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We have looked for the best all in one home cheap multi gym machine deals so you can get the best value home gym. We know that getting a home multi gym can be expensive so we have found the best Home cheap multi Gym Deals here using our multi gym equipment price comparison tool.

Have you been looking for cheap multi gyms? Then you came to the right place. As we are an online multi gym review site, we should know where you can get a good quality, functional and cheap multi gym. So let’s begin…

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If you like the thought of having a strong, toned body but don’t like gyms, consider home gym equipment, also known as home gyms or multi gyms. In addition to keeping your heart healthy, they tone and build muscles – so they’re ideal if you want to change your body shape, make yourself stronger, or build a bigger body.

Cheap Multi Gym Guide

Best Cheap Multi Gyms in stock UK

Our cheap Multi Gym price finder updates when you see this page and we list the in stock availability in real time meaning that you can find the Multi Gym you want in stock today.

We know there is a shortage of Multi Gyms in the UK since the Covid 19 issue and we have tried our hardest to find in stock multi gyms to suit your home gym set up. From basic budget multi gyms to awesome super home gym equipment we have the multi gym in stock and ready to ship today.

Cheap Multi Gyms


Cheap Multi Gyms

Cheap Multi Gym to Change Your Body

Home gyms aren’t just for musclebound strongmen – they’re equally effective for giving your limbs a sleek athletic shape without adding bulk. All home gyms have an adjustable stack of weights; using light weights daily will give your arms and legs a defined, toned look.

Getting a Cheap Multi Gym is one way to change your body, or you could invest in a wide range of fitness equipment and deck out a home gym fully. Some people find a cheap multi gym is fine for their needs, whereas those looking to gain more muscle may benefit from more weights and equipment. We love to add to our home gyms for a body transformation and really rate the Mirafit Range of fitness equipment if you are looking to move past just having a cheap multi gym.

Basic Cheap Multi Gym

Make yourself stronger with a Cheap Multi Gym

Strength starts at your ‘core’ – the smaller, inner muscles next to your bones. Home gym equipment can tone up these muscles specifically, by offering a wide range of exercises. With a simple daily routine, the improvements in your physical strength – without giving you massive muscles – can be amazing.

Build larger muscles with a cheap home multi gym on Finance

Your muscles respond when you make more demands on them. So if you want big biceps and a six-pack, steadily increasing the weights on your home gym every week will make your muscles larger as well as better defined.

So now you know what home gym equipment does for you, let’s find out what features you should look for:

In general, the more features home multi gym equipment has, the more parts of your body it exercises. If you want toned arms, look for a lat bar and pulley; to do the same but in a forward/back motion instead of up/down, look for a low pulley too. For broader shoulders and chest, try press arms and a pec deck. And to build leg strength, check out a leg extension.

With all those weights and attachments, home gym equipment can seem complicated. But each part has its own specific function, toning or building a distinct part of your body. Here’s a guide to what the parts of a home gym are and what they do.

Cheap Fit For Home Multi Gym

Multi Gym Machine

Some people have different names for a Multi Gym, one being the Multi Gym Machine. this makes sense as parts of the Multi Gym are moving parts similar to a machine. We call some items rowing machines for example so it does have its place to call a multi gym a Multi Gym Machine.

Defining the parts of a Cheap multi gym

The lat bar or lat pulldown is the wide handlebar at the top connected by a cable. It’s connected to the weight stack at the back. Sitting, standing, or kneeling, you pull it down and release it slowly to tone and build your upper arms and shoulders.

Some of the best home gym equipment has a low pulley too. A low pulley is like a lat bar, but its movement is forward and back, rather than up and down. It’s at the bottom of the cheap home gym, near your feet. You pull it inwards and release it in a rowing-style motion.

Cheap Multi Gym UK

The press arms are the parts you pull or push with your hands to exercise your arms and upper body. In most home gyms it’s the part reaching around you as you sit at the machine. Look for press arms if you want to expand your chest or broaden your shoulders.

A pec deck (found on top-end machines) is a pair of levers below the press arms, designed to exercise chest and arms in a different way. Pec decks give your body great definition, so try a pec deck if you want to show off!

A leg extension is the roller-shaped T near your feet as you sit on a home gym’s seat. You pull or push the padded part up or away to tone and build your legs, which is ideal if you also run as a hobby; strong legs help you handle the hills.

The station is where you sit, lie, or stand while exercising. Some home gyms have more than one station, but this doesn’t always mean two people can use it at the same time – the different stations are for one person as he or she does different exercises in sequence.

