York Vinyl Kettlebell Set UK

The York Vinyl Kettlebell Set is the number one starter kettle bell set. Being a vinyl kettlebell means it will not damage the floor if you drop the kettlebell.

The York Vinyl Kettlebell Set is the perfect addition to any workout regimen.  This set includes two, one-pound kettlebells made from genuine vinyl.  The vinyl coating makes for an extremely smooth and comfortable grip while working out.

Cheap York Vinyl Kettlebell Set

We find the best deals on the York Vinyl Kettlebell Set, this is an ideal starter kit for the home workout. We have these Kettlebells in the office and they are pretty good. They may be slightly larger than the similar weight kettlebells if they were cast iron but if you drop these you wont damage the floor as badly.

Why pay a lot more for a chrome coloured kettlebell, when you can get the same results with our coloured vinyl kettlebell! The Cheap York Vinyl Kettlebell set comes with 5 weights that range from 5 lbs to 50 lbs. This is the perfect exercise equipment for at home workouts or light commercial use. These vinyl kettlebells are precision made and designed to last in tough environments.

If you are looking for solid iron kettlebells then maybe take a look at the Mirafit Kettlebell range here.

York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells can come in a number of weights, varying in size and weight.

York Fitness Kettle Bells
York Kettle Bells

York Plastic Kettlebell Sizes

York Vinyl Kettlebells are made for the exercise enthusiast. They are available in weights of 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg ,16kg and 20kg.

20kg Size

20kg York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, this is the heaviest York Fitness Kettlebell and is for the more advanced gym goer. 20kg is the largest size we have found for a York fitness Kettle bell though there could be larger on the market.

The 20kg York Vinyl Kettlebell boasts a full-colour vinyl finish and embossed weight detail for greater durability, while the smooth, seamless surface allows for easy cleaning. Bright vinyl ensures visibility in any gym environment.

Our 20kg York Vinyl Kettlebell is a fun and effective way to achieve a leaner, healthier body. It’s designed with a durable vinyl coating which offers a secure grip. The heavy duty cast iron bell gives this well-made kettlebell great stability.

18kg York Size

The York Vinyl Kettlebell is designed for durability, flexibility and comfort. The York 18 kg Vinyl Kettle Bell is the ideal addition to any workout routine and is ideal for aerobic exercise, building lean muscles and endurance. The bell’s rubber covering and vinyl coating leading to increased grip making it perfect for use in any workout environment.

18kg York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell is the second heaviest Kettlebell in the York fitness Kettlebell range. 18kg is pretty heavy and probably do not start with this kettle bell but for two handed lifts it is only like two 9kg kettle bells in each hand.

16kg Size

16kg York fitness kettlebell is perfect for longer sessions than the 20kg York Fitness kettlebell.

This 16kg vinyl kettlebell is a cheaper alternative to traditional kettlebells, which are made of cast iron or steel. Harnessing the power of a kettlebell during your workouts will help to build strength, endurance and muscle tone. The York Vinyl Kettlebell can enhance speed and range of motion, while improving core strength.

The York 16kg Vinyl Kettlebell is a great piece of equipment for weight training and circuit training. Featuring a vinyl coating makes the kettlebell durable and easy to wipe clean.

14kg Kettle Bell

14kg York fitness kettlebell is very manageable for doing mid sized workouts.

With this 14kg vinyl kettlebell, you can get a great workout for your arms, legs, and abs. Easy to grip and comfortable to use, this vinyl coated kettlebell offers durability and function in one package.

The York vinyl kettlebell offers 14 kilograms of weight capacity, comes in a classic and very functional matte black finish, is safe on all flooring surfaces and will add a unique look to your home gym.

12kg Size

12kg York Vinyl Kettle Bell. The 12kg kettle bell is the first in the series that a starts to get pretty serious.

The 12kg Vinyl Kettlebell from York is a great way to build up strength and endurance. The vinyl coated finish helps to prevent any damage to the flooring or other equipment, making it perfect for use in gyms or at home on an exercise mat. It comes with a vinyl carry handle for easy transportation and two grip handles one on each side.

Get the full value from your training with the help of this 12kg York vinyl kettlebell. It features a vinyl-covered handle that provides a comfortable and controlled grip, offering superior durability compared to other materials such as wood or rubber. The moulded handle is designed to fit easily on the door frame for convenient home workouts, and the kettlebell is coated in durable polyurethane for long-lasting use.

