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Cheap Maximuscle Cyclone Protein 2.7kg, 1.26kg,  840g and all sizes

Get the best deals on the cheapest Maximuscle Cyclone all in one protein meal replacements shake from Maxinutrition. Maximuscle Cyclone is one of the best selling protein shakes in the UK if not the number one all in one protein shake.

Maximuscle Cyclone
Maximuscle Cyclone

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Cyclone Protein Shake

Cyclone Protein from Maximuscle is the ultimate all in one protein blend for muscle gain. A unique combination of high quality whey protein, milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate formulated to give your body everything it needs to grow bigger and stronger. This supplement will help you get the ideal levels of protein you need from a single source every time.

There’s no simpler way to gain muscle than with Cyclone Protein. The ultimate, all in one protein. Maximuscle have fused together the purest forms of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate into one revolutionary tub of powder. With Cyclone Protein you’re getting a superior quality protein source that’s been scientifically proven to help you build more lean muscle mass. Think about it, why take 2 or 3 proteins when you could go for the complete solution and get more from your workouts?

Maximuscle Cyclone protein is one of the first mass gainers on the UK market.  Maxi Muscle Cyclone all in one is now named MaxiNutrition Cyclone due to the change in name from Maximuscle to MaxiNutrition.

MaxiMuscle Cyclone Sale

In the UK you can buy MaxiMuscle Cyclone at many stores, and its often in the sale and buy cheap MaxiMuscle Cyclone online with free delivery or free delivery for orders over a certain price. However, it’s probably best to buy MaxiMuscle Cyclone online through their company website or in a specialist store like Holland & Barrett.

MaxiMuscle Cyclone is extremely popular and thus in preference. We have summarised the information available for you for the product which is comprehensive to make it easy to locate where to buy at the lowest cost and with store which gives you best deals.

MaxiMuscle Cyclone UK
MaxiMuscle Cyclone UK

The true original, before Cyclone the idea of an all in one protein was unheard of, to get the benefits of the supplements that go into cyclone you would have had to have bought 8 different bags. Back when Cyclone came on the scene to get the benefits of all the ingredients in Cyclone would have cost you nearly ÂŁ300 for the basics. Now All in Ones are all the rage, but never forget Maximuscle was the first and still is one of the best on the market. 

Protein is the building blocks of muscle growth and is an essential part of every athlete’s diet. ‘Cyclone Protein from Maximuscle’ contains a precise blend of high-quality proteins to increase lean muscle gain, help bulk up and keep weight steady.

Cheapest Maximuscle cyclone all in one protein Deals below

Also we have added other sizes of Maximuscle Cyclone Protein from Maximuscle. Maximuscle recently changed their name to Maxinutrition but Maximuscle cyclone remains the number one selling all in one protein in the UK.

You can find MaxiMuscle cyclone in UK stores in the sale but you will find it cheaper online.

Maximuscle Cyclone Label
Maximuscle Cyclone Label

Maximuscle Cyclone Dolphin Fitness Price 

The price of Maximuscle Cyclone varies depending of the size of the pot you are looking for.  840g pots of Cyclone start at around ÂŁ23.00 up to ÂŁ50 plus for 1.26kg pots. There are often sales on Maximuscle Cyclone especially on the one off flavours that are sometimes produced so please keep checking back for price changes.

Maximuscle Cyclone All-in-One Protein Powder FAQ’s

How many calories are in cyclone Maximuscle?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. The number of calories in cyclone Maximuscle drink depends on the flavour you choose, and portion size, but here are some examples.

The are 225 Calories per serving of Maximuscle Cyclone in water.

Maximuscle Cyclone Nutritional Facts

Can I mix Maximuscle Cyclone with Milk?

Yes of course you can mix Maximuscle Cyclone with milk, you need to add the calories of the milk though. It tastes better with milk. Yes, Maximuscle cyclone can be mixed with milk. However, we recommend that you avoid using fat/sugar based milk such as chocolate or strawberry flavour. 

What is Maximuscle Cyclones Strength?

