Mirafit M220 Squat Rack

I found the cheapest squatter frame on the market here and have used this product in the past and still use it today. I am a big fan of the Mirafit M220, as I do here at Cheap Supplements & Fitness Equipment, because it is one of my favourite squat racks.

This is one of the most unique products on this list because it contains everything you need right in the box. It is also easy to sit on a wall hockey board, and it is also a nice simple setup – I had no problems with the 3-step set, although I am not very adept at DIY. Unlike other squatters, everything I need is included in a box, so it is very easy to use.  

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack

I love the plastic base plate that protects the floor from scratches and damage and you will not have any problems with stability. If you want to buy a squat rack that is also robust and perfectly functional, I strongly recommend you to take a look at Technogym. For those of you looking for a low-cost alternative to buying racks and platforms, this could be the answer.

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack


  • Brand: Mirafit
  • Product Name: Mirafit M220 Squat Rack
  • Choice of colour:
    • Black
    • Orange
  • Usage: Ideal stand for squats and bench press exercises at home
  • Optional spotters provide additional safety when working out
  • Includes J-Cups with UHMW liners
  • Strong 60mm x 60mm steel construction
  • 6mm thick steel brace plates
  • Fully adjustable – Now with 16 levels
  • 1″ diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals
  • Bolt down design provides extra stability
  • Powder coated finish with printed Mirafit logos
  • Suitable for use with a 7ft or 6ft international barbell. Please note this rack is too wide for a standard 6ft barbell
  • Compatible with various M200 series attachments (see below)
  • Specification:
    • Height: 183cm
    • Width: 132cm (122cm to outside of uprights)
    • Depth: 141cm
    • Frame: 60mm x 60mm
    • Net weight: 39.4kg / 87lbs (exc spotters)

If you need more information about squat racks in CrossFit, please read my article about how to improve Crossfit and follow my general instructions and disclaimers. Each frame is completely different, so please read the instructions to see how I set up my squat before you own it. 

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack Review
Mirafit M220 Squat Rack Review

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack Review UK

If you are smaller or taller than the average person, you can stand up and look at the hockey stick from a different angle than when you are standing. 

If you’re looking for a hockey stick, the Marcy is a strong all-rounder that’s still available at a reasonable price in the mid-range. It is suitable for every standard Olympic corner and I can guarantee that it will suit you regardless of your training style. If you want to shake it up, the DTX Fitness Squat Rack is the top candidate, but If you’ve narrowed it down to hockey stands and stands, here’s one of the best on the market. The Mirafit delivers the goods, as there are a number of options for the M220, all of which are offered at an incredibly fair price.  When you add in the Mirafit M2 Bench alongside the M220 Squat Rack you can use it as a bench press.

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack UK

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack Orange and Black versions in stock

The price tag will please those looking for a cheap hockey stand, as there are certainly some cheaper options for the M220. 

To get a deeper understanding of what is available, we have compiled a list of the best available hockey sticks that would be ideal for your home studio. It is rare to find a bench press squat rack at a reasonable price, but if you want to see the product in real life, many gyms in the UK are equipped with them so you can always go to the gym and try it out before you buy. If you hope to buy a squats rack but don’t want to have to pay for it all at once, Faster can offer you a 0% financing for your purchase. You won’t be hit with a huge outlay, and with York offering free delivery on orders over PS99, you’ll be able to save a few extra pounds. 

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack
Mirafit M220 Squat Rack

Best Deals on the Mirafit M220 Squat Rack

With so many features combined in one bit set, York’s Squat Rack is the only thing you need and it will help you create your own home station. It is the complete package and is a great option for anyone who wants to build their own home but does not know where to start or where it all starts. If you have the right equipment at home, you don’t even need a gym, so the DTX squat rack is a necessity. As it stands, the K-Sport Olympic Squats Rack would be ideal for those who don’t have much space in their home gyms but want to continue working on their leg day goals in their home gym

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack Review

The tipping bar is obviously a big draw, and the inclusion of this bar really lifts this bar above much of the competition. If you are in the market for a squat rack with pull bar, you can’t do much better than the K-Sport Olympic Squats Rack. The Profile Rack sells the rack as a traction rack because it is both a squats rack and a traction bar and helps you to train in large and small spaces. So if you’re looking for a commercial that takes away everything that’s thrown at you, you won’t do much wrong with the GPR370. Sources: 1

Don’t be fooled, this is still an incredibly versatile and robust hockey stick, and you might think it’s a home gym. This is a great rack for barbed wire, dumbbells, drawing bars or even a bench bar, but it is still a very powerful and effective squat and drawing bar rack. Sources: 1

Mirafit M220 Squat Rack in Black

It was developed for strength and competitive athletes who want to build a strong bench bar, barbed wire, dumbbells and pull bar stand and is perfect for them. It has a wide range of different weights and weights for different types of squats and pull movements. 

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