Slendertone Abs7 Rechargeable Toning Belt Unisex

ABS7 Toning Belt Slendertone Review

The ABS7 rechargeable Toning Belt from Slendertone is an easy to use ab belt that electronically tones your waist muscles automatically.

This unisex toning belt from Slendertone is designed to show effective results in 4 weeks of regular ab training. The ABS7 is one in a long line of toning belts from Slendertone that uses electronic pulses to contract your muscles to enable them to flex and tone.

There are 10 different programmes to enable you to tailor your ab sculpting to perfection with a range of intensity of workout that goes from 0-150. The range enable you to start at your own pace and build up as your muscles get stronger and firmer. Just like with any muscle exercise your ability goes up with time and work therefore you can up the intensity to suit your ability as you train.

ABS7 Slendertone Amazon
Slendertone ABS7 Toning Belt

ABS7 Toning Belt – Rechargeable For Sale

Unlike the Slendertone Belts of old the ABS7 comes with a fully rechargeable controller meaning no more missed ab workouts due to no batteries. The Rechargeable controller also can come off from the Ab belt for cleaning. The ABS7 Slendertone Ab belt comes with the controller, a plug for recharging, a pack of 3 replacement contact pads and the belt that allows a waist size from 24-47″. Allowing your belt to size down with you as your waist tones and shrinks. There is an optional extension you can buy to increase the size of the belt by up to 9 inches if you need one.

ABS7 Toning Belt
ABS7 Toning Belt

Unboxing of the ABS7 Toning Belt

When it comes to the Unboxing of the ABS7 we look at what is in the box.

Included in the Slendertone ABS7 Toning Belt Box

  • Slendertone Abs7 toning belt – unisex
  • A pack of 3 gel pads (you can buy more replacements easily)
  • Rechargeable Controller – Wall charging
  • Wall plug controller charger
  • Full Instruction manual
  • Handy travel pouch
  • A Quick Start Guide

Basically put you have the toning belt, a set of pads that will last a couple of months of 5 days a week use. The controller that can be used on some of the other Slendertone range, the plug to charge the toner, a carry bag and the manual to let you know how to get the best from the Slendertone ABS7. Everything you need to get your abs toned to perfection.

Slendertone ABS7 – Unisex 18-80 Review

The Slendertone ABS7 is designed to work for all sexes and most ages from 18-80 meaning that no matter how unfit you are you can use the toning belt.

The toning belt offers 10 different settings for the type of your ab exercise, this allows you to change it up when you are getting bored or too used to one setting or another.

There is 150 different levels of intensity, this is perfect for anyone who is starting out with little ab muscles, you can build up as you get better at your ab recovery as you go.

Using the Slendertone ABS7 along with a diet.

There is not question that toning your waist will improve the look of your abs. But Abs are only visible when your body fat ratio is under 17% therefore we strongly recommend if you are looking to hit the beach and have a set of visible abs you take this into account. One of the ways we get to this body fat and below is using the Keto Diet. We have some Keto Supplements for sale on this site to help you if you choose this way of getting your bodyfat down to this level.

The benefit of the ABS7 Toning Belt is that is slim fitting so you can diet and tone your abs while you are at work, walking or watching the television.

Slendertone ABS7 Toning Belt Retailers

There are a number of retailers in the high street as well as online who sell the Slendertone range of toning machines and belts.

The Main Retailers of ABS7 Slendertone Toning Belts are

Boots Slendertone ABS7

Boots have stocked Slendertone’s range of toning belts for a number of years. Boots stocks Slendertone in store, often with demonstration models that the trained Boots staff can show you how to use it. The benefit of Boots is that you can go and pick up the product when you want it.

Slendertone ABS7 Decathlon

Decathlon is a newer retailer selling the Slendertone range, both in stores as well as on the Decathlon online stores. Decalthon have the Slendertones in boxes that you can pick up and sometimes they have one in a display case.

Slendertone ABS7 Amazon

Amazon is a big retailer for Slendertone. Amazon has a dedicated Slendertone area with a well rounded guide to the whole range. The amount of reviews of the ABS7 on Amazon is amazing, they have over 1000 reviews and counting at the time of writing.

Slendertone Ab Belts

When you Google Ab Belts you will see whole range of electronic Ab stimulation belts, from a range of companies. The basic idea behind the Ab belt like the Slendertone ABS7 are the electric pulses that go into the muscles. This electric pulse that creates the contraction is timed by the ab belt and the intensity and regularity of the pulses can be adjusted. The result is that the muscle acts just as it would under contraction caused by a workout. The only major difference is there is less calories burned as you are not using your body to exercise. But you muscles are getting worked out.

Brands of Ab Belts:


The maker of the ABS7 Slendertone is the most famous of the Ab belt makers in the UK. If you walk into most Boots stores you will see a slendertone on display, Boots and Slendertone are a good mix. Slendertone is a brand of Bio-Medical Research Limited who have been helping athletes and gym goers recover from wokouts, tone muscles and build bigger muscles. Slendertone has created a number of

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