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Exogenous Ketones are one of the fastest ways you can get yourself into Ketosis, pure ketones help the body move into using ketones as fuel. Ketones can be produced by the body, they are produced when there is no glycogen in the body, the body then breaks down fats into ketones. Ketones that are not produced in the body are available externally (exogenously) from ketone supplements, hence the name Exogenous Ketones. These Ketones help the body adapt to getting into ketosis. The transition to ketosis can be tough, the body need to adapt to ketones and adding them into the diet using Exogenous Ketones helps the body adapt and to start using ketones for fuel.

Exogenous Ketones Brain Power

There is also other benefits to taking Exogenous Ketones as ketones are the preferred fuel for the brain and when you take extra ketones your brain has some additional fuel. Of the many benefits to the body of the keto diet many people talk about how clear headed people feel. They feel in the zone on the keto diet, more alert more there in the present. This focus of the mind is all down to the ketones the body is producing and how the brain uses them for fuel, the more ketones the more the brain can use them for brain power. Add ketones into the diet and you feel more alert.

MCT oil when in ketosis can add ketones as your body can break it down into ketone bodies easily. But if you are not in ketosis and you want ketone brain power taking MCT oil will not help you as your body needs to be in ketosis to produce the ketones and you can not do that if you are not in ketosis. This is were Exogenous Ketones can help, as you take them and they put you into a form of ketosis as your body uses them to fuel your brain. 

So there are two ways in which you can get ketones into blood stream get the body into ketosis by removing carbs from the diet, or buy Exogenous Ketones and boost your ketones and benefit from the increased brain power. 

What are the main exogenous ketones?

The main exogenous ketones on the market is BHB ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate which the body produces when you are in ketosis from adipose fats as well as fats in the diet. You can buy a number of exogenous ketones, but most contain a version of BHB ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate. BHB supplements are not cheap and they do not taste that good either. Many BHB based supplements have a form of sweetener in them to stop the bitterness of the BHB Ketone Salt. We find that BHB is quite expensive so we aim to find cheap versions and deals so you can get an cheap ketone deal.

H.V.N.M have come up with a new type of BHB the BHB monoester a BHB Ester than has been proven to put you into ketosis even if glycogen is present in the body. This is truly a step forward in terms of ketone supplementation. Other supplements will help you into ketosis but the BHB monoester actually puts you into ketosis even if you have eaten carbs.

H.H.V.N.M produces a ester of BHB and other supplements are a ketone salt, the level of BHB in the blood after 30 minutes post ingestion is 2 to 4 times higher when taking the Ketone Ester compared with when taking the 

Other ways to get exogenous ketones is to take MCT oil but your body needs to be in some type of ketosis for you to be able to break down MCT oil into ketones. 

Exogenous Ketones Pruvit

One of the biggest brands of exogenous ketones are Pruvit and Pruvits leading ketone supplement is KETO//OS NAT a clinically tested exogenous ketone supplement. 

Pruvit KETO//OS NAT Review 

BHB, or R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate is one of the main Exogenous ketones in the Pruvit KETO//OS NAT and it packs a bunch when it comes to increasing blood ketone levels. there is C-med 100 a general immune system booster that works on helping repair the DNA structure while boosting the white blood cell count in the blood. Pruvit KETO//OS NAT has also some additional amino acids, Leucine and L-Taurine. Taurine has been shown to boost liver health as well as aid fat metabolism therefore we can see why Pruvit has used Taurine in KETO//OS NAT. 

There are two different Pruvit KETO//OS NAT supplements one is taken first thing in the morning this is the Pruvit KETO//OS NAT Caffeine which as the name suggests is a version with added caffeine to boost the metabolism in the morning.  Throughout the day you need to eat keto and drink a whole load of pure water to ensure you are flushing out the toxins in the body and aid the metabolism. In the evening around 7pm you can take the Caffeine Free Keto//OS NT version for optimum keto based weight loss in the evening and as you sleep. We have been taking the Pruvit Keto//OS NAT for this review for 10 days and we are feeling so alert and the weight is coming off. I was not 100% sure how bought in to the to the Pruvit Keto//OS NAT Supplement but we are amazed by the results. 

Pruvit Keto OS NAT Review
Pruvit Keto OS NAT Review

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