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We compare the prices of proteins to get you the very best prices of protein.

Protein Powders are the UK’s number one sports supplement type just after creatine monohydrate. But as a category protein powders are by far the biggest category for anyone looking to get fit, build muscle and lose weight.

Protein Powders UK – History

Back in the day when protein powders was for only to most dedicated hardcore bodybuilder and for good reason. Most protein powders in the UK came from the US on import with the powders mainly coming from Weider the old school body building brand based in the USA.

These protein powders were mainly soya based and to say they had an aquired taste we would be being kind. Quite frankly they tasted like brick dust. But in there own way they worked, but you had to be pretty dedicated to gaining muscle to drink these early protein powders.

Then came the big change in protein powders, along came a way of preserving whey protein. Whey protein has always been a by product of the cheese industry, but as a wet protein its shelf life was limited and unless you lived next to a dairy, you were unlikely to have ever had whey protein. Whey was an unwanted by product fed to cattle and in some dairies just poured away into local rivers. But along came spray drying – Spray drying turned this liquid protein source into a dry protein powder.

Early Protein Powder in the UK

Once this drying process came along whey protein was no longer an unwanted by product in the cheese industry but created a new protein source that was then used in baby milk formula and protein powders. This early spray dried whey protein powder was still pretty disgusting and had a acidic dairy tasted from the renit that was used to curdle the milk used. But as whey protein powder became more and more popular and found use in a number of diet shakes, baby foods and as an ingredient in foods they found ways of making this protein dense powder taste better.

Protein Powder UK – Now

Fast forward to today and there are a number of different grades of whey proteins, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysed to name but a few. These grades are determined by the make up of the protein powder, to more isolated it is the leaner the protein powder.

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