Maximuscle Cyclones Strength is a revolutionary way to deliver fat blasting, muscle building power! Cyclone is a strong all in one with 25g of protein per serving, with only 9.1g of carbs and 6.3g of fat.

What are the Maximuscle Cyclone alternatives?

There are a number of alternatives to Cyclone. Cyclone belongs to a type of protein powder that is called an all in one. The all in one means Maxi Cyclone contains protein, creatine and carbs.

MaxiMuscle Cyclone Review UK
MaxiMuscle Cyclone Review UK

New Cyclone Protein Formulation New owner

Recently Maximuscle has created a new formula for Cyclone. The main difference in the formulation is the higher percentage of protein in the formula. The percentage of Whey Protein Isolate has gone up making the overall blend a higher grade all in one protein blend. 

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Maxi muscle Cyclone Protein sizes and serving sizes:

Maximuscle Cyclone comes in many sizes and each serving is 60g of Cyclone in 300ml of water or milk. Ideally use a protein shaker as this helps to mix the Maxi Cyclone into a smooth protein shake, mix and drink! 

Maximuscle Cyclone comes in a number of sizes. These sizes are:

Maximuscle Cyclone 840g

Maximuscle Cyclone 840g is a high protein meal replacement shake that is designed to help you build the body you have always wanted. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals, so that it can help out in those extra tough areas while you are cutting down to size. A bountiful taste with a thick consistency makes Maximuscle Cyclone 840g one of the best tasting meal replacement shakes on the market today.

Maximuscle Cyclone Tub
Maximuscle Cyclone Tub

When I first received the Maximuscle Cyclone 840g, I was looking forward to giving this supplement a fair review. Having experience in sports nutrition for many years, both as a top amateur bodybuilder and now as an aspiring coach I was excited at the prospect of seeing how well this product performed.  I have to say from the outset that the promotion of this product is brilliant. The Cyclone is promoted as having taken over five years to develop with experienced technicians working alongside Maximuscle. 

The Maximuscle Cyclone 840g is an interesting product. It’s an energy drink and a protein shake. That means it can be used before working out to give you that extra bit of a buzz as you work out, enhancing your performance. Not only this, but following exercise, it acts as a recovery or muscle building aid that helps to repair your muscles by giving them the proteins they need after a hard workout. It does this by helping your body absorb the 60g of protein in each serving.

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Cheapest Maximuscle Cyclone 1.26KG

1.26kg Maximuscle Cyclone gives 16 servings of 60g in 300ml of water or milk.

Maximuscle Cyclone Banoffee Flavour
Maximuscle Cyclone Banoffee Flavour 1.26kg

Maximuscle Cyclone Banoffee Flavour 1.26kg is a banoffee texture shake that will help you get the protein that you need to build the body you want. Cyclone is packed with 22g of protein, 11.3g of carbohydrates and contains only 1.6g of fat per serve. It also helps to suppress your hunger cravings due to the fast acting carbs contained within the product.

Maximuscle’s Cyclone Banoffee flavour is a truly unique taste. It combines the two most famous superfoods – whey protein and green tea with the natural sweetness of peaches, nectarines and bananas to create a deliciously creamy taste sensation. Bottles are individually sealed for freshness and packed full to the brim with 1.26kg of deliciousness.

1260g of Maximuscle Cyclone gives 21 servings of 60g in 300ml of water or milk.

Maximuscle Cyclone is designed with dissolvable protein technology. It contains 1260g of high quality protein and only 130g of carbs! In each tub you get 21 servings of 60g in 300ml of either water or milk. Ideal for when you are on the run, it’s simply add your carbohydrate source and shake. See the full range of supplements and gym equipment here.

MaxiMuscle Cyclone UK
MaxiMuscle Cyclone UK

1.2kg of Maximuscle Cyclone gives 20 servings of 60g in 300ml of water or milk

Maximuscle Cyclone 2.7kg Tub

2.7kg of Maxi Cyclone gives 45 servings of 60g in 300m water or milk.

Maximuscle’s Cyclone 2.7kg Tub is a unique blend of carbohydrates and whey protein to help fuel your energy levels. With 5g of BCAAs in every serving, and added glutamine for improved recovery, it’s the perfect supplement for any hard-training athlete. This 2.7kg tub contains 30 servings (27g) so you’ll be able to make great progress on your fitness goals with our high quality protein.

