Bulletproof™ Upgraded Collagen Protein UK

Bulletproof Collagen UK. Get the real Upgraded Bulletproof Collagen Protein here in the UK for the very first time. We have sourced the Real Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen that is the best Collagen for the Bullet Proof Diet.

BulletProof™ Collagen 500g – Upgraded Collagen Protein UK

If you follow Dave Asprey and the Bullet Proof coffee and diet you will have heard of upgraded Collagen. This is the number one best selling Collagen in the USA due to the amazing amount of hype Dave Asprey brings to this collagen and all his other products.

Dave Aspery has been a huge promoter of collagen supplements being part of the life extension and life enhancing regimes that the Bulletproof podcast and blog promotes. Dave has done many podcasts on the range of benefits collagen brings to the body and internal organs.

BulletProof collagen supplements are now available in the UK and can be ordered across the country from an extensive range of stockists.

Given that Dave Asprey looks like a youthful 30 year old says a lot about what you need to know about his regime of supplementation, Bulletproof coffee and lifestyle.

BulletProof Collagen Protein

The nutritional supplement industry is huge and with so much competition the market is saturated with products claiming to be innovative, natural and scientifically backed. BulletProof Collagen offers the consumer a unique way of getting these vital nutrients in one easy step.

Their collagen has the highest bovine gelatin content of any product on the market, that is also certified and independently tested by the European Food Safety Authority to guarantee purity. Because Bulletproof collagen passes this test it is recommended as safe to use in infants, pregnant and breastfeeding women. They set out to make the purest and cleanest product possible, but they also wanted to make sure there were no added sugars or preservatives. Collagen is safe, nutritious and tastes delicious!

BulletProof Collagen Protein Unflavoured

This 500g tub of bulletproof Upgraded collagen is a high grade collagen powder as it is from grass fed cows. It has an amazing range of Amino acids including the Neurotransmitter Glycine to aid your brains performance.

Chocolate Bulletproof Collagen Powder UK

If you’re working on a project that requires heavy lifting, or maybe you just want to see how well your body will tolerate a different protein supplement, then BulletProof Collagen Protein Unflavoured is an excellent choice. It’s flavorless and odorless, so there’s no need to worry about strong vittles competing with the taste of your protein shakes. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to add more bone broth to their diet.

Bulletproof Collagen
Bulletproof Collagen Protein

The number of reviews on Amazon for this collagen is astounding and for many of the customers have literally had life changing benefits. Some of the reviews talk about how it has cleared up skin conditions that the reviewer has had for many years including psoriasis, wrinkles and chapped lips.

What is Bulletproof Collagen Protein? It might be the most technologically advanced protein powder on the market. Or it’s maybe just another great tasting, easy to mix, unflavoured protein powder that falls in line with what consumers want when it comes to their dietary supplements.

The reviews also talk about how much the complexion has improved from as little as 5 days on the Bullet Proof Collagen.

Bulletproof Collagen Benefits
Bulletproof Collagen Benefits

Upgraded Collagen and Joints

Dave Asprey likes to talk about not just the aesthetic benefits of his BulletProof Collagen but also the unseen areas. The joints and cartilage in the body are pretty much made of collagen and with age this breaks down.

When the joints and cartilage is broken down with age it starts to rub when you move. This rubbing further breaks down the cartilage and it become somewhat of a vicious cycle. The good news to anyone suffering from joint pains is this break down of the cartilage is reversible.

Bulletproof Collagen UK

The reversing of this breakdown comes with having an abundance of the building blocks of the cartilage in the diet. Now sadly the modern diet is missing the amount of collagen our grandparents would have eaten. This is due to us eating more breast meat and meat without bones.

Bulletproof Collagen is known for improving the elasticity and tone of skin. This will reduce wrinkles, improve skin and slow down the aging process. Your joints will become more flexible and you’ll have better range of motion as well. However, you do need a lot more collagen than what you may find in your typical shake to get these benefits. Remember, this formula is unflavoured so it won’t actually taste good. That’s okay though because you can simply mix it with something like strawberries or bananas for a better tasting shake.

bulletproof collagen UK Review

Dave Asprey Bulletproof Collagen UK

Dave Asprey Bulletproof Collagen UK is the one of a kind, only currently available from his website. Who else is going to take you beyond these boring supplements, if not Dave and his team? There are hundreds of products that promise on their labels but there’s no way to know if these pills live up to the hype. Enter Dave Asprey Bulletproof Collagen UK, which has been extensively tested and proven to improve joint health and appearance. 

