6 Pack Bags UK

Meal Prep Bags UK

6 pack bags or 6packbags are the perfect bag to keep your meals in when you are out and about training, working and getting your gains. Meal prep bags are great for anyone who is dedicated to keeping to your diet. Meal Prep is one of the biggest parts of keeping in shape and having a bag to keep a days meal prep in helps.

Meal Prep Bags UK: Meal prep bags are a must for all those health and fitness conscious individuals out there. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of the best meal prep bags in the UK. Our 6 Pack Cooler Bag is one of our most popular items and has gained a lot of praise for being the perfect solution to keep your food fresh and help you reach your weight loss goals. Shop today for unbeatable prices!

6 pack bags UK

Are you looking to start meal prepping? Meal prepping is a great way of eating healthy whilst saving time and money. We have a fantastic range of Meals Prep Bags UK for you to choose from, with a variety of different sizes available. Our Meal Prep bags are perfect for any dinner ideas, school lunches or event catering supplies. They also make great gifts!

Meal Prep Bags are ideal for anyone doing meal prep when you are doing a 6 a day meals. You need to be able to take your meals around with you everywhere you go. You need to get your macros in and you will be hungry all the time.

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Meal Prep Bag for Bodybuilding

Meal prep bags aka Meal Bag for Bodybuilding AKA 6 pack bags are ergonomic bags, that are insulated to keep your meals chilled while you are out and about. Take you meals to the gym with you and they will be as fresh as when you did your meal prep. These bags are not your regular lunch box but designed to fit 6 meal size boxes and an area for your drink.

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money while still eating healthy. The Meal Prep Bag has been designed to be the best meal prep bag for bodybuilding. It’s perfect for the gym, office, overnight stays or any other time you may need take-away food i.e when you’re travelling.

Wow! I’m so excited for the new range of meal prep bags we have added to our site. These bags offer a convenient way to take your meals with you on the go with their own coolers and compartments. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 1 meal per bag up to 12 meals per bag.

Meal Prep Bag for Bodybuilding

FitMark Meal Prep Bags 

FitMark are a high end brand of Meal Prep Bags for the dedicated bodybuilder looking to ensure they have the necessary nutrition with them at all time. Ensuring you are always eating high protein, highy quality meals is the most important part of the bodybuilders journey. The FitMark Meal Prep bag comes with three ice packs to make sure all the meal prep boxes are kept chilled and fresh. the bag is double insulated in hard to rip nylon cross thread to ensure you meal prep bag is in tip top condition for years to come. FitMark started with meal prep bags but the range has expanded to include duffel bags, meal prep backpacks and Fitmark Gym bags. 

FitMark Meal Prep Bags UK

Meal Prep Bags and Bodybuilding.

Meal prep bags and bodybuilding go hand in hand, we have been selling meal prep bags for people wanting 6 meals a day when out and about. We know that body builders need cooler meal prep bags to keep their food cool when out and about.

We know that you will love our insulated bags with freezer packs too. They are great for keeping food cool, water and more – stay cool for up to 7 hours. So whether you’re taking your food to work, training or heading out on an adventure we have you covered!

Meal Prep Bags and Bodybuilding is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of fitness and as a way of eating. But not just for bodybuilders! As well as gym junkies climbing mountains, or rugby players running up hills, weekend warriors who like to eat healthily (and take their food on the go) are buying our meal prep bags. These bags keep your food cool for up to 12 hours so that you can store pre-prepared meals in them for when you don’t have the time (or forethought!) to cook.

Meal Prep Bags are a great way to eat clean when out and about. We carry Insulated bags for keeping your food fresh. Our selection of Meal Prep Bags make it possible to keep your food fresh and save money as well when you buy in bulk and prepare and freeze it.

FitMark Meal Prep Bags

A lot of Bodybuilders use the weekend to create the weeks worth of meals that go in the fridge and the freezer. The meal prep bags are used for a days worth of meals. There are services offering meal prep delivered as it is such and effort to create enough meals for a full week of intense nutrition that every bodybuilder needs for muscle gain.