10kg Kettlebell

10kg York Vinyl Kettlebell. The 10kg is not for a beginner, you may want to start with a lower weight like 6kg or 8kg at a push.

The 10kg York Vinyl Kettlebell gives you a tough workout routine with the pure muscle stability of a kettlebell. The kettlebell evenly distributes your weight ensuring that when you pick up the 10kg York vinyl Kettlebell, you will be in control of it and not the other way around.

10kg York Vinyl Kettlebell provides resistance at all angles for multi-planar activation and max balance potential. To begin with a light kettlebell swing motion (ladder squat stance) extending the arm should be performed. From here move into kettlebell presses, goblet squats, single leg dead lifts and eccentric heel raises across the body. The 10kg York Vinyl Kettlebell provides an excellent tool to not only mix up your workout but to help generate.

The 10kg York Vinyl Kettlebell is great for strength training or for simply getting some great cardio-vascular workouts.

8kg Kettlebell

8kg York Vinyl Kettlebell. If you are already pretty strong then the 8kg kettlebell from York should be a good starter for lean muscle building. We have a 8kg kettle bell in the office and we use it a lot during the day, a good weight for light muscle work.

York vinyl 8kg kettlebell – built for life, not just for lifting. This hardy vinyl-covered steel version of our York Kettlebell will stand up to rigorous use whether you’re in your home gym or performing in a group class.

Open your door to the world of training with this 8kg York vinyl kettlebell. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, it is ideal for everyone from beginners to fitness experts alike.

6kg Kettlebell

6kg York Vinyl Kettlebell. The 6kg is a pretty good muscle toning and muscle building kettle bell. Ideal for good manoeuvring round the body to tone and build muscle.

The 6kg York Vinyl Kettlebell is an ideal piece of equipment for training and toning your body. This kettlebell features a textured surface allowing you to always have a strong grip while working out. Because this item is made from a solid resin, it is light in weight, making it perfect for beginners. Thanks to its unique design, this 6kg York Vinyl Kettlebell ensures that the air flow will not be obstructed while exercising. Using heavy weights during workouts helps you become faster, leaner and stronger!

4kg kettlebell

4kg York fitness Kettlebell. The 4kg York Kettle Bell this is a good cardio and tone up muscles, you will feel the burn doing a workout with the 4kg size.

The York 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell has a uniquely designed handle for comfort. The 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell is ideally weighted for enthusiastic and serious workout enthusiasts. Our Vinyl range are manufactured using a special vinyl material which has been developed by York Barbell to endure the rigorous demands of gyms or home workout spaces.

3kg York Kettlebell

3kg York Fitness Kettlebell. the 3kg York Kettle Bell is the perfect size for toning and cardio. The fat burn will be good and the muscle pain will not be so obvious with the 3kg size.

Get your heart racing and muscles pumping with this 3kg York vinyl kettlebell. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The York Vinyl Kettlebell is a tough kettlebell from our value range. It weighs 3kg and has an ergonomic plastic handle for comfortable grip, with a vinyl covering to ensure smooth safety when used in slippery conditions.

Get a great workout with the 3kg York Vinyl Kettlebell. This stylish, vinyl-covered kettlebell features a traditional kettlebell design including a textured handle.

2kg York Fitness Kettlebell

2kg York Fitness Kettlebell The smallest kettlebell in the York Vinyl Kettlebell Set.

Do you want to improve your fitness levels and strength? You can use this 2kg York Vinyl Kettlebell to improve your coordination of the movement and muscles of your arms, shoulders, back and chest. This item is suitable for people of all ages who are serious about adding some spice to their workouts. It aims to tone your body in a safe manner so that it becomes strong and fit.

York Kettlebell Review:

I was looking for a kettlebell set for work so I could improve my strength and endurance, which led me to the York Vinyl Kettlebell. It’s perfect for those running home fitness classes.

What exactly is the York Vinyl Kettlebell? It’s a vinyl covered kettlebell that comes in several varied weights and colours.

York Kettlebells have been a trusted product in the fitness industry for almost 30 years. I have tried many brands of kettlebells, but none offer the value and quality that York has to offer. If you’re someone who wants a solid option at a good price point to start lifting with kettlebells, you’ve come to the right place.

The York Vinyl Kettlebell is one of the most popular vinyl kettlebells on the market. This, however, does not make it one of the best for everyone. The Vinyl Kettlebell has a higher hole on the handle which makes it less convenient than other cast iron kettlebells to pick up from the ground or floor while keeping a tight grip on the handle.