It appears that this product is intended for consumers that are already interested in Dave Asprey and his products, so it is an educated decision to include this product in the promotion. As a result, the content reads as though the promotion was written by someone who is already familiar with his products and just wants to share information about this new Collagen with his or her readers.

BulletProof Collagen Protein

As you can see, Dave Asprey UK collage is very popular among people who want to improve their skin and joints. Collagen is a great anti-aging formula that will help you look and feel better with time, great choice to make.

Collagen in the Diet

Not only are we not eating meat on the bone, we are not boiling bones down for broth and we are no longer eating offal that was rich in natural collagen. This change in diet has had an effect on us. Think of this more people today suffer from back pain than at any other time in history, yet we do not do the manual work that our forefathers once did.

BulletProof Collagen Protein UK  Nutrition Facts

If you are looking for a quality collagen supplement without a large dose of artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours then I highly recommend this product. If you take it in the morning on your commute to work and have it mixed into your coffee or BulletProof coffee blend then you will have a ready energy source for the day. If taken in the evening mixed with water or coconut milk the benefits for the rest of your body will help you sleep.

The difference is Diet and without the building blocks of our cartilage in the diet – collagen we need to find a way to get more collagen. This can come from taking collagen supplements such as the Bulletproof upgraded collagen protein. This is a super high concentration of exactly the right type of collagen for not only you cartilage but also you skin and internal organs.

If you have been thinking about getting more collagen in your diet, but are not sure where to start, I would really recommend looking at this product. This is a great natural source of collagen that tastes good and is easy to use. The unflavoured option leaves its taste neutral, so you can add it to most things and make it taste however you want. This gives your smoothie or food that extra boost of nutrition it needs, making you feel better and look better. In addition, the price is competitive with other forms of collagen that are sold individually.

How to use Bulletproof Collagen
How to use Bulletproof Collagen Protein

Age and Collagen Production

In our younger years we have no issues with producing enough collagen to repair ourselves from all the bumps and scrapes we get up to as children and teens. Hormones such as growth hormone help and as we grow into out teens so do the sex hormones. We are like collagen powerhouses right up until we are around 25 years old.

This is why the age of 25 is almost the tipping point for aging, people over the age of 25 start producing less and less collagen and therefore require more pure simple collagen in the diet. But as mentioned before we do not take enough collagen in the modern diet to counter this decline in collagen production. Bulletproof have had many podcasts on this reduction in collagen production and we recommend you search for Dave Aspreys Podcasts.

bulletproof collagen for sale UK

When taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein you need to help the body uptake the collagen by supplementing with Vitamin C, or at least ensuring your diet is rich in vitamin C by eating fruit especially Citrus Fruit. You need to keep taking collagen over time to see the full benefits, as with anything the body cannot create itself.

BulletProof Collagen Ingredients

There is one ingredient in the tub of Bullet Proof Collagen

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder

But just listing this as the one ingredient under sells the process that only Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen goes through to make the hydrolyzed collagen powder. There is a unique system of enzyme breakdown that Dave Asprey has designed for this. The reason for the enzymes is to make the collagen into an as easy to digest collagen as it can be. This means that the collagen is fully digested and not destroyed by the stomach acid as in some collagen.

BulletProof upgraded collagen powder
BulletProof Collagen Supplement Facts

Serving size and servings per Tub

The 500g tub is the largest size Bulletproof do of the collagen powder and this tub is enough for 25 servings of 20g.

Per 20g serving you get 18g of pure protein.

This is enough for an adult per day, but we advise going against the modern diet and start re-introducing collagen rich foods such as heart, kidneys, liver and bone broth as well. Also for the aid of skin and organ repair you need enough vitamin C therefore you you try and get at the very least 1000mg of vitamin C.

You can add in more fruit to the diet if you are not on the Keto Diet, but if you are you can easily find 1000mg Vitamin C to take daily.