The weight stack is the heart of a home gym: a pile of heavy blocks that provide resistance as you exercise. You adjust the resistance by moving a metal pin that connects or disconnects weights from the stack without you having to move them. Some home gyms use flexible bands or rods to provide the ‘pull’ instead of weights.

Cheap Multi Gym Deals


Cheap Multi Gym Deals

Why Buy a Cheap Multi Gym?

When you are looking to get your body into shape but do not have many thousands of pounds to spend on a Multi Gym then we recommend buying a cheap Multi Gym to try it out for size. Why waste 4 figures on a Multi Gym if you are going to use it  5 times a week. A cheap Multi Gym is enough for most gym users and if it becomes your passion you can sell it on and buy and expensive multi gym instead.

Multi Gym Pay Monthly

Multi Gym finance deals are often available on higher priced kits. Multi Gym Pay Monthly deals are available on a lot of gyms over £1500 allowing you to spread the cost. If you are looking to get a multi gym on a pay monthly deal, try and workout the per month cost. Think a good bit of kit could replace your monthly gym membership so reduce that cost against the finance deal to see if you can afford the payments.

Paying on finance could be a good deal if you can afford the repayments and always check the terms and conditions. We have no experience in doing this, but its a good option which we would take up when we next buy a gym. Some of the pay monthly multi gym deals offer interest free deals that look appealing.

Cheap Multi Gym

Multi Gym Finance

You can sometimes get the pay monthly deal, or you can get a full on finance deal for your Multi Gym. For Multi Gyms over £2000 you can often find finance deals on the websites offering the Multi Gym. Take a look at the details on the finance deal as some come with hidden charges you will want to avoid.

Multi Gym Finance Packages

Some of the Home Gym suppliers are now offering finance packages, these tend to be for the £1500 plus ranges of multi gyms. You may want to check your credit rating before you look for a finance package. Getting a good finance package all comes down to how good your credit is. If you are looking for finance for an under £1500 Home Gym package you might want to check with the bank for a small loan as its easier to get one of these at your own bank than a package from the gym company.

Cheap Multi Gym

What do I need for different exercises?

If you already have a routine at the gym, you may know the names of various movements. But which parts of your body do those crunches, curls, and lifts affect – and what features of home gym equipment do they relate to? Here’s a list of common gym exercises, with the features you’ll need to do them.

Arms Triceps push down, One arm push down, Lying triceps extension, Cross triceps extension, Seated triceps extension, Standing wrist extension, Seated wrist extension, Standing wrist curl, Standing biceps curl, Seated biceps curl, Concentration curl, Seated wrist curl, Triceps kickback, Lying biceps curl, French press, Reverse curl Press arm (the large upside-down ‘U’ shape at the top on the home multi gym)
Shoulders Seated shoulder press, Shoulder rotator cuff, Internal rotation, Rear deltoid row, Lateral shoulder raise, Reverse shoulder shrug, Front shoulder raise, Scapular protraction, Shoulder extension, Shoulder shrug, Reverse fly, Scapular depression, Lying shoulder raise, Shoulder rotator cuff External rotation Lat pull down (the wide ‘handlebar’ at the top attached by a cable), press arm, and pec deck (the two levers on your lower left and right when seated on the home multi gym)
Back Lat pull-down, Lying lat fly, Seated lat row, Scapular retraction, Lying lat pulldown, Stiff arm pulldown, Reverse grip pulldown, One arm seated lat row, Functional low back extension, Lying lat pulldown Lat pull down and low pulley (the second handlebar near the bottom and front of the home multi gym)
Legs Lying leg curl, Leg kickback, Leg curl, Leg press, Seated leg curl, Ankle inversion, Ankle inversion, Leg extension, Seated calf raise, Standing hip flexion, Lying leg extension, Standing hip extension, Seated hip abduction, Standing hip abduction, Standing hip extension with knee flex Leg extension (the ‘roller’ at the front near your feet on the home multi gym)
Chest Bench press, Chest fly, Resisted punch, One arm seated fly, Incline bench press, Decline bench press, Lying shoulder pullover Pec deck
Abs Seated ab crunch Trunk rotation Reverse crunch, Abdominal crunch, Seated oblique crunch, Resisted reverse crunch Bench
Multi Gym Buyers Guide

A note on bio mechanics of the Cheap Home Multi gym

The big advantage of a home multi gym over ‘free weights’ like barbells is that they give you the correct lifting position as you train – reducing scope for injury. This is called ‘bio mechanics’. Different cheap home sports gyms have different bio-mechanics, though – check the machine you want is adjustable for your body shape, especially if you’re very short or tall.