Maximuscle Cyclone 2.7kg is super hard to find nowadays we are hoping that in the new owners they will make Maximuscle Cyclone Protein available in 2700g or 2.7kg tubs again as a Mass Gainer such as Cyclone Protein needs to be taken in large servings.

Maximuscle Cyclone 908g

908g of Maxi Cyclone gives 15 servings of 60g in 300ml water or milk.

Maxinutrition Cyclone Vanilla
Maxinutrition Cyclone Vanilla 1.26kg

MaxiNutrition Cyclone or MaxiMuscle Cyclone?

We know its a little confusing with the name of the brand changing and now changing back but let me explain. When Maximuscle was sold to GSK it was a big sale and GSK remained the brand to Maxinutrition to appeal to a wider market with some items including Cyclone being rebranded to Maxinutrition Cyclone.

GSK have now sold on MaxiMuscle/MaxiNutrition to Kruger a German food company and Kruger has gone back to the MaxiMuscle branding and have renames MaxiNutrition Cyclone to the original MaxiMuscle Cyclone!

Confused? We are but I suppose Kruger saw more brand equity in MaxiMuscle than in MaxiNutrition. I hope we have cleared that up for you.

MaxiNutrition Cyclone also comes in some awesome flavours as well such as:

Maximuscle Cyclone Strawberry: The strawberry Maximuscle Cyclone is a thick intense strawberry protein / all in one shake. We love this strawberry flavour best when we chill the shake with ice as it has a thick creamy strawberry ice cream based milkshake flavour. Ideal for anyone who are missing their strawberry milkshakes.

Maxinutrition Cyclone Chocolate: Maximuscle Chocolate flavour is a must for all you chocolate fans, its got a rich creaminess like galaxy and a not too strong cocoa hit of chocolate flavour, we like this one with milk or water and tastes great cool or cold. See our full supplment and fitness range here.

Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate Mint:

Oh my days, Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate mint flavour brings us back to our youth eating lurid green mint choc chip ice-cream with flakes of dark chocolate in. This is a must for anyone looking for a change to the regular flavours of protein shakes.

Maxinutrition Cyclone Raspberry Ripple: Again another blast from the past, the Maximuscle Cyclone Raspberry ripple flavour is straight out of the 80s for us, back when you could get a screwball ice cream with raspberry sauce for 50p coming with a free bubble gum ball in the bottom. Bliss for the memories of ice creams of yesteryear.

MAXIMuscle Cylone Before and After
MAXIMuscle Cylone Before and After

Maximuscle Cyclone Banana: Maximuscle Cyclone Banana Flavour has to be hands down our favourite flavour. Ideal as a standalone shake or amazing blended with a ripe banana and some ice in a blender. More of a meal replacement when paired with a fresh banana and ideal for beating those post gym hunger pangs.

Maximuscle Cyclone Vanilla: Maximuscle Vanilla Flavour is another very versatile flavour,  it is a great shake as a standalone but mixes well with fruits to add a depth of flavour. Not to heavy on the vanilla extract and nice and a creamy protein / all in one when well shaken and even more amazing on ice for a vanilla ice-cream replacement. 

and many more Maximuscle Cyclone Flavours.

Maximuscle Cyclone 1.26kg Chocolate
Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate 1.26kg

Cyclone Protein Review

We have looked at the reviews of Maximuscle Cyclone and we have some highlighted reviews.

Reviews for Maximuscle Cyclone Banana flavour:

“Bought for my Son, he is pleased” was one review we read. 

“Excellent product, used for a while and helped pack a bit of lean muscle on me”

“easy to mix in a shaker, banana flavour is nice”

Review for Maximuscle Cyclone Strawberry flavour:

nicer than a Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake

Review for Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate flavour:

bargain and also a reliable brand

Nice taste.. Goes down easy

Review for Maximuscle Cyclone Vanilla flavour:

Good product. Exactly as described

Reviews for Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate Mint (Mint Choc Chip) flavour:

I’d suggest getting a couple of flavours and switching between the two

Making Smoothies with Maxi Cyclone protein

We love to make smoothies with our Maxi Cyclone.