Bullet Proof Collagen Amino Acid Profile
Amino Acid Profile

How to take the Bulletproof Collagen

There are many ways to take the collagen. The reviews for the collagen are pretty coherant on the fact that is is flavourless. Water is one of the ways to take the collagen, but many people like to take it in their BulletProof Coffee with Butter and C8 MCT Oil. This way you get the morning jolt of energy you need alongside the brain boosting benefits of the Glycine.

BulletProof Upgraded Collagen Review.

We have had the benefit of having tried the BulletProof Upgraded Collagen a while ago. We have to say for the benefit of this review is that we are big fans of collagen so we had a friend do the review.

Bulletproof Collagen Chocolate Flavour

About the Reviewer:

The Reviewer is Male 40 with back pain issues as well as being on the Keto Diet so he has concerns about the possibility of loose skin when He loses the weight.

From the Reviewer:

I was pleased to receive the tub of collagen and was excited as I have listened to Dave Aspreys BulletProof Radio Podcasts a number of times and you cannot fail to hear Him talk about his range of supplements.

I decided to take the 20g servings in Bulletproof coffee, I have had bullet proof coffee before this and always found it good when intermittent fasting.

Mixing in the Bulletproof Collagen

The Collagen mixed really well into the coffee, I put in the collagen before the butter, coconut oil and MCT to make sure it was mixed in before I added it. It did not have any taste as such apart from the flavour of the coffee and the coconut oil with that buttery taste. It was the feeling of fullness that I noticed first, it always took a little time for the feeling of hunger to go down in the morning with just Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof Collagen Bar

Bulletproof Collagen Protein review

The Results:

I have been using the Bulletproof Collagen for 14 days now and will be coming back to update the review after the 25 days supply I have is used up. But so far I genuinely feel my bones and joints feel better and much less stiff. My face is adjusting better to the weight loss and feel a lot firmer, I seem to have less dandruff if any now and even when this review is over I will be buying this collagen again. I will be writing more once the tub is finished but despite being skeptical at first I am now a believer in the power of collagen.

Over the time I have been doing the review of the bullet proof collagen protein I have noticed my skin is improving, my back pain is less and overall I feel a lot more agile.

Adding Bulletproof Collagen to Coffee

Dave Asprey Bullet Proof Collagen Review

Dave Asprey has been extolling the benefits of taking collagen for a number of year. Dave Asprey is famous probably the most for his Bulletproof Coffee, but we thing one of the best advice Dave Asprey ever gave was to take more collagen. Dave Asprey has on his blog, on his podcast and in interviews has talked around how the body needs to replace the collagen it no longer can create on its own as you age. From the days of his travels in Tibet Dave Aprey as known the benefits of collagen, his knees were aching due to walking in the hills, so that evening Dave ordered some collagen rich pigs ears. The ears were not the flavoursome meal that you want after a long days hiking, but after eating them Dave’s knees felt a lot better. Dave has spoken about the unique amino acid make up of collagen with its large amount of glycine that is not found in many meats.

Bulletproof UK

There are more and more sellers of Bulletproof UK wide, with Amazon being one of the best places to get the Bulletproof supplements in the UK. Check out more of the Bulletproof range available in the UK on Amazon or here. 

Unflavoured Bulletproof Collagen Frequently Asked Questions

When to take bulletproof collagen?

You can take Bulletproof Collagen at any time of the day. Some people find that to remember to take the collagen you can put it in your first coffee of the day. Collagen mixes well with coffee and can be a great addition to Bulletproof coffee.

How to use Bulletproof Collagen protein?

You can take Bulletproof Collagen by the scoop in a drink. You can use collagen in most warm or cold liquids, taking it this way is better than cooking with it as you may loose some of the the amino acid integrity.

Is Bulletproof Collagen protein keto?

Yes Bulletproof Collagen is Keto Friendly. Collagen in its pure form is zero carb and an ideal supplement to take when on the keto diet.

Can you have Bulletproof collagen protein in coffee?

Yes you can take Bulletproof collagen in coffee hot or cold. Adding a scoop of Bulletproof Collagen to a cup of Bulletproof coffee is an ideal way to take the collagen.

Where can I buy Bullet proof Collagen in the UK?

Bulletproof sell through a number of retailers in the UK. Amazon UK have a number of Bulletproof supplements available for next day delivery. You can also buy bulletproof from Dave Asprey’s website directly.

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