Maximuscle Max Whey Protein Powder 480g

The Maximuscle Max Whey Protein Powder range is an innovative whey protein range from MaxiMuscle. A high grade, low ingredient base whey protein powder from Maximuscle the UK’s biggest sports nutrition brand.

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The MaxiMuscle Max Whey Protein Range is a high protein powder aimed at lean muscle gain. This is one of the best selling whey protein ranges in the UK and for good reason. We have had the benefit of trying a few of the Max Whey Protein Range and its fair to say we are big fans here in the office. Maximuscle Max Whey is not the cheapest whey protein powder, but it is a great quality whey protein.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey Review

We bought some Maximuscle Max Whey to taste what the hype is all about. We bought a 480 tub which is 16 servings. We have to say the size of the tubs available are pretty small but they are ideal for taking to the gym or the office. The one thing we noticed first is that the flavours are natural, the strawberry has real freeze dried strawberry powder in it, the banoffee has real banana in it, chocolate had cocoa, vanilla has real vanilla. We have said this before and will again, when you buy Maximuscle Whey Protein you may pay more than some brands, but you get a great quality product. If you are looking at adding protein into the diet Maximuscle also have cyclone bars which we add to the list of cheap protein bars here. If you are looking for the Maximuscle Cyclone Protein look here.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey Flavours Available

There are 4 flavours of MaxiMuscle Max Whey available. Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Banoffee flavour. We had to try them all so we bought the one 480g tub and three 30g sample bags. We have always loved the Maximuscle flavours, they stick to the classics.

We bought the Strawberry for the large tub and decided to try that first.

The Taste:

Strawberry Flavour:

Strawberry Flavour MaxiMuscle Max whey was delicious, mixed with water it is great and mixed with Milk its a dream. There is none of the artificial tasting flavour, or the super sweetness that dogs some of the lower priced brands. With Maximuscle you may be paying a lot but the taste is well worth it. MaxiMuscle Max Whey Protein is the ultimate combination of highly concentrated proteins and a blend of whey isolates, concentrates and hydrolysed peptides with added glutamine. This high-quality protein is specifically designed for those who are looking to gain lean muscle mass, increase strength and recover faster after workouts.

Strawberry is MaxiMuscle’s 6th delicious flavour for its Whey Protein 80 product. Here are a few things you might want to know about MaxiMuscle’s Max Whey protein Strawberry flavour: MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Strawberry Flavour delivers exactly what your body requires in order to build lean muscle mass. With the help of this product, you can achieve your weight loss goals without them feeling like a struggle.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey 100% Whey Protein Strawberry is a mixture of proteins and provides an awesome way for the body to produce energy. Whey proteins are among the most popular choices when it comes to the best protein powders because of its high bio-availability, which means whey proteins offer the recovery and rebuilding processes a huge advantage.

Banoffee Flavour:

The banoffee flavour is a firm favourite and we regret not buying more, the banana powder in the whey is a nice noticeable difference to the artificially flavoured banana type whey we have reviewed here. The toffee part of the mix is a nice touch and really does taste like a banoffee pie when mixed into a shake.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Banoffee Flavour contains an advanced composition of proteins in the right amount. This product is intended to mammals practicing resistance, strenuous, intense sports or body building exercises and also for those that want to gain weight with a view to maintain his physique. The slimming effect is only observed if it is used combined with a reduced calorie diet.

Sometimes we all need a treat. Especially when we’re on a diet! MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Banoffee Flavour is the perfect choice to curb those cravings and keep you going strong on your weight loss journey.

Vanilla Flavour:

The Vanilla Flavour is a really good real tasting vanilla shake. You can taste the difference when it comes to vanilla protein shakes made with real vanilla as the Maximuscle Max Whey vs those made with a Vanillin an artificial vanilla flavour. We can imagine this would really mix well with a ice cold milk, but true to our reviews we stuck to mixing with water and it still tasted great.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Vanilla Flavour; Maximuscle is a trusted, high quality brand with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry, and it doesn’t come any better than that in my humble opinion. I’m now going to give you an honest Maximuscle Max Whey protein Vanilla Flavour review so you can make your own judgment call on this product. Keep reading to learn more about MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Vanilla Flavour, what it is, who it is for and why I recommend it. You will also read a full review where I have analyzed this protein powder based on its ingredients, value for money, effectiveness, nutritional profile and much more.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey protein Vanilla Flavour is delicious creamy ice cream like goodness. This is Maxi muscles highest quality product to date and we’re absolutely sure you’re going to love it!

Chocolate Flavour:

The chocolate flavour is another winner, but a little less of a stand out flavour than the rest. I think that having real cocoa is the standard for a lot of whey proteins making Maximuscle Whey Protein having real Cocoa in it is less of a premium than the other flavours. But that being said the cocoa in the whey tastes great, the fine whey protein adding a real creaminess to the shake even when mixed with water.

MaxiMuscle Max Whey Protein comes in 2 delicious flavours chocolate and vanilla. I’ve tested both these flavours and didn’t think they could be beat the chocolate was delicious creamy ice cream like goodness while the vanilla was sweet smooth and creamy goodness just like a milkshake. Like all Maximuscle products the taste is really what grabs you it makes you want to drink it.

Maximuscle took top protein blends and combined them together to create this delicious chocolate milkshake flavour.


the difference between Maximuscle Max Whey when compared to the lower priced bulk suppliers comes down to two major factors, the taste and the mixabilty. Cheap whey is often inconsistent in its powder sizes, and this has a negative effect on the mix-ability

The whey protein is super fine in the Max whey, so fine its like a flour, we can assume they mill the dried whey this way to allow it to mix so well. We mixed our protein shakes in a plastic protein shaker with a metal ball, but we tested it with no shaker and all mixed pretty well!

Price per Serving of MaxiMuscle Max Whey :

The price for the 480g tub at the time of purchasing was £16.00, the size of the serving is 30g. we did the maths and there is 16 servings per tub meaning the per shake price is £1. This is not the cheapest whey protein on the market, but it is not the most expensive either. The fact it is flavoured with natural ingredients, and the protein powder is so easy to mix I think it is well worth the premium.

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