One of the simplest smoothies for Maxi Cyclone is to have:

 Maximuscle Cyclone Banana Smoothie


  • One large Banana
  • 60g of Maximuscle Cyclone Banana flavour
  • 400ml of Milk
  • Hand full of whole oats

Instructions for the Banana Maxi Cyclone Smoothie:

Add the milk into a blender or smoothie maker with the 60g of Banana Maximuscle Cyclone powder. Chop up the Banana into 6 pieces and add into the blender/smoothie maker. Blend for 30 seconds and then add in the whole oats. Blend until smooth and serve.

Other Banana Cyclone Smoothie Options:

Some people like to add in ice to make a banana ice frappe, so to do so reduce the amount of milk to 350ml and add in a handful of ice at the beginning. Other options is to add in a spoonful of instant coffee at the beginning to create a banana coffee protein smoothie.


You have a nice thick great tasting high protein banana smoothie. Banana smoothies like this make us love Maximuscle Cyclone Banana flavour so much.

Buy MaxiNutrition Cyclone here:

Buy Maxi Cyclone Chocolate and much more. Maxi Cyclone was one of the first mass gainers/all in one supplements maxi-muscle cyclone has helped so many gym goers, bodybuilders, and athletes looking to recover from exercise faster and more effectively than ever before.

Maximuscle Cyclone does not come cheap, but there is a reason for this, MaxiMuscle have packed some serious muscle gaining ingredients into Cyclone. The ingredients that make Maximuscle Cyclone so popular are:

MaxiMuscle Cyclone History
MaxiMuscle Cyclone History

Maximuscle Cyclone Protein Ingredients are:

Cyclone Protein Blend 

Whey protein concentrate, Milk protein concentrate, Maltodextrin, Isolated soya protein concentrate, Creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine and many other great ingredients make up Cyclone all in one protein powder.

Maximuscle Cyclone Discontinued

Over the years a number of Maximuscle Cyclone flavours and sizes have been discontinued. We miss some of those flavours but clearly not that much as we have forgotten a lot of the names of the Maximuscle Cyclone flavours that have been discontinued. A lot of protein flavours get used over the years and eventually the ones that do not sell so well get discontinued. Nothing is unusual about discontinuing a line that does not sell well.

Maximuscle Cyclone The UK’s No.1 all-in-one muscle-growth shake to support rapid gains in lean muscle, strength and power.

Cyclone is a convenient muscle and size shake that’s guaranteed to help you optimise the results you get from your weight training and nutrition plan. With over 1.5 million tubs sold, Cyclone has been delivering results for over 10 years and has been proven to significantly reduce muscle stiffness after training.

Maximuscle Cyclone Strawberry

Whey Protein – Included in Maximuscle Cyclone

Overlooked for years, research has now found Maximuscle Whey protein to be the highest quality protein you can consume and essential for helping your body maintain and build lean muscle and recover from intense training. Use a few times a day to increase protein intake.

Key points for consideration:

  • Whey is an excellent, easy digesting source of protein
  • High quality & low in lactose
  • Supports lean muscle growth

A protein is any chain of amino acids. An amino acid is a small molecule that acts as the building block of any cell. Carbohydrates provide cells with energy, while amino acids provide cells with the building material they need to grow and maintain their structure. Your body is about 20% protein by weight. It is about 60% water. Most of the rest of your body is composed of minerals (for example, calcium in your bones).

As far as your body is concerned, there are two different types of amino acids: essential and non-essential. Non-essential amino acids are amino acids that your body can create out of other chemicals found in your body. Essential amino acids cannot be created, and therefore the only way to get them is through food.

Protein from the Diet 

Protein in our diets comes from both animal and vegetable sources.