Pros of York Kettlebell Sets:

Great value for money: A lot of the reviews talk about the value for money – The kettle bell sets are cheaper than other kettle bells on the market in the UK.

Good build quality – For the money the build quality of these kettle bells ids good according to the reviews, people like the build and are surprised at the quality to price ratio. If you are looking for non plastic kettlebells have a look at the Mirafit Kettlebell Range as they are a UK based brand offering a good quality range of bells.

Great kettle bells for the beginner – A lot of the reviews are from first time users of kettle bells. The reviews say they are easy to handle and use. Many say they have found lots of videos on Youtube to workout to.

Cons of the York Kettlebell Sets:

Bulky – Being a vinyl weight made with a sand or concrete filler some of the reviews say these are bulky when compared to more expensive cast iron kettle bells . This is true we have a set of York Vinyl Kettle Bells, but the sizes helps with balance. But agreed these are bulky when compared to the same weight in cast iron.

Seams are sometimes a little sharp – These are vinyl kettle bells meaning the are made of molded plastic. Some of the reviews say that the seams of the kettle bell can be a little sharp at first and may need a little sanding down.

They can break – It seems that those used to cast iron kettle bells or other metal kettle bells may be used to dropping them instead of placing them on the ground. Some of the reviews say that this can damage the kettle bell, so if you are going to buy the York Kettle Bell set then put them on the ground and not throw them on the ground.

York Kettle Bells YouTube

York Vinyl Kettlebell Review Summary

York Vinyl Kettlebell are just the right size for anyone interested in starting an exercise program or just exercising at home. They were designed to let you train your lower body. Their small size makes them convenient and easy to store when not in use.

  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Numerous colour options
  3. Excellent quality
  4. Vinyl coating prevents rusting
  5. Cost effective, long lasting and durable
  6. Fits in your hand like a glove is light weight and portable
  7. Well built and should last a lifetime
  8. Will make you stronger and help with kettlebell training
  9. Solid vinyl bottom which prevents damage to floors
  10. Feels good in your hands
  11. Easy to hold the unique handles on the sides of the bell
  12. Heavier bells won’t seem heavy because of the design
  13. Kettlebells are great for workouts
  14. Great kettle bell for a beginner
  15. Handles are secure on the stand
  16. Product does not feel cheap

My review of the York Vinyl Kettlebell is here for all to read. When you are done reading this you should know if it’s the only kettlebell curl you will ever need. If you’re looking for a versatile, well-made kettlebell that offers excellent durability, and is secure and reliable, then the York Vinyl Kettlebell is the best choice for your workouts. It comes in various weights to suit your needs and it’s available in an array of colours.

Keeping York Kettlebells Clean and Well Maintained

When it comes to Vinyl kettle bells like the York ones to downside is scuffs and dirt builds up more than on cast iron kette bells. Therefore keeping the kettle bells clean and out of direct sunlight will help to keep them looking good for longer. The larger sizes such as 14kg, 16kg and 18kg are the hardest to clean mainly due to the size and weight of them.

First you need to use a cotton cloth as even nylon cloths can scratch the vinyl surface. Use warm water and a little washing up liquid, clean the kettle bell all over and then rinse the cloth clean and wipe off all the soap suds from the kettle bells. Leave to dry in a warm place. Always store the kettle bells in a dry place away from direct sunlight as the sun can bleach the plastic coating.

York Kettle Bell set In stock
York Kettle Bell set In stock

York Fitness History

York fitness is part of the York Barbell company of the USA, they were started by Bob Hoffman the “father of body building”. The company seems to have had better days as today York are known mainly for their entry level vinyl weights that most people pick up in their teens. But back in the day it seems that York Barbell sponsored some Olympians as well as selling sports supplements that often got them into a little trouble.

York Fitness expanded from the USA into the UK and York Fitness is a well established brand in the UK selling entry level weights and Barbells. The Expansion from York Fitness into Kettlebells is a obvious one, York has a line of Vinyl covered weights so making moulds for vinyl kettle bells is a simple addition to the range. Kettle Bells have a long history in personal and military fitness from Russia. The use of Kettle Bells in Bodybuilding world wide came from the increase in interest in how the Russian federation produced such strong muscular athletes. the use of Steroids while also connected to heavy weight training created some mass monsters from Russia and American brands looked to get involved in the methods of training. The York Kettle Bell Range is part of this, the addition of the kettle bell to range of 

The York range of kettle bells are a very big seller for York Fitness it seems and they are the most popular starter kettle bell set.

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