FitMark 6 Pack Bag

Bodybuilding Food Prep Cooler Bag

Depending on where you are in the world it depends what you call a 6 pack bag, bodybuilding meal bag or a Bodybuilding Food Cooler bag. They are all a bag with a few ice packs in, 6 different compartments for the food tubs and heavily insulated walls. The aim of the 6 pack bag is to keep the meals all fresh and cool ready for the perfect time to eat. You need to eat regularly when looking to pack on some real lean muscle.  

Having a Bodybuilding Food Cooler Bag means you have chilled fresh meals ready when you are hungry. There are 6 compartments in the insulated meal bag. Each compartment is also insulated to ensure that the meals keep fresh and cold even when you are unzipping the meal bag and grabbing your next meal. Most meal prep boxes are a mixture of meat and veg that has been weighed out to ensure you are getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fat for your bodybuilding needs. Eating 6 times a day is one of the main ways to ensure you are always feeding your muscles with the needed. The ideal fitness meal bag is insulated, hard wearing and with a padded bag strap for comfort when carrying your meal bag around. There are normally added pockets for protein bars and drinks to keep your protein and hydration levels up when out and about and at the gym. 

Ideal 6 Pack Bags

Fitmark Meal Prep Bag
Fitmark Meal Prep Bag

The ideal 6 pack bag is top loading for easy meal packing, three meals go on the bottom of the meal bag and three nearest the top. You need to ensure you pack the Bodybuilding meal bag so your meal you need to eat first is at the top for easy access. The 6 pack bag needs to be light weight, with compartments for the ice packs and the 6 meals you need for a days worth of times bodybuilding eating. You set up the meals for the meal prep bag in clip top tupperwear type boxes to keep air tight to ensure you have fresh meals at all times. The ideal meal prep bag can keep your meals fresh, cold and ready to be eaten up to 10 hours after you have taken the meal out of the fridge. 

Myprotein 8 Meal Holdall 

for a while Myprotein sold their own brand meal prep bag called the 8 meal holdall. This was a great seller for Myprotein and we are surprised to see that they have discontinued the Myprotein 8 Meal Holdall. The Myprotein meal bag holds up to 8 well portioned meals, enabling you to eat your meals on the go. The Myprotein 8 meal holdall was designed to be the ultimate mobile meal system,. made to insulate your meals so you can eat on the go. Made with a heavy duty nylon outer, rubber padded shoulder strap. 

Gym Food Bags

Looking to get ripped at the gym? Keep yourself going by eating right. There are many different meal prep bags on the market and it doesn’t help that there’s a lot of confusing terminology used too. So, let us solve your confusion and introduce you to Gym Food Bags. A healthy range of meal prep bags containing pre-cooked meals made with the finest ingredients to give you the fuel you need during intense training sessions. Gym Food Bags come in a wide variety including:

When you need to be out and about, you need a gym food bag, they are the same as a 6 pack bag but they fit in a gym locker, so make sure you are getting a bag that fits in your gym locker. There is nothing worse than taking a bag to the gym that you can not lock it away as its too big! So getting a Gym Food Bag is ideal if you need to take your food with you when you are out and about in the gym and out. Gym Food Bags are getting more and more popular then ever before with more and more people doing meal prep. Meal prep and eating all the time is a key part of being a bodybuilder, eating is the vital part of gaining muscle, just as important or even more important than lifting weights. 

Bodybuilding Food Prep Cooler Bag

6 pack bags UK

The number one and original meal prep bags is the 6packbags! The first and some say the best in meal prep bags, bodybuilders around the world have been buying Six pack bags like made since the early 2000’s. Six Pack Bags are made and sold by Six Pack Fitness who sell a range of bags and bodybuilding supplements. 

6 pack bags UK – We sell the best 6 pack bags UK in the UK. Find the best cooled meal prep bags in the UK, take a look at our 6 pack bag range here. 6 pack bags UK for gym bunnies and fitness enthusiasts.

Our range of cool bags for sale include a selection of cool box and lunch bags for adults or kids. Ideal for work, gym, school, weekends away and holidays, keep your meals fresh with our high quality eco-friendly, BPA free cool bags for sale.  They are perfect if you need to pack a lunch or keep drinks or food cool whilst on the move. These 6 pack bags UK provide an excellent means to stay fit with our selection of protein shakers and meal prep containers.

