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Renpho Body Fat Scale Review

The Renpho Scale UK version is a highly technical digital bodyweight scales that offers you deep insight into your bodyweight, fat content, water retention, bone density and much more.

The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale UK with Smart BMI Scale. This Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale comes with a Body Composition Analyzer and a Smartphone App. The RENPHO cheap digital scales is a great value hi tech way to monitor your weight, BMI and body fat ratio and save all the data to your app.

When you stand on the RENPHO wireless body fat scale, it connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone and measures your weight, BMI, body fat ratio and fitness age. All of your data is saved to your Google Fit app or Apple Health app so that you can track and watch your progress over time.

The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is designed with a modern look and quickly syncs to your smartphone. This premium scale is loaded with versatility. A major selling feature is the Smart BMI body analyzer which allows you to view fat, muscle and water in your body. This precision scale will log the information via your smartphone app and provide a complete look at your current health and lifestyle.

Easily monitor your weight, BMI and body fat ratio with the RENPHO app for your smartphone. The sleek wireless scale’s brushed metal surface fits easily into any bathroom décor, and can measure up to 396 pounds.

Renpho Scale Specifications

Brand Name:Renpho
Product Name:Renpho Body Scale
Model Number:ES-CS20M-B
Manufacturers Part Number MPN:ES-CS20M-B
Product Weight:1.4 kg / Kilograms
Item Dimensions:11 x 11 x 1 inches
Product Material:Tempered Glass, Plastic
Weighing accuracy:0.05 Kilograms +/-
Measurements: Weight, Body Fat, Bone Density, Water Balance and much more
Power Supply: 3 x AAA Batteries (Included)
Manual: 1 X Fully Translated Multi Language Manual

RENPHO UK Weighing Scale Media Reviews:

There have been a number of great reviews for the Renpho bluetooth weighing scale from magazines, newspapers and TV channels.

We go through these RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale reviews here.

Renpho Bluetooth Scale Reviews
Renpho Bluetooth Scale Reviews

CNN did a review of the Renpho weighing Bodyfat scale:

CNN mentioned that they had have over 12,000 reviews on Amazon and the main points of benefit for the Renpho bluetooth weighing scale is accuracy, look and feel and the fat ratio. Fat ratio checking is one of the downfalls of most digital weighing scales, with the fat percentage changing wildly. With the Renpho there was a very accurate fat percentage test that did not fluctuate wildly.

CNN Renpho Scale – Bluetooth Weighing Scale Review

CNN also mention that not only is there an App for the RENPHO digital scale that syncs your phone with the weighing scales but also if you don’t have your phone to hand the scales stores the data until you can sync it up. This is a great feature as you can use the scales even when your phone is dead.

The CNN article goes through the amazing amounts of measurements the Renpho Bluetooth scale does for you. There are 13 measurements including , Basal Metabolism, Body Age, BMI, Body Fat%, Total Body Weight, Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat. Which given the reviews for the accuracy of these measurements is amazing for the price point of the Renpho scale.

Renpho Bluetooth Scale
Renpho Bluetooth Scale

CNN voted the Renpho Scale the best budget scale, this comes as no surprise to us here as the price point in Amazon is amazing and there have been a huge amount of overwhelmingly positive reviews for the weighing scale.

Renpho Smart Scale
Renpho Smart Scale

BGR Renpho Scale Review

BGR the online review site did a review of the best digital scales and gave the Renpho Bluetooth Scales the award for best scales for Aesthetics.

This is a strange award when you here it but it makes perfect sense once you see what BGR mean by this. Most people are not simply looking to lose weight just for the many health benefits. But they want to look good, with the body fat checker, the weight tracking and the BMI you can start to see what is your ideal weight, BMI and body fat for when you look your best. Once you know all the factors that make you look the best to others this can be your new guide. When you lose weight you tend to notice first, then others and you get to a point where people complement you not only on the weight loss but also how you look. If you try and bench mark the point where you get the most complements – at this point mark your weight, your BMI and your body fat at that point.

Renpho Bodyfat weighing scales working parts
Renpho Bodyfat weighing scales working parts

From now on this should be your maintenance goal, to stick to this BMI, weight and body fat percentage or as close to this as possible. This is the point you look your best. Therefore BGR is right on giving the Renpho Bluetooth Weighing Scales the award for best scales for “Aesthetics”.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat weighing Scale Review

The Spruce Renpho Scale Bluetooth Review

The Spruce did a review of the Renpho digi scale, giving the award for “Best Smart Scale”. The Spruce is a home furnishing a tech guide and review site that has a huge following and readership. An award from the Spruce means a lot considering the cheap price point of the Renpho smart scale. The reason for the award of best smart scale is down to the 11 measurement points the smart scale tests and tracks. The sensors on the smart scale work with the onboard computer to test for your BMI, your Weight, your body protein levels, your body fat ratio, your water/hydration levels and many more data points. With all the data points the Renpho smart scale checks for it is no wonder that the Renpho won the award for Best Smart Scale.

Renpho weighing scale syncing:

Renpho Smart Weighing Scales App Syncing
Renpho Smart Scales App Syncing

FITBIT Renpho weighing scale Syncing:

The Renpho Bluetooth digital weighing scale syncs with the fitbit software enabling you to properly track your fitness and weight progression. There are many reviews of some happy buyers of the Renpho scales on Amazon that discuss the Fitbit syncing.

For many people who buy the scales the syncing to the Fitbit app is the number one reason they bought the scale. Keeping track on your Fitbit not only of your daily activity levels but also how this activity is affecting your weight, your BMI and your bodyfat it vital. Adding in the Renpho Scales to your Fitbit gives you the full picture of your health and fitness. If you are making a goal for weight loss the Renpho scale will help you track and achieve this goal. fit

Renpho Fitbit Charge 4 Sync
FitBit Charge 4 Renpho Scales Syncing

Fitbit Charge 4 Renpho scales sync

The Renpho scale company has been keeping up with the new ranges of Fitbit to enable syncing to even the newest Fitbit wearable fitness trackers such as the Fitbit Charge range the newest being the Fitbit Charge 4.

Renpho Bluetooth Weighing Scales Apple Health Syncing

The Renpho Smart Scale can sync with your Apple devices through the App as well as using the Apple Health App. To sync in Apple Health by selecting the Renpho Weighing Scales as a data source in Settings – Data sources. Once you have selected the Renpho weighing scales as a data source the data will flow and you can monitor your weight, body fat percentage and BMI in the Apple Health App. Use Bluetooth on your phone to keep the smart scale and Apple Health in sync.

Renpho Bluetooth Scale getting you to your body fat goal
Redpho Bluetooth Scale Getting You to your Weight Loss Goal

Samsung Health Renpho Bluetooth Weighing Scales Syncing.

You can connect the Renpho Smart Weighing Scale to your Samsung Health App by going into the Renpho Scale go to the “My Account” area. – Select “Settings”in the top right of the “My Account” tab. – Under “Settings”, select “Samsung Health“. This will then sync your Body Weight, BMI and Body fat ratio between the Renpho Smart Scale and the Samsung Health App. To keep the data up to date make sure you have Bluetooth on and you are paired to the Smart Scale when weighing yourself. You can decide when using the Renpho app and the Samsung app where you want to monitor your weight loss progress.

Renpho Smart Scale Data Sync Amazon
Renpho Smart Scale Data Sync Amazon

Renpho Digital Scales Sync to Google Fit

You can sync your Renpho Scales to Google Fit with ease using the RENPHO APP version 1.7 and up. Go to settings in the Renpho App 1.7 and up select Data and select Google Fit, once selected the body weight data will be share with your Google Fit app where you can monitor your health, fitness and weight loss or gain progress depending on your fitness goal.

RENPHO Smart Scale YouTube Review

There are a fair few reviews for the Renpho Body Fat Scale on YouTube, and all seem very positive. There are a few videos on YouTube on how to best get the most accurate results from the Renpho Body Fat Scale. People love to make videos about cheap amazing tech like the Renpho scale as for the money there is a lot to vlog about.

Getting the most from your Renpho Body Fat Scale

Ensuring you get an Accurate reading from the Renpho Body Fat Scale

To get even measurements for weight, BMI, bone density, protein levels, hydration levels and body fat tests you need to place the Renpho Body Fat Scale on a flat even ground. Do not place the scale on carpeted floor but ideally on a hard flat lino or tiled flow where the scale is even and flat.

See the image below for the correct placement of the bodyfat scale.

Renpho Bluetooth Correct Placement on the ground
Renpho Bluetooth Scale correct placement on the ground

To get the most accurate bodyfat, BMI and bone density readings on your Renpho scale you need to evenly place your feed covering the metal touch points/ sensors. For the correct placements please see the image below:

Renpho Body Fat Smart Scale Foot Placements
Renpho Body Fat Smart Scale Foot Placements

Keeping your Renpho Body Fat Scale in good working order

  • Never jump or stamp on your Renpho Weighing Scales.
  • Do not immerse the scales under water.
  • Make sure you change the AAA batteries the right way round.
  • To clean the scales with a damp soapy cloth, then wipe dry.

Renpho Body Fat Scale Review

We have had a Renpho scale in the office for a while and we simply love it. We bought it from Amazon for around £40 and have not looked back. One of the team uses their Iphone with Apple health to measure there fitness and weight Goals, one uses the Samsung Health App. For me I use the native app as it helps me check the full 11 testing points. I have managed to monitor my reduction in bodyfat.

What we love about the Renpho Body Fat Scale is that it Keeps track of 11 types of testing points such as BMI, Water, Muscle, & Bone. It easily syncs with your phone and you see all the progress laid out in an easy to read dashboard,

The Renpho Bluetooth body fat scale can take 4 different people’s body fat measurements which is great for the whole family. I can see this as a great tool to have in your house, it can encourage family members to loose weight and stay fit and healthy. This is a great tool for parents to help motivate their kids to eat healthily and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).

The build of the Renpho Weighing Scale is slim well made, the tempered glass top seems sturdy. The backside of the scale is pretty sturdy plastic, the floor mounts fit well stable as well.

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