Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides UK Zhzou Hydrolysed Collagen Powder Review

Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides are a easy to mix unflavoured collagen protein that comes from Grass Fed Beef and is from the American brand Zhou. We have been using Zhou Nutrition Collagen Protein in the office as this is one of the best tasting collagen we have tried for using in a hot coffee. There is a lovely creaminess to the way the Zhou collagen mixes with the coffee and we all agree it is our favourite. There seems to be some confusion over the brand name as on the packaging it looks like Zhzou Collagen Peptides but we are informed its not Zhou but Zhou.

ZhZou Collagen Peptides

Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides rich in type I and Type III Collagen. ZhZou Collagen Peptides Amazon

Zhou’s Nutrition Collagen Peptides is made from the hide of cows, meaning that it is sourced from the skin of the cow. This will come as no surprise that this is then rich in the types of collagen you need to keep your skin looking young and healthy. We do not enough meat with the skin on in the modern diet and we therefore cannot get this type of collagen from our food. We need this type of collagen more as we age as the body slowly loses the ability to make enough collagen on its own. We get to our mid 20’s as the body needs to source this type of collagen from food.

Zhou Nutrition collagen is made from the hide of the cow which makes the collagen protein rich in type I and Type III collagen. There are different collagen types in the body, but the main collagen type found in the human body is Type I.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Benefits

Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides is a high-quality plant protein developed to assist you and has benefits such as weight management, healthy hair, skin, and nails.

I am sure you’d like to try the great Zhou collagen peptides. It is a perfect solution for those who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It is currently available online and there are many different packages offered. I tried the product myself and was pleased with the results. There are plenty of places you could buy Zhou collagen peptides but you have to make sure they offer original product without any side effects. My friends who have used it before are providing me these details as they were very happy with their results. We love this collagen even better maybe than the top seller from Vital Proteins Collagen Powder which is number one in the UK.

Main Benefits of Zhou Collagen Peptides:

  • Helps maintain a healthy skin
  • Supports the growth of bones
  • Strengthens the gut health
  • Healthy joints
  • Healthy skin and hair

Zhou collagen peptides offers a lot of health benefits, great for your skin, bones and gut health. A mixture of the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential to promote growth for you and your baby. Zhou Collagen – just another name for “beauty from within”. Plus it’s made with 100% natural ingredients making it suitable for all ages.

Zhou Collagen Peptides vs Vital Proteins

Welcome to my article on Zhou Collagen Peptides vs Vital Proteins: Which is the better collagen supplement for you? Here, I will give my honest review about these two products which will help you decide which one to buy.

Zhou Collagen Peptides vs Vital Proteins Collagen. In general, ZCP is a collagen peptide supplement that helps people to reduce their skin’s wrinkles and maintain elasticity. VP is also a collagen peptide supplement that mainly used for joint health, hair, nails and skin care. But both of them are not exactly alike. So today I will walk you through my review on.

Collagen peptides are a useful food supplement, but not all brands are created equal. Recently I’ve been researching Zhou collagen peptides vs Vital Proteins and was surprised to find out how similar these two companies are. If you want to know which one is best for you, check out my post and decide for yourself!

With Zhou Collagen Peptides, you can enjoy wrinkle-reducing and skin rejuvenation benefits similar to those offered by Vital Proteins. Both use peptides — polypeptide chains composed of amino acids — as their primary building blocks

Vital Proteins is far better known in the industry than Zhou but you will find many similarities between both products.

To be fair they are pretty similar so if you find a deal with Zhou Collagen Peptides go for it, or if you find a better deal with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides then go for that!

A guide to the main types of collagen in Zhou:

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, and so you can think of collagen as something that helps our skin “bounce back.” It also helps fight against free radicals, which can damage elastin (another protein found in the skin). There are many different types of collagen – here’s a high-level overview of the different types you’ll find in Zhou Collagen Powder.

Type I Collagen:

Type 1 collagen is the most abundant collagen protein found in the body. The Hair, Skin, Organs, Bone and ligaments are made up mostly of type 1 collagen and therefore this type is useful for anti aging as well as tendon support. This and type 3 are the main types of collagen in Zhou Collagen Peptides.

Type II Collagen:

Type 2 collagen is the one to go for if you suffer from arthritis and gut issues such as IBS as this type of collagen is found in the cartilage and gut lining. This is the kind of collagen that used to be rich in our diet when we used to use chicken bone stock and made chicken soup the good old-fashioned way. Sadly, since moving to breast meat this is a type of collagen we are losing from our diet. Consider roasting a chicken once a week and use the bones for stock after you have enjoyed the roasted meat.

Type III Collagen:

Type 3 collagen is normally found with type 1 collagen and helps with the structure of skin and bones, this is like the matrix of the skin that you need more and more as you age to keep everything from sagging. A truly beneficial collagen. Along with Type 1 this is the main collagen type in the Zhou Collagen Peptides.

Type V / X Collagen:

These are less required collagen’s but have a place in the membranes of cells. Egg shells are rich in these types of collagen, but you would not want to eat eggshells so you can find these types of collagen in multi collagen supplements. Although this type of collagen may be found in small amounts in the body you should never ignore the need for whole ranges of collagen if you are looking at the health benefits of collagen.

Zhou Collagen Peptides

Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides UK Source:

Zhou Collagen is sources from grass fed cows that come from Brazil. This ensures the collagen is full of its amino acids and is free of hormones as well as coming from happy cattle that have been free to roam the hