Merax Boxing Power Tower UK

I ordered the Merax Boxing Power Tower and was thrilled when it arrived. The box itself was delivered in two separate boxes. I was expecting them to be heavy, but they were actually pretty good, although for some reason carrying the box up the stairs to the gym was a challenge, but I’ll come to that in a moment. 

During the years of our support, we have received comments and suggestions from hundreds of manufacturers and consultants from all over the world, with whom we have refined the algorithms, the user interface and the program design. You can download the necessary documents for your Merax Power Tower free of charge. You get what you pay for, the price for the Power Tower and the results of its manufacture. This is a self-sustaining model. 

Merax Power Tower Review UK
Merax Power Tower Review UK

Doing first chin-ups is a big goal, and the Merax Power Tower is the perfect tool to teach you how to move. If you don’t do chin-ups, don’t be put off considering this machine for your home gym. 

Merax Power Tower For Sale UK

The product is supplied with 4 power suction cups that are attached to the curved base so that it does not slip or slip when you use it. Like all the towers listed above, it has a curved base so that it is as safe and stable as possible in use. 

The numbered pad system provides a comprehensive target pad training protocol that allows a trainer to work with multiple clients. Merax Power Tower Heavy Bag Stand The heavy bag is not included but is excellent for home workouts for basic exercises with own weight or heavy punching bags. The legs also have protective plastic tips. 

Merax Boxing Power Tower Review UK
Merax Boxing Power Tower Review UK

Although we love the addition of the sliding bar, it is not the most ergonomic for all users. Some users may feel that the tower wobbles a bit when they stand on the heavier side and the steel structure can carry a lot of weight. 

The difference to the other towers is the individually adjustable height of the frame. It has handles to pull the poles up and down and handles to dip the poles so you can adjust the height according to your wishes. 

Merax Boxing Power Tower Review UK
Merax Boxing Power Tower Review UK

Merax Power Tower Review

The cost of pulling this tower is higher than some others, but you will know that certain handles are covered with foam. Even the bar where you do sit-ups is covered in foam, so Merax have done extra to make your comfort a priority. 

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. Find out how to deal with the commercial fitness stand for heavy bags from fitness, pull yourself up and dive into the Merax Power Tower. An alternative to look at would be the SportsRoyals Power Tower, take a look here.

Gargano says he wants to make sure the tower is stable. It’s a tower, they call it a power tower for a reason. The equipment is great, it looks like you have a whole machine in the room. Portable When it comes to portable pull-up bars, the definition is simple: you bring them with you. They break down into pieces and they go where you want them. 

The padded handle is designed for durability, and the padding is easy to clean after an intensive workout. Many of us have been taught over the years – often through misinformation – that static stretching is the best way. 

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