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Get the best cheap Beef Jerky deals here using our ultimate health food price comparison tool. Beef Jerky is a great high protein low carb snack for anyone looking to make muscle gains. Get the best deals on Beef Jerky here. Beef Jerky is a dried beef snack made by drying and curing beef and adding tasty spices to make it taste amazing.

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Cheap Jerky In Bulk UK – Perfect for all palates. Micro processed chewy dried beef, gluten free and low in carbohydrates, high in protein and tastes great. A perfect snack for kids (or adults) before or after school. Just open a packet and take a bite.

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Bulk Beef Jerky For Sale

Finding bulk beef jerky for sale in the UK has never been easier, thanks to our article today. Stop scouring your local newsagents, and find out where you can buy beef jerk in bulk today.

Bulk Beef Jerky in the UK, where to buy and how much does it cost? You can order any quantity or variety of beef jerkies in bulk bags for a great price at the suppliers listed below. You can use your beef jerkies and make all sorts of things like beef jerky soup, cook with them eg in casserole’s or try a new recipe in bulk Beef Jerky For Sale in the UK.

Finally, you’ve found your bulk beef jerky supplier in the UK. There are several benefits to buying in bulk. Not only will you save money, but you’ll get delicious top-quality beef jerky. With our quick and easy online ordering, we can deliver anything from 38 packets right up to 38 tons! Don’t delay, get in touch today and start enjoying the benefits.

We offer the best beef jerky in bulk without compromising on quality.

1kg Beef Jerky

1kg Beef Jerky just for you. We use the best cuts of beef and marinate them all day before slow cooking them to tender perfection. No added fillers or preservatives, just healthy, high protein food you can snack on any time of day. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bag today and enjoy a better standard snack!

Sold by the pound, our 1kg of Pepper & Beef Jerky is made from 100% all-natural Angus Beef. This jerky is hand-prepared using our proprietary hot pepper and spice blend for a tender, moist jerky that carries depth of flavour and a hint of pepper.

The perfect snack for the Jerky lover, this bag includes 1kg of various flavours with 14g of protein per bag in a resealable package. Also includes an ice brick so that you can freeze them for even longer freshness!

Famous for its mouth-watering taste and unique texture, Our 1kg Beef Jerky will give you a whole new appreciation of jerky. This bag is made from the highest grade Australian beef, slowly smoked over real sawdust to deliver unbelievable flavour.

Beef Jerky – A history of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has an illustrious history having helped to settle the west and now it’s being sent into the final frontier on the space shuttle. This is largely due to the high protein packing power and long preservation times that jerky contains, but its light weight and great taste contribute to its success around the world and beyond. Homemade beef jerky provided the best way of preserving the meat for long periods of time, no refrigeration needed, and provided enough energy to get the pioneers through some of their hardest journeys.

In America, beef jerky is often relegated to the front aisle in gas stations and food marts around the country, but these are often far from true jerky being packed with water and preservatives. The simplest jerkies are simply dehydrated meat, salt and other flavorings. The most popular jerky in America is teriyaki beef jerky which finds its inspiration in teriyaki cooking and flavors which originated in Japan. It provides a sweet, tangy smoky flavor that is irresistible.

The wholesale beef jerky industry is huge, but more often than not these products that are often found on the shelves of local supermarkets are not real jerky. They are not naturally preserved and can go bad just like any other meat or food product. Properly jerked meat can last for 6 months or longer at room temperature, but will often be eaten long before that. NASA has even been sending jerky into space because of its low weight, ease of storage and healthy nutrition.

Bulk Buying Beef Jerky UK 1kg Wholesale

When purchasing bulk beef jerky be sure that is has no artificial preservatives as this is often a sign of an inferior product. The dehydration process that creates the best jerkies doesn’t need special preservatives, the process itself is the preservative. Enzymes are responsible for the spoilage of meat and without any water enzymes cannot do their work. For thousands of years this was the only way to preserve foods for extended amounts of time.

