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There is a wide range of homeopathic medicines, but the number of elderflower products on the market has been growing slowly in recent years, particularly in Europe. The list of medicines we know can seem daunting, and there is no shortage of them. 

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Some small human studies have investigated whether elderflower supplements can shorten the duration of the disease. Researchers also found that people who took elderflower had higher antibodies to flu viruses, showing that the berries not only treat flu symptoms, but also prevent flu infections. Some pharmacists even recommend a daily dose of 1,000 mg of elderberries to treat the flu. 

Goldstalk can be combined with Echinacea, although scientific evidence is lacking. Many studies have been done with and without echinocepsy, so it is impossible to say which is responsible for the benefit. 

Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry For Colds and Flu

Since colds and flu are viral diseases, antibiotics are useless and cannot be used for treatment, and since they are viral diseases, they may be useless in the long term. 

Children under 6 years of age should not receive effective cold or cough-fighting drugs unless their pediatrician tells them so. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do not take any medication, herbs or supplements if they could harm you or your baby. If you have a cold, you must immediately inform your doctor, and if you have any underlying disorders, you should behave.

Exercise has been shown to reduce colds and flu-like infections, so frequent hand washing is of course recommended. Gaia Herbs Elderberry could be a great addition for patients who fill their medicine cabinet to prevent or treat cold or flu symptoms. 

This product of Gaia Herbs black elderflower and acerola fruit for synergistic support of the immune system contains no sweeteners or fillers. A formula that naturally supports normal liver function and promotes a healthy detoxification process that allows the body to regain its vitality, energy and optimal health. 

Demulsive herbs soothe the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and digestive tract and contain a variety of herbs such as lavender, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary, chamomile, ginger, mint, oregano, lemon balm and thymine. The Vitex Elixir itself contains many other herbs that support the body’s immune system as well as the digestive system and liver. 

Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Health Benefits

Gaia Herbs Black elderflower is unique in that it has antioxidant and immune supporting effects and helps to maintain a healthy immune response. Laboratory studies have shown that it kills microorganisms and the bioflavonoids and other proteins in the sap destroy cells that are affected by cold and flu viruses. Quick help supports a healthy immune response as a dietary supplement. 

An analysis of 14 scientific studies showed that people who took echinacea reduced the duration of the cold by an average of one and a half days, despite their risk of catching a cold. However, researchers point out that one study showed a 25% reduction in the rate of colds when taking ginseng compared to placebo, and two studies have shown that it reduces the duration of colds by 6.2 days compared to placebo. Researchers from Dartmouth have shown in an international medical journal that zinc gluconate shortens the cold by almost five days. In a study of 250 schoolchildren published in the American Medical Journal, people who took the elderflower reported a significant improvement in flu symptoms within 6 days of starting treatment, compared to other patients who had taken the elderflower. The 6 days it took for the placebo group to see no improvement. 

Black Elderberry with Vitamin C Results

A randomized clinical trial of a vitamin C supplement to prevent colds: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

The food and supplements discussed on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The FDA has issued warning letters to indicate that it does not approve or otherwise authorize any product for the diagnosis, mitigation, prevention or treatment, including the treatment of symptoms or cure of disease. 

If you decide to try a zinc herb for your cold, remember that too much of it can be dangerous and there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. There is no research that extends from rats to colitis in rats to the amount of anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin, the antioxidants in fruit.

Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Health Review

At least two studies suggest that taking American ginseng can prevent colds and reduce the number and severity of symptoms, but postponing medical treatment can be dangerous, especially if you have a compromised immune system. If you avoid excessive – the – cold medications, opt for something more natural. I have Gaia Herbs homeopathic formulations that contain natural black elderflower and zinc, and the use of sambucol in dosages to help the cold and flu cannot hurt you. 

This formula contains ginseng, an herb commonly used to support the nervous system and promote a restful sleep. In addition to the soothing support of the sinuses, it also moisturises the mucous membranes, especially when used to moisturise the oral, nasal and bronchial membranes. 

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