All home gyms are different, so check you know which features you want most. With that done, let’s choose your multi gym machine:

Now you’re armed with the right information, it’s time to make a shortlist. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you buy your home gym equipment.

Cheapest Multi Gym

What are my fitness goals?

Decide what you want from strength training. Do you want to change your body shape, get a stronger body, or build larger muscles? If you’re looking for strength, make sure you’ve got a wide range of weights with your home gym – up to 80kg will be useful. If you’re toning and shaping, a wide range of exercises is more important, so look for low pulleys, lat bars, and pec decks.

What kind of exercise routine do I want from a good multi gym?

All home gyms offer you a set of basic exercises for all muscle groups: glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, calves, back, abs, chest, arms, and shoulders. But most offer variations to tone and build individual muscles within each group from different angles and levels of resistance. (Some machines offer over 60 exercises!) Decide how much time you want to devote to training. An hour a day is enough time for a ‘circuit’ of 6 exercises for all-over fitness.

Will the Cheap Multi Gym fit my home?

Home gym equipment can take up a lot of space, roughly the same floor footprint as a double bed. Home multi gyms are also taller than other exercise equipment – so make sure your ceiling is high enough. Some models fold for storage, but most are designed to be left standing when fully assembled.

Discount Multi Gym UK

What are the costs of a Cheap Multi Gym?

While a top-of-the-range home gym can cost several thousand pounds, more basic models will get you just as fit and cost less – different features mean different moving parts, so the range of costs is very varied. If your budget is limited go for a basic model with press arms – all you need is a strong seat that lets you sit, stand, or lie – and weights to go with it. If you want to build up your legs as well, try to stretch to a leg extension, and a little more money will get you a lat bar and pec deck to give you a very broad range of exercises.

Won’t I get huge muscles from a value Home Multi Gym?

Not if you don’t want to! Bulging biceps need regular high resistance (big weights) beyond that needed for everyday strength and fitness. On women (who have less of the testosterone hormone that builds muscle) weight training will build lean, better-defined limbs and torso rather than big muscles.

Low Price Multi Gym

What else do I need apart from a cheap Multi Gym?

Home multi gyms are designed to be all-in-one answers to strength training, and you’re unlikely to need anything else. To keep up your aerobic fitness too, you may want to add some running or swimming into your routine – it’ll help your strength training too. If you are looking to get a Multi Gym for sale UK wide then keep reading. 

How much pre-exercise preparation?

Home multi gym equipment usually requires you to switch things around (such as disconnecting the weight stack from the press arms and reconnecting it to the leg extension.) These switches aren’t difficult, but they can interrupt your routine. The best home gyms let you do at least 10 different exercises without having to change anything. If you’re planning lots of different exercises in your routine, decide how willing you are to reconfigure.

Low Price Multi Gym

Single or double stack of weights?

Some machines have two weight stacks, meaning more than one person can exercise at the same time – or alternatively, one person can do many exercises without having to reconfigure the home gym. If you like to exercise with a partner, double-stack machines can be an excellent choice. Remember double-stack home gyms take up more floor-space.

There’s a huge variety of home multi gym equipment on the market – but the one you choose needs to fit your lifestyle. Now you’re equipped with information, head for home gym equipment here. Bigger Multi Gyms offer bigger muscles in the long term, such as Multi Gyms 100kg which offer you the ability to grow with your budget multi gym.

Using the Bargain Multi Gym Comparison Table

Sometimes you want to see features side-by-side. It’s easy! When you view any range of home gyms – by price, brand, or other criteria – you’ll see a ‘Compare products/Go’ link on the right, with a tickbox for each piece of equipment.

Tick the home gyms you’re interested in, and hit Go – you’ll be shown a handy table comparing all their main features, making

it easier to choose. Why not try it right now?