Six Pack Bag range:

Whether you’re an athlete, gym enthusiast, or just like keeping active in the gym. Our 6 pack bags provide you with the perfect way to keep your lunch fresh and chilled. These cool food bags are a great addition to bring your lunch to work or your packed dinners to the gym. They’re designed to keep your meals cool for up to four hours, even on a hot day.

The current six pack bag range includes the following range. 


the 6 pack fitness innovator 300 in the ultimate in insulated meal prep bag made and distributed by the original 6packbag brand. 

Have you ever tried to lose weight, but only lost a few before gaining it back? You aren’t alone. For every 10 people that begin a diet, 1 will be successful. But with the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 Meal Prep Management Tote 3 Container Food Storage Box Set by your side you are sure to succeed!

6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 Meal Preparation Tote is the world 1st and only pack of meal containers that can feed an individual for a entire month. It is designed by a fitness professional with the goal of helping you save money and time.



The mini innovator meal prep management tote is a three meal bag. This is a smaller bag than the standard six pack bag, used for smaller trips out, three meals is half a days meal prep. This will fit in most peoples gym lockers enabling you to eat on the go when just out and about for a little while. 

As of today, 6 Pack Fitness Mini Innovator Meal Prep Tote 3 – Meal (3 Red/2 Blue/1 Green) is certainly a novel product. No one has ever done a review and the number of reviews give a confidence level of 100%. I want to help you with this product so that you will be satisfied if you purchase it. The following is info about 6 Pack Fitness Mini Innovator Meal Prep Tote 3 – Meal:



the Cube from Six pack fitness is the best selling meal prep bag in the US which is where six pack fitness is based. Being the number one meal prep bag make the cube the ultimate selling six pack bag in the world. 


For eating on the go you need to have the the knife and forks to ensure you can eat your meal prep on the go. 

The six pack fitness utensil kit includes the following:

1 – Travelling Protective Case

1 – Stainless Steel Spoon

1 – Stainless Steel Fork

1 – Stainless Steel Knife


These are the tupperware type meal prep tubs to keep your meals in. These have been designed to fit perfectly in the Six pack fitness branded meal prep bags. 



These are the main working part of the branded six pack bags, these are the freezing part of the set up, keeping your meals fresh and cool all day long. 

6 PACK BAG HARDSHELL FREEZER PACK LARGE (2 – PACK) There is a need for durability, high quality and stylish products so we can increase our business with our great selection of bags in different sizes. We design them and manufacture them in the USA, to fulfill all your desires and needs.


This is the best meal prep bag if you prefer the backpack type of bags. The Motivator Backpack from six pack bags holds three meals, designed for smaller trips out and gym sessions. Three meals is enough for half a days eating for the average bodybuilder. 

Never be unprepared for a busy day again with the 6 Pack Fitness Motivator Backpack Meal Prep Management System 3-Meal Package. We have pondered the issues of fast food and lack of healthy balanced meals for decades. We have consulted with nutritionists and dieticians to create one of the most nutritious products in existence



The Six Pack Bag Asana Yoga meal prep bag, is a smaller than the full sized meal prep mag. The 6 pack fitness Asana Yoga meal prep management Tote holds two meals, which is perfect for those looking to eat while out but do not need to have 6 meals a day. 

Whether your goal is to lift weights, see your abs, perform yoga poses or just stay fit in general, than this 6 Pack Fitness Tote Bag will help you reach your goals. The bag comes with 2 large bags for food storage, 1 large bag for fitness supplies like yoga mat and shoes, 1 medium sized bag that is perfect for toiletries and medicine and 1 small toiletries bag that can also be used as wallet.


The six pack bag, fitness Elite Voyager 500 is a insulated meal prep bag in the backpack style designed for three meals for half a day out. 


The Fitness Elite Voyager 500 6 pack bag is a meal prep bag in the backpack style designed for three meals for half a day out. It is perfect for you to take to work, school, or even business meetings. Measuring in at 17.4” wide by 12” tall by 13” deep with a total capacity of 500 cubic inches, this backpack is relatively standard-sized and built with typical insulated material to keep your meals cool while still fitting in tightly during transport.

If you are looking for a meal prep bag that is going to put a smile on your face, then Fitness Elite Voyager 500 6 pack bag is the one. It has all the design features of Fitness Elite bags with added bonus of being designed for meals. It represents an excellent combination of a quality meal prep bag.

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