Cheap Cast Iron KettleBells

Get the best deals on cheap cast iron kettlebells here using our fitness equipment price comparison tool. Cast Iron Kettlebells offer the best quality of all kettlebells as they are rock hard, weigh loads and last pretty much forever. Size wise Cast Iron kettlebells are much smaller than their nylon/plastic alternatives and have a better central gravity which makes cast iron kettle bells the premium choice when buying kettle bells.
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Cheapest Cast Iron Kettle Bells

If you are looking for a Kettle bell that will last a lifetime you may want to invest in a Cast Iron version of the Kettle Bells. The reason for this is that weight for weight cast iron is by far the most dense and therefore the size of the kettle bell for the weight is smaller.  One of the best priced range of cast iron kettlebells in the UK is the Mirafit Kettlebell range, take a look here

Cast Iron Vs Nylon Kettle Bells

We take two extreme examples for this comparison as they are on two different ends of the scale for prices of kettle bells. Nylon Kettle bells being by far the cheapest type of Kettle Bells and Cast Iron is on the expensive side of the kettle bell scale. Nylon Kettle Bells Such as the York Fitness Kettle Bell set . The Vinyl Kettle bell is concrete fill or sand filled, this is a far less dense material than cast iron and therefore far more bulky in size. 

The smaller size of the Cast Iron Kettle Bell makes it easier to move round the body than a bulky vinyl Kettle Bells especially at heavier weights. At starter weights such as 4kg then actually a vinyl kettle bell may have an advantage due to the slightly larger size. But when you go up the weights to the heavier Kettle Bell weights you find the vinyl kettle bells unwieldy due to the sheer size of the kettle bells. The same weight in cast Iron is far smaller and makes using the kettle bell far more movable. If you are looking for a good set of metal kettlebells take a look at the Mirafit Kettlebells, they will be a good long lasting set of kettlebells. 

How Are Cast Iron Kettle Bells Made?  

The name Cast Iron says it all really, Iron is cast in a mould, noramlly the mould is one piece and the molten iron is poured in and allowed to cool and set. The mould is then removed, the kettle bell is then removed and the moulds seams are filled down to stop any rough area. The bell is then painted with a special durable paint for hard working metal. 

The weight is checked of the accuracy of the weight and inspected for any imperfections and then sold either individually or in sets. 

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