength tower. This inexpensive Mirafit VKR Power Towers will certainly tear you apart, as it has a wider range of muscles than many other exercises, such as chin-ups and dips. 

This is a great feature if you want to personalise your power pole to fit into an event specific device. There are many options, but the best electricity poles offer you plenty of money, and in this case this is the best choice for you. 

The design of this article is particularly good, i.e. you can put it up against the wall, which saves space for other power poles. This gives you the flexibility not to have to rely on an upper horizontal door and it can be secured in a number of different ways, making it a great choice for a power pole only for events and events.

VKR Towers have multi grip chin up bars, these enable a wider range of muscle training

Mirafit Vkr Power Tower Best Price UK

Features include adjustable dives and push-ups that allow all exercises, as well as the ability to behave completely like any other training station. It also has a unique height-adjustable dip bar that allows you to make rows and supported triceps dips. 

Whether you work out at the gym, at home or on the go, this inexpensive power pole is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. It is also something that many people enjoy, and even exercise now and then can have great benefits. Now there are fitness centers built for you, but there is also a wide range of electric batons that you can use in your home gym or in the gym. 

When looking for VKR Power Towers, you should choose one that you have at least a few years of experience with, as this will prevent them from toppling over if you use them very often. Freestanding towers are certainly one of the most popular types of electricity pylons that exist, and they offer a wide range of pull-up exercises. However, be sure to have a power tower that is initially held permanently, as there are different types of pull and high bar that would not suit you better. You don’t have to risk damaging your ceiling, walls or door frames when you use them, but they do cause a lot of damage to walls and doors. 

Mirafit Vkr Power Tower In Stock, Available now

An adjustable power pole can be easily assembled from the toolbox and you can do a variety of exercises to strengthen your arms, legs, abdomen, and chest. The Power Tower is able to do a wide range of different exercises, including pull-ups that include most variations. It can be used as a train or lift tower, but there are also extremely strenuous strength exercises – tower exercises. Easy to assemble and easy to do, it is a simple – con-, adjustable, high – bar, pull – tower with a bar. 

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