Multi Station Cheap Multi Gym

Home multi gym terms explained

Like all health and fitness equipment, multi gyms use some terms you might not be familiar with. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

Bands flexible rods that create resistance when pulled. Used instead of weights on some machines
Lat bar handlebar at the top of a home gym, connected by a cable
Leg extension the roller-padded T shape at the foot end of a home gym
Pec deck the low grips at the side of a home gym
Press arms the large U shaped grips at the side of a cheap home gym
Reps short for repetitions. One completed movement of a given exercise, e.g. “Leg curls and lat pulls, 10 reps each” means do 10 leg curls and 10 lat pulls.
Sets a number of completed reps of the same exercise, e.g. “Do 3 sets of 10 reps ” means 30 reps with a break after each 10
Stack the pile of weights at the back of the cheap multi gym
Station a possible position on the cheap home gym (such as seated, lying, or standing). Many cheap multigyms have more than one station
Weights the heavy blocks, usually metal, in the weight stack
Multi Gym Terms

Cheap Multi Gym Ranges:

As multi gyms keep getting more and more sophisticated and higher in quality as do the lower priced cheap multi gyms. Home multi gyms are just behind free weights as being the most popular home gym equipment and we have found the cheapest here.

We only list the highest quality cheap multi gyms that have good reviews and high praise from the users meaning that even though they are cheap they are still going to last you the time. Cheap multi gyms need not be a bad low quality choice and we make sure you get the best multi gym for your money.

Multi Person Multi Gym

How to Grab a Budget Multi Gym?

When it comes to grabbing a bargain with a multi gym its tricky in the Covid 19 world but not impossible. One thing we do not always advise is 2nd hand multi gyms.

Now do not get us wrong we love second hand gym equipment, in-fact we run a Facebook group in the UK dedicated to 2nd hand gym equipment. So the reason we say avoid or be cautious of buying second hand multi gyms is simply the amount of moving parts. The items we do buy second hand are weights and bars. This is because you can inspect a second hand set of weights and bars pretty well with the eye.

With a second hand multi gym, the problems do not become apparent until you have tried to resemble the gym in your home gym setup. Trust me we have been down the second hand path with home gym setups and the multi gym being the bit we regretted.

Single Station discount multi gym

There is a caveat to this, we thing you can buy a good second hand multi gym if you take time to understand why the seller is parting with the kit and agree to have a long workout on the machine using all parts. Also when gyms are closing due to bankruptcy or the owner simply moving on, there is a prime time to grab a bargain. Professional gym kit is designed to not only last longer and be used by more people than home kit, but also it is designed to be easily maintained and fixed. The problem with multi gyms designed for the home the manufacturer does not always make it easy for you do do maintenance whereas professional multi gyms are designed with long life and maintenance in mind.

So how do you grab a bargain home gym?

Well timing is key, do not look to buy a home gym in January unless you have done your research. A lot of businesses selling gyms use January and late December to shift a lot of stock for those looking for a new years resolution. So monitor the prices running up to January as a lot of companies do price markups to then later claim a huge discount that in real terms is not a real bargain.

Look for gyms being refurbished or closed, gyms that refurbish often refresh the set up of the gym and its a prime time put an offer on piece of gym kit they will no longer use or they have a new replacement for.

V-fit Cheap Multi Gym

Come back here! It goes without saying we would like you keep an eye out for your home gym bargains on this page. But we update prices daily, we look at Hot UK Deals HUKD, money saving expert all of the suppliers of multi gyms such as MiraFit, Iron man, Weider, Golds gym, Life Fitness etc for reductions and deals and update this page accordingly.

Multi Gym Brands:

We have a look through the brands of Multi Gyms and what are the benefits and negatives of each brand.

Mirafit Multi Gyms:

Mirafit are a UK based brand selling a wide range of Mirafit branded fitness and gym equipment. Mirafit are a relatively new brand having started in 2014 but in a short space of time have made a name for themselves as offering hard working durable fitness equipment. Mirafit Multi Gyms are no exception, although Mirafit only really have one type of multi gym currently.

Mirafit M1 Multi Gym Lat Pull Down Machine: The M1 is a form of multi gym that allows you to do seated rows, arm curls, push downs, weighted ab crunches, and at pull downs. This is not a bad piece of kit for those looking for upper body workouts.

Very well made two person multi gym

Ironman Multi Gyms:

Ironman is a brand of gym equipment mainly distributed by UK Sports Imports a Midlands based retailer and distributor of sports equipment. The reviews of Iron Man Multi gyms seem pretty good and the prices are in the entry level price range for a multi gym. A good starter brand for anyone looking to use a Multi Gym part time. The Ironman range is mainly single station and multi station multi gyms that come in flat pack boxes to be assembled when delivered.

The Ironman Home Gym Range is currently:


IRON MAN IM-409 3 Station Multi Gym



Cheap Multi Gym Retailers

We all sometimes just want to go to a shop and get something, we list some of the well known high street retailers that sell Multi Gyms when in stock.

Tunturi Budget Multi Gym

Argos Multi Gyms

Argos Multi Gyms are the place we mostly all start of with our first Multi Gym from. At the moment there does not seem to be any Multi Gyms in stock at Argos due to the Covid 19 outbreak. But when we are not in Covid 19 lock down we know they normally have stock of Multi Gyms. We have to say Argos Multi Gyms are the starting point.

They have mixed reviews in terms of how long they last and we leave it up to you to check the reviews of Argos Multi Gyms. We have had a Multi Gym from Argos in the past and from personal experience they were fine, I out grew it and so did my muscles and I moved on. We will be posting picks of the office gym set up once Covid 19 is over and we are all back working out together. See our full range of Fitness Equipment and Supplements here

Single Station Multi Gym

Single Station Multi Gyms are where you keep the same position/area for most of your exercises on the Multi gym. These single station multi gyms tend to be the most compact type you can buy. So if you are limited on space you may want to consider a single station multi gym.

Single Station Multi Gym Examples

We have found a range of single station multi gyms. Single Station gyms have less to go wrong with them than Multi Station Gyms due to having less moving parts and therefore have less maintenance needs.

Multi Station Multi Gym

A Multi Station Multi Gym is a unit that you can work out in multiple areas on multiple muscle parts. Buy a budget Multi Station Multi Gym here.

Buying a Multi Gym? And what to Expect:

There are many reasons someone would want to buy a cheap multi gym, you may just be starting out or you could be on a budget, Budget multi gyms have got better in quality in recent years, and due to the amount of people buying them they have lowered the cost so even cheap multi gyms can be a long lasting piece of your home gym set up. 

What to expect from a budget/cheap multi gym?

When you are looking at the more budget multi gym, you should be aware some come with plastic weights made with concrete and some are with metal weights. If you want a more compact multi gym then go with metal as they are smaller per the kg. You need to be aware that you must follow the manuals closely when making the multi gym to ensure safe use. Make sure you read the reviews, we also like to see more images to make sure the machine looks sturdy enough. But you should expect a good hard working multi gym for your money that use right will give you gains. 

Kettler cheap multi gym

Cheap Multi Gym FAQ’s

A multi gym can be a great addition to your home if you’re looking for an affordable workout option. But before you buy, there are a few things you should know. This FAQ will help answer some of the most common questions about cheap multi gyms so that you can make an informed decision.

What is the best cheap multi gym machine in the UK?

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap multi gym machine in the UK, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to consider your budget and your needs. Do you need all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line model, or are you just looking for something that will let you get a good workout in without breaking the bank?

Once you’ve decided on your budget, it’s time to start shopping around. There are plenty of online retailers that sell multi gym machines, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your needs. Just be sure to read the reviews before making your purchase; this will help ensure that you’re getting a quality product.

Finally, keep in mind that the best cheap multi gym machine is going to be the one that best meets your needs.

V-fit Cheap Multi Gym

Where can I find a cheap multi gym for sale near me?

A multi gym can be a great addition to your home gym, but where can you find a cheap one for sale near you? Here are a few tips:


    1. Check online classifieds websites like Gumtree or Facebook Groups. You might be able to find a used multi gym for sale at a fraction of the retail price.

    1. Check with your local sporting goods stores. They might have some good deals on new multi gyms during clearance sales or special promotions.

    1. Ask around at your local gym or fitness center. Someone there might be selling their old multi gym because they’re upgrading to a newer model.

Who does the best cheap multi gym deals in the UK?

When it comes to finding the best cheap multi gym deals in the UK, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the quality of the equipment. It’s important to find a reputable dealer who offers quality products at a fair price. Second, take shipping costs into account. Some dealers offer free shipping, while others charge a fee. Finally, read reviews from other customers to get an idea of what to expect from a particular dealer.

With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best cheap multi gyms deals in the UK:


    1. Amazon – Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and they offer a wide selection of multi gyms at competitive prices. They also offer free shipping on orders over £25, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

    1. Argos – Argos is a UK-based retailer that offers an impressive selection of cheap multi gyms at competitive prices. They also offer free shipping on orders over £80, making them a solid choice for shoppers on a budget.

    1. Asda – Asda is a UK-based supermarket chain that offers a large selection of cheap multi gyms at competitive prices. They also offer free home delivery on orders over 50, making them an attractive option for shoppers on a budget.

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