Most animal sources (meat, milk, eggs) provide what’s called “complete protein”, meaning that they contain all of the essential amino acids. Vegetable sources usually are low on or missing certain essential amino acids. For example, rice is low in isoleucine and lysine. However, different vegetable sources are deficient in different amino acids, and by combining different foods you can get all of the essential amino acids throughout the course of the day. Some vegetable sources contain quite a bit of protein – things like nuts and beans are all high in protein. By combining them you can get a complete range of the essential amino acids.

The RDA (recommended daily allowance) for protein is 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. However, protein expert Dr. Peter Lemon recently concluded that exercise more than doubles your need for protein. Based on his review of the research, Lemon reports that if you’re exercising on a regular basis, you’ll need to consume at least 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. For people who want to build muscle as fast as possible, this figure should be nearer 2.5 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

Getting enough protein in the diet

If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, then your body starts using its own sources of protein for energy.

And guess where your body gets the protein from? It starts eating away at your muscles – slowing your metabolic rate, reducing your strength AND bringing muscle growth to a grinding halt. Protein also plays an important part of a fat loss programme. To lose weight you must restrict the number of calories you consume. However, when you cut down on what you eat, the body starts using muscle protein as energy – in other words, you are literally ‘eating’ yourself. You must get enough protein from your diet to cover these losses. If you fail to get enough protein on a daily basis, you’ll quickly lose strength, get weaker and your metabolic rate will slow down.

If you’ve been training with weights without seeing much in the way of results, make sure you’re eating enough protein – either in the form of whole food (such as chicken, fish or lean red meat) or a protein supplement. Protein supplements are an easy, convenient and simple way to make sure you’re providing your body with the protein it needs. But don’t make the mistake of thinking all proteins are the same – they’re not.

This is not Cheap Protein

Many supplement companies include cheap ingredients in their formulas.

One of the most popular cheap proteins is known as casein (pronounced kay-seen). Casein is derived from dairy products. It’s the same protein you find in milk, cheese and yoghurt. Although it was popular some years ago, casein has now been replaced with whey – a far more advanced protein.

Several clinical trials have compared whey and casein. The results were the same – whey protein came out top every time [1]. Canadian scientists found that after three months of supplementation, whey protein was six times more effective at improving exercise performance than casein [1]. The whey protein group also lost an impressive 4.8% of body fat, and reported feeling far more energetic. Simply put, adding a high quality whey protein powder to your diet will significantly improve your performance – both in the gym and on the pitch.

Getting the Right Type of Cyclone Protein

There are a number of other MaxiMuscle supplements you can add to your Cyclone, including Maximuscle Promax Lean, Maximuscle Promax Extreme, Maximuscle Progain, Thermobol and Maximuscle Whey Protein. You can get a whole range of supplements from Maximuscle. 

What’s more, the right type of protein will also help you build muscle faster.

French research shows that whey protein leads to a massive 119% greater increase in protein synthesis (the fancy term for muscle growth) than the cheap milk protein found in most protein powders [6]. Furthermore, top European researchers report that whey protein halts the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol dead in its tracks [7]. In short, whey protein quickly leaves your stomach and heads straight into the bloodstream – ready for delivery to your protein-starved muscles.

Scientists from Australia have also confirmed that whey protein is far superior to casein for muscle growth [8]. Thirteen subjects were given either whey isolate or casein while they took part in a weight-training program for ten weeks. Results showed that the 100% whey isolate was more effective at increasing muscle mass. Test subjects using whey gained over 10 pounds of muscle, while those using casein gained only 2 pounds. Those using whey also gained more strength, although both proteins seemed to prevent the typical drop in plasma glutamine levels that occurs with exercise.

Biomax™ – the new benchmark in protein.

Biomax™ is an exclusive and patent pending blend of high quality whey proteins that have been designed for optimum efficiency, uptake and absorption for bodybuilders, athletes, sports men and women and anyone looking for highly effective results and quality nutrition. There are many different types of whey proteins, each with their own unique properties.

Whey proteins are not all equal. Most whey originates from cheese processing. First stage whey is technically called ‘sweet dairy whey’. It is cheap and of low quality. This cheap whey is loaded with high fat, carbohydrate and lactose. Many cheap brands use this form of whey to offer you very cheap ‘whey’ protein powders, but with no real benefit over milk or casein, you’ll experience no better results either, apart from wind. As they say, products aren’t cheap for no reason. When you see silly adverts and articles that put down whey, it is this form of first stage or ‘waste’ whey, as it is known, to which they refer.

