Mirafit Power Tower

The Mirafit Power Tower is great for chin ups, crunches, knee raises and assorted exercises. Read our Mirafit Power Tower Review here or buy from the link below.

The Mirafit Power Tower is by far one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial gym setting. With heights of 72, 92 and 112 inches, it’s suitable for most men, some women, and children too. And on top of that versatility comes a few weight limitations as well. It can hold up to 600 pounds (or three Olympic plates on each side) in upright positions and 350 pounds on the decline settings.

The Mirafit Power Tower uses the same unique resistance band technology as the Mirafit CT2 Trainer, pairing a unique, patented resistance mechanism with an innovative exercise tower design. With a 5″ wide crossbar for extra stability, each station is designed to deliver a range of upper and lower body movements.

The Mirafit Power Tower, not to be mistaken for the Mirafit Power Cage is a functional machine that is designed to help users build strength, balance, and flexibility while toning their muscles. Handgrips assist in performing push-ups and chin-ups and built-in aerial straps provide assistance for doing pull-ups. The Power Tower comes with an instructional DVD to get the most out of your time in the gym.

Mirafit Power Tower Review

The Mirafit Power Tower is a versatile piece of equipment that can transform your ordinary workout routine into an intense strength and cardio focused training session. The 90 cm tall tower is made from steel, and comes with a weight bar and four 4kg plates. An asymmetric shape allows for uneven lifting and different grip positions to target specific muscle groups. The tower can be folded for ease of storage or be used as a pull-up-bar in place for other exercise machines.

Featuring two work out routines, the Mirafit Power Tower will help you tone your body safely and effectively, working all the major muscles. In addition, the machine will improve your balance and coordination. The adjustable height will allow you to work out at a comfortable pace. After your workout, relax with the soothing vibrations from the massager located in each of the foot pedals. Benefits: – Tones and shapes your body – Improves balance and coordination – Increases blood circulation – Relaxes muscles and soothes aches – Increases energy levels

Transform your home gym with the Mirafit Power Tower. Made from the highest quality materials, this heavy-duty power tower offers a full range of exercises for all your muscle groups. Standing at over 6’ tall (190 cm), it has 2 pull up bars, 2 dip bars and a curl bar. It comes in two-tone design and blends perfectly with other fitness equipment in your workout space.

The new and improved Mirafit Power Tower features a sleek design, 14 different exercises, and goes partially upright for standing exercises.

Mirafit Power Tower Best Price UK

The Mirafit Power Tower is one of the most popular ways to get fit at home. Perfect for toning upper and lower body muscles in a small space, this package features a high quality 250kg Power Tower and 2 x 210kg weights for maximum effectiveness. Other features include nylon straps, a diamond texture finish, heavy duty chrome hooks to attach equipment and foot hold textured foot holds.

Mirafit power tower is a Total body exercise equipment with adjustable incline and reverse pulse action modes for muscle toning and building. Designed to be used at home or at the gym, offers Cardiovascular workout with over 60 different exercises.

Mirafit Power Tower is the adjustable, multilocation power tower for weight training. It combines a number of useful training devices into a space-saving design that is easy to reposition. Adjust the workout area from a low bench to a full-size weight bench to an incline press. Its integrated handles make it easy to move and reposition anywhere in your house or garage.

The Mirafit Power Tower is the ultimate body weight training and core development workstation. The Power Tower is ideal for upper body exercises such as pull ups, chin ups, dips, push ups and triceps dips. This all in one unit offers a full body workout that is completely safe for users of any fitness level. Unlike other pull up bars that slip and require extra padding for stability, this one offers a super secure base that will not budge even under the most demanding workouts.

Get 30% off the MiraFit Pull Up Bar (black or silver) or Pull Up Bar (silver or gold) for a total of £30.00.

With the free-standing diving station of the MiraFit Power Tower, you can achieve what you always wanted with full range of motion at a fraction of the cost of a conventional dive. 

Mirafit Power Tower For Sale

The Mirafit Power Tower for sale is a multi-functional tool for fitness enthusiasts to maximize their body’s potential. Designed to work muscles in your arms, back, chest and abs, it achieves this by offering a range of vertical positions to perform push-ups and pull-ups.

This Mirafit power tower for sale has multiple functions including pull-up bar, dip station, push-up station and sit up station.  This will ensure that all the different muscle groups in your upper body get worked out each time you do this exercise. A great feature of this power tower is that it allows you to perform different exercises using several grips. This means that you can work out different muscle groups in your body by simply changing the grip on the bars.

Mirafit Power Tower is being sold on Amazon and on their website. The Power Tower features seven exercise stations and a pull-up bar. It has six weight-stack positions for workout versatility, and a total 100 lbs. of resistance.

The Mirafit PT is an ultra heavy duty power tower that offers a huge range of equipment, with the kind of rock solid stability which you’d expect from something twice this size. It has a multi-grip pull up system, dip bar, angled sit up bench, tricep dips and a pull down station as well as all the usual benches and bars. This is a monster package which can take any pounding you put on it and keep coming back for more.

The Mirafit Power Tower utilizes a design of chain driven weights, which allow for smooth, quiet and dynamic workouts. The tall frame is both sturdy and attractive with chrome accents, angled grips and adjustable height settings. This is a great addition to any home gym or commercial equipment room.

Mirafit Power Tower Review Summary

With a patented incline/decline bench mechanism for each station, a spotter arm, and over 48 different exercises, the Mirafit Power Tower allows you to do whatever exercise you’d like while working on your muscles in 3 areas: upper, lower and obliques.

The Mirafit Power Tower is a great addition to your home gym or fitness center. Its sleek, modern design complements any décor and its 2-in-1 capability allows it to be used as a pulley system or pull up/dip station.

You will be impressed by the Mirafit Power Tower. It’s one of the best and most affordable weight lifting machines you can buy for your home. The high quality construction and heavy duty, smooth operation are impressive.

The Mirafit Power Tower is a weight lifting exercise machine that can provide the benefits of a traditional weight lifting workout. Additionally, the Power Tower is designed for individual workouts or as an alternative to larger commercial gyms. The Power Tower comes fully assembled and has four height settings which can accommodate almost any fitness level. One key quality of the Mirafit Power Tower is that it is not limited to one type of workout. It can be used for a wide variety of body workouts including leg lifts, arm exercises, and abdominal workouts. Also, because the machine is compact and has such a small footprint, it can be stored.

The Mirafit Power Tower is a bit different from other power towers out there, it’s an apparatus that focuses on functional strength more than just muscle development. The Power Tower features a heavy duty steel frame and pivot arm, 2 sets of dip bars with extra-large handles for a firm grip, push-up stands with two different heights to choose from, two single pulley ropes, and a set of revolving padded shoulder pads.

The Mirafit Power Tower is a great home gym for the price. It is compact and lightweight, and includes many features that you would expect from more expensive models. If you are looking for a solid workout at home, and can’t afford or don’t need one of the super-expensive all-in-one trainer systems on the market today – then this is the best budget alternative I’ve found.

The Mirafit Fitness Power Tower can be set to five different heights, so that the whole family can join in with a chin-up. The Power Tower can do a variety of different exercises, including pull-ups, which have most variations and are supported by the power pole handle and steel frame as well as chin-ups and pullups. 

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