NordicTrack C300 Treadmill

NordicTrack c300 Treadmill Overview & Review

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The NordicTrack c300 Treadmill has the perfect blend of technology and effectiveness. It is beneficial for both walking and running users, and allows for a variety of activities to be achieved. It is able to assist the user with programs for toning as well as managing weight, and can also be useful in improving their heart health, stamina, and general wellbeing.

The NordicTrack c300 treadmill is a lower cost alternative to some of their other popular treadmills. It offers several features you would not expect to see on a treadmill in this price range. Models that are similar to the c300 cost significantly more. The workout program feature and workout training capability makes this treadmill stand above many others in this price range. Below is some additional information on the c300 treadmill:

The NordicTrack C300 seems to have been discontinued but please see the deals on other Treadmills below.

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NordicTrack C300 Review

NordicTrack have a great record in making awesome running machines and the C300 is no exception to this. Powered by the super quiet, auto cooling 2.75 CHP DurX motor, deep cushioning for a firm but soft run that your knees will love you for. The C300 is a dream to review, a smooth but powerful run, nice and easy on the knees and shins but has the speed to put even the most advanced runner through there paces.

The 6″ backlit LCD display lets you know your time, speed, pulse, speed and the all important calorie burn. The Nordtrack C300 is a folding treadmill with a space saving design that will fit in most small places when you are not running on it.  The system has 24 built in programmes that will keep you focused and motivated on your run. For those really looking to log their runs and keep track of your improvements then you have the option to connect to Ifit live for a subscription based exercise a day, google maps and tracking that is second to none.

You will not find a more affordable folding treadmill that has the feel of a premium run, with just enough bells and whistles to keep some of the most technical runners happy.

NordicTrack Back lit LCD Display

The backlit LCD display is easy to use and allows you to see the speed, pulse, programme and calorie burn of your run on the Nordtrack C300. The display also allows you to link up your phone, iPod or MP3 player to allow you to listen to music and run on your Nordtrack C300 at the same time.

The NordicTrack C300 Treadmill is a front-drive treadmill designed for the home user and boasts a 300-pound weight capacity, 2.75 horse power continuous duty motor, and an easy to read display. Features include 12 programs including one fat burning program, quick keys that let you easily change the speed and incline on the run, two user profile settings, heart rate monitoring capabilities, projected lifetime mileage counter, and a 10-inch full color LED display. In addition to helping you get fit with the right mix of speed, incline, and time intervals, this treadmill does it without breaking the bank.

NordicTrack C300 Review Summary

Review and Verdict: The NordicTrack C300 is the next generation of a household name in exercise equipment. This is a fantastic, affordable elliptical that is streamlined and portable. It features 15 different levels of resistance as well as the ability to track your heart rate while you exercise. The NordicTrack C300 was made to be at home in your home, so it can be used any time of the day or night that best fits your schedule.

The NordicTrack C300 is a great piece of exercise equipment that comes with great features. Its innovative console gives it a leg up on most elliptical machines, as well as helping to eliminate distractions while working out.

The NordicTrack C300 is built for versatility. It has everything you might need with 10 standard workout programs and 4 customizable ones. It’s great for beginners and advanced users alike. The only thing missing is the fun of pressing play on a moving treadmill!


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