High quality whey are called isolates or hydrolysates. These are achieved by taking the ‘sweet dairy whey’ and putting it through a series of special processes, such as cross micro filtration (CFM) or ultra filtration (UF). This process removes virtually all the fat, carbohydrates and lactose, leaving nothing but the highest quality whey protein. To ensure it is not damaged in the drying process, (as it is still in liquid form), it is cold spray dried. This involves blowing the liquid into massive chambers where it is instantly powdered in a specially controlled temperature environment. This unique process allows you to avoid the problems of denaturisation. This is where high heat has been used to dry the protein, causing damage to the amino acids and therefore, poor absorption.

Amino Acids in the Maximuscle All In One Protein 

CFM or UF whey allows you to select the exact specifications (or different whey fractions) you require, such as high BLG for increased branch chain amino acids or high ALA for greater recovery and Cortisol reduction. You can even select high GMP levels by selecting the right cheese derived whey for added immune system boosting. All these benefits are only possible with whey put through these expensive processes. You can go one step further by partially treating the protein with enzymes. This helps digestion and speeds up amino acid delivery to the muscle. These are called whey hydrolysates and are very expensive.

Biomax™ is a patent-pending collection of high quality whey proteins that have been processed using cross micro filtration and hydrolysation.

All Biomax™ protein is cool temperature processed for 99% undenatured protein. The unique blend of whey proteins are high in ALA (alpha-lactalbumin) and BLG (beta-lactalbumin) whey fractions, with high amounts of GMP (glycomacropeptides) for immune boosting and IGF levels for anabolic properties. To finalise the Biomax™ blend, Glutamine peptides are added for further anabolic and recovery properties. This entire protein is then instantized (at room temperatures) using a natural lecithin formula, for the best instant mixing protein you can find, with the essential fatty acid benefits of using lecithin, as opposed to harsh chemical instantization, that some companies use. Biomax™protein is also high in Orotic acid, a unique anabolic component of whey.

More about Biomax

This very simple summary of the Biomax™ whey protein blend should give you an understanding of why it is so superior to conventional whey proteins and other inferior and outdated proteins, such as milk, soya, egg, and casein (micellular) proteins. Biomax™ produces a very high Biological Value (BV is the latest in measuring techniques for advanced proteins, outperforming the outdated PER and NPU measurements). The Biomax™ blend is currently in trials with universities, the military and elite athletes, where its unique muscle preservation, immune boosting, enhanced recovery and superb sports performance benefits are being explored. The unique milk, egg, soya and casein free formula (virtually lactose free), means it’s suitable for lactose and gluten intolerant people, the elderly and sick. You will be surprised how easy it is to digest and how you suffer no stomach upsets, side effects or wind. Several hospitals currently use Biomax™ protein to treat patients with wasting disease conditions, to help them build lean muscle and strength with amazing results.

The Biomax™ protein is considered by experts and even competitors to be the most advanced protein of its kind, not just in the UK, but in Europe and America. Due to Maximuscle being the largest suppliers of exclusive high quality proteins to the market, Maximuscle are proud to be the only company to have been offered the exclusive rights to supply pharmaceutical grade Biomax™ to the nutritional industry, through Maximuscle’s cutting edge nutritional supplements.

No matter whether you’re trying to lose the love handles, add a few inches of new muscle to your chest and shoulders, or shave seconds off your personal best for a 10 km run, including an extra serving or two of high-quality whey protein in your diet each day will help you reach your goals far more quickly. Simply take one serving of Promax in the morning (mix it with milk or water, and pour it on your cereal), and another serving after training. It mixes instantly without lumps (so you won’t need a blender), and comes in several delicious flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry.


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How Maximusle Cyclone can help you

High in protein – Maximuscle Cyclone is High in Biomax whey protein

Packed with 60g of the finest protein per daily serving to support lean muscle growth and recovery.