Today the easiest way to make jerky is with a beef jerky dehydrator which applies a low heat and circulates the dry air around the meat. Before the beef, or buffalo, venison, elk or other meats can be put into the dehydrator it is important to remove as much fat from the meat as possible. Fat will spoil the meat and ruin the jerking process. Many manufacturers don’t remove the fat first and are required to use preservative later. If the fat is removed completely the meat can last for a much longer time.

A frozen piece of meat is much easier to cut into the thin pieces that dehydrate more efficiently. After the pieces are cut many people choose to season and soak the meat in a special marinade, often of their own creation. It can contain everything from BBQ sauce to soy sauce, Worcester Sauce from the UK, sugar, vinegar, hot sauce, teriyaki sauce, garlic, salt, liquid smoke, and dried onion. Fruits can make a wonderful addition as well, with mango providing a very interesting taste. After a day or two marinating it can be put into a dehydrator and hours later enjoyed or saved for later.

Learning how to make homemade beef jerky is a valuable piece of knowledge that has been practiced for thousands of years in almost every culture around the world

Bulk Jerky Wholesale – Not always beef here is what one Jerky Seller says

Our award-winning jerky is hand-made, smoked slowly in the crisp, clean Montana air, then packed and sealed for freshness straight from the smoker. We never use convection ovens to speed the process.

The mouth-watering taste of our jerky comes from a family recipe, not from pre-manufactured seasoning. We offer a variety of blends to suit your fancy, and we use no preservatives.

Our products are made from buffalo and beef grown in the United States. Buffalo meat tastes similar to beef, but is leaner and has less cholesterol.

We invite to try our hand-made jerky. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be back for more!

Cheap Beef Jerky Deals

Cheap Homemade Beef Jerky 1kg plus

While modern history often cites the Incas as the originators of jerky, homemade beef jerky dates back much further than that. Even the ancient Egyptians made jerky to preserve their meats for longer periods of time. Until canning was invented 200 years ago drying food was the only method of preservation available and there were many ways that were used. In the hot, dry climate of Egypt meat was often dried out solely by the sun. In other places not so hot and dry, windy areas offered a suitable location to dry their meats into jerky and many cultures smoked the meat over a fire to dry it out.

Today, homemade beef jerky is most often produced in a food dehydrator, but there are few important steps to ensure that the meat is preserved correctly and tastes wonderful. The most important aspect in making jerky is to remove all the fat possible. Any fat that remains will contribute to the premature spoilage of the meat, so carefully removing, checking and double checking for fat will ensure that the meat reaches its full potential.

In the past the defatted meat would be salted, then put into the hide of the animal overnight before being dried out by the sun or with smoke over a fire. When the Spanish conquistadors came to South America they saw the same preservation techniques that they used all around them, but instead of being dried in the ships hold, they were being dried right out in the open sun or shade. Today most jerkers prefer to soak their meat overnight in a marinade of various spices and sauces for added flavor before dehydrating the meat.

A great homemade beef jerky uses a combination of spices and sauces in this marinade to achieve unique and original flavors. The American pioneers, concerned about germs and safety, almost always smoked their jerky which provided a wonderful flavor but required a half-day stopover. Liquid smoke offers a similar flavor without the burden of actually smoking the meat and has become a widely popular alternative to smokers.

Today, the USDA recommends that the meat be heated to 160 degrees F before the dehydration process begins. This is to ensure that any harmful bacteria are killed. Since most dehydrators don’t reach this temperature it is important to remember this step and roast the meat in marinade juices to keep it moist, you don’t want to dry it out prematurely. The ideal temperature for drying meat is only 140 degrees F, not high enough to kill bacteria.

Remember to use caution and safety when preserving any food. Clean instruments and cooking devices are essential for preserving any food correctly.

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Beef Jerky Flavours

Psst! Hey buddy, looking to snack on something tasty and savoury today? Well have you checked out our catalogue of delicious beef jerky flavours? We’ve got a range of spices and seasonings that just won’t quit. From spicy to sweet, you can almost taste the meaty goodness already!

An important element when I’m eating beef jerky is the flavour. It has to be just right for me to enjoy it, and once I find one that ticks my boxes, I want to buy it over and over. This article is about beef jerky flavours that have ticked all of my taste buds boxes.

I had wanted to find out the best beef jerky flavours since I started chewing beef jerky in 2005. I tried countless different brands, but mainly focused on one specific brand… Jack Links. I’m a big fan of their Jalapeno flavour (Original, NOT spicy).

What’s your beef jerky flavour of choice? Beef, teriyaki, sriracha? The list goes on.

Original Beef Jerky

Original Beef Jerky Flavours make jerky so good it’s hard to believe it isn’t unhealthy. Their jerky is made with premium cuts of meat and seasonings that are loaded with natural protein, no added nitrites or nitrates, and only 1 gram of sugar per serving. Enjoy the rich, savoury taste of Original Beef Jerky Flavour.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

A trio of teriyaki flavours, our Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a sweet and savoury treat. Featuring smoky, succulent strips of beef jerky, this product is an all-natural handmade snack, with none of the preservatives you’d find in an ordinary pack.

Teriyaki is our newest flavour, and it’s delicious. The subtle teriyaki flavouring works perfectly with the beefy taste of the Jerky.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky Flavour is the most traditional Japanese flavour. It will take you back to those tasty street stalls in Tokyo or Kyoto.

Peppered Beef Jerky

For a unique twist on an old favourite, try our Peppered Beef Jerky flavour, slow-roasted for over 12 hours to deliver the best flavour. Our beef jerky is handmade in small batches using naturally lean strips of premium beef, marinated in our signature seasoning and slow-roasted for over 12 hours at a low temperature. This process delivers an incredibly tender protein snack that’s low in fat and high in protein. With no added MSG or nitrites, our jerky is the ideal addition to your on-the-go lifestyle.

Our 100% Peppered Beef Jerky flavour is made with the finest cuts of meat for a truly original taste. Its sweet, spicy flavour is great for dishes and snacks, or can be enjoyed on its own. We’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

Jalapeno Beef Jerky

If you’re looking for the perfect on-the-go snack, our Jalapeno Beef Jerky flavour is sure to please. This delicious jerky product was crafted from premium cuts of beef.

Finally, a fully compliant beef jerky flavour. You can make your own healthy, delicious treats by adding the finest of ingredients to our ready-made beef jerkies. Or enjoy them just as they are, seasoned with a zesty blend of jalapeno peppers and spices.

Wild Heat Beef Jerky

Wild Heat Beef Jerky takes some classic British flavours and puts a really hot twist into them. If you like your savoury snack with a kick try our Wild Heat flavour, made by grinding real beef, adding a blend of spices and seasoning then slow drying it to remove the moisture. It has a light toasted sandwich texture with an extremely hot spicy kick.

Wild Heat is made from lean, tender cuts of grass fed beef and contains no gluten, preservatives, nitrates or nitrites, making it a healthy choice. No chemical additives are added for colouring. When you open the bag, the rich aroma will hit you in the face. This jerky takes two days to cure and marinate in our unique blend of spices that will wake up your taste buds. The texture is chewy tight and it doesn’t break easily with the perfect amount of meaty fattiness to satisfy your taste worthy of a great tasting snack.

Sweet and Hot Beef Jerky

Our Sweet and Hot Beef Jerky Flavour was born from the belief that bold, interesting flavours go together to create a delicious snack. We start with only the highest quality ingredients and blend them together using unique, old-fashioned techniques to capture the sweet and spicy flavour of our award-winning jerky.

The perfect snack for when you are on the go. Available in Sweet and Hot, Peppered and Teriyaki flavours.


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