Maxpure® creatine

Loaded with 10g of the highest quality Maxipure creatine monohydrate per daily serving for increased strength and power.

Maximuscle Cyclone is rich in glutamine

To aid muscle repair and recovery, Cyclone contains 10g of glutamine per daily serving. Glutamine is considered by many nutrition experts to be essential for anyone exercising regularly. Glutamine reduces the risk of overtraining as well as supporting your natural immune defences and is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue.


Maximuscle cyclone contains 3g of HMB per daily serving to reduce muscle breakdown soreness, improve muscle strength and assist in muscle repair after exercise. One study shows that HMB and creatine taken together are better than HMB alone at increasing strength and will help you build muscle faster compared to just using HMB.

Beta-ecdysterone (Suma-extract)

A naturally occurring plant sterol that helps protect against free radical damage during intense workouts and which many customers feel is useful to support their muscle goals. Ideal for rugby players, bodybuilders, boxers and martial artists.

Maximuscle Cyclone has a included creatine absorption system

Contains a precise blend of nutrients designed to increase creatine uptake in your muscles to allow faster, better results than creatine alone.

No side effects of Maximuscle Cyclone 

There are no low grade proteins, allowing customers to enjoy gains without experiencing stomach upsets, wind or bloating.

Research Proven

After exercising regularly and using Cyclone daily, 8 out of 10 people saw an increase in muscle size, while 8 out of 20 people felt more powerful in the gym after 3 weeks*.

*online survey conducted by Zoomerang on 123 men who exercise regularly and use Cyclone daily (2009)

Maximuscle Cyclone Recommended Use

For best results take 2 servings a day. One at breakfast and another at between meals or after training. One serving = 1.5 scoops. Mix with 350-400ml of cold water. For Best results, mix in a Maximuscle shaker.

* per daily serving

Bottom of Form

Maximuscle Cyclone Nutrition Information

Per 1 serving = 60g (1.5 scoops)
Total Fats (includes MCTs & EFAs)4.68g

A Beginner’s Guide to Protein Powder Like Cyclone

Protein sources like Cyclone

Any form of training will increase your protein requirements. A lack of quality protein will result in loss of muscle tissue and tone, a reduced immune system, slower recovery and lack of energy. If your goal is to put on muscle and increase strength or even reduce bodyfat, whilst keeping definition and tone, extra protein from high quality sources is a must.

Key points for consideration:

  • Eat quality protein from sources such as whey, chicken, fish & milk (if you can tolerate it).
  • Protein is needed to build lean muscle & support fat loss.

On the days you train: 1 serving after training + Another mid-morning or mid-afternoon

On the days you don’t train: 1 serving mid morning or 1 serving mid-afternoon

Serving instructions:

For one serving, add two scoops of powder (about 70g) to 350ml of water, shake to blend and enjoy!

Why Cyclone 1260g?

Cyclone is an all-in-one shake designed to meet the specific needs of serious exercisers. If you’re pushing yourself in training, the targeted nutrients in a 1260g tub of Cyclone can help you push harder. Cyclone is a protein-rich shake and every serving of our triple release protein formula delivers 30g of fast acting and slow release proteins to aid muscle growth. Every serving is also packed with calcium HMB, zinc, glutamine and the scientifically proven performance booster, creatine. Cyclone gives you what you need to get the most out of your training.

High in Protein

Every serving in a 1260g tub of Cyclone provides your muscles with 30g of high-quality protein to support gains in muscle size. Cyclone contains fast acting and slow release proteins to give you elevated amino acid levels in the blood for longer. Protein is proven to support muscle growth.

5g Creatine Monohydrate

Every serving in a 1260g tub of Cyclone delivers 5g of creatine monohydrate. Creatine is scientifically proven to boost performance during short-term, high intensity, repeated exercise bouts – leading to greater strength and power gains from your training.


Added zinc in every serving of Cyclone is proven to contribute to protein synthesis and maintaining normal testosterone levels.

Calcium HMB

Every serving provides 1.5g of calcium HMB – a metabolite of the essential branched chain amino acid leucine. HMB is a well-researched ingredient and is recommended by leading industry experts.

Low in Sugar

Every serving in a 1260g tub of Cyclone is low in sugar while providing 30g of protein to support muscle growth.

Screened and Effective

Every batch of Cyclone is screened for banned substances and is registered with the Informed-Sport programme.

The best part is taking, with five great tasting flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla and Orange, Maximuscle’s Cyclone® will absorb immediately into water, without the use of a mixer or blender. You just take two servings a day and be prepared for the incredible results!

Many professional athletes have lactose intolerance or try to shy away from dairy related products, yet Maximuscle Cyclone contains Biomax, which contains the slightest about of whey, allowing for those with an intolerance to still enjoy this great supplement. Not only that, you will not find low quality proteins, like casein or soya protein. This allows you to enjoy your protein gains without experiencing upset stomachs, cramps or other issues. It further strengthens the high quality that Maximuscle Cyclone can provide for you during your workouts.

How else can Maximuscle Cyclone help you? Take it for yourself to see the incredible results, this all-in-one formula is world known for its effectiveness, ease of use and terrific impact on your workouts, physique and energy. Test drive Maximuscle Cyclone today!


  • 60g of protein per daily serving – virtually zero lactose
  • 10g of creatine and 10g of glutamine peptides
  • 80mg of 97% Beta-Ecdysterone
  • 3000mg of HMB® (Enzymatic Metabolites of Leucine)
  • Contains Nitrogain® (a power blend of: Taurine, NAC, Chromium Polynicotinate and Orotic acid)

Mix 1.5 scoops (60g) of Maximuscle Cyclone with 350-400ml of water. Stir with a fork or mix in a Maximuscle shaker. Drink within 5 minutes. Take 3 scoops daily, 1.5 scoops in the morning and another 1.5 scoops after training or in the afternoon. Use Maximuscle Cyclone to strengthen your workouts today! Don’t hesitate to Buy Maximuscle Cyclone, click one of the links below and find out how you can get it in bars, powder or satchets! With so many ways to take Maximuscle Cyclone, you have no excuse for using it!

MaxiMuscle Retailers:

We know that sometimes people want to be able to buy their MaxiNutrition Cyclone straight away and can not wait for a delivery. Boots Used to stock MaxiMuscle Cyclone but it seems not to have it live on their website so we can only think Boots has stopped selling Maximuscle Cyclone in stores as well.

Maximuscle Cyclone HomeBargains

Homebargains stocks Maximuscle Cyclone or at least it did when I went in there. Homebargains stocks a number of sports supplements including Maximuscle, USN, BSN, ON Nutrition and some random low cost brands that we haven’t seen before.

Homebargains often have Cyclone at cheap prices, and even better they have other supplements that you might like. The problem with Homebargains is you never know what they have, and they sometimes have Cyclone and sometimes they don’t, but that’s the risk you take with bargains.

Holland and Barrett MaxiMuscle Cyclone

Holland and Barrett is a more expensive place to buy Cyclone, but its stocked in most stores. Holland & Barrett is a better bet than Home Bargains for the availability of Maximuscle Cyclone. Holland and Barrett and GNC have stocked Cyclone for a number of years and unlike Boots they seem to still stock it. GNC has closed down in the UK but as part of Holland and Barrett holding company and all sales on the GNC website has moved over to the Holland and Barrett one.

Maximuscle Cyclone is the no.1 selling protein powder in Holland and Barrett – it’s high quality, low carb and tastes amazing. It contains 26g of protein per serving, has zero added sugar and is made from porcine and whey protein sources. A powerful new MaxiMuscle Cyclone is now available from Holland & Barrett. The Cyclone is a nutritional supplement unlike any other on the market.

ASDA Maximuscle Cyclone

We have seen this on and off available in Asda stores round the country. The problem with Asda is they seem to pick up and drop supplement brands almost monthly, some months there are loads of Sci-Mx and then its loads of USN, then its ON Nutrition. Asda is quite new to stocking sports supplements and although its a big established form of supplementation they are not yet sure of what to stock and what not to.

We would like to know where you have seen Cyclone for sale as we want to add to this list but it seems there are less and and less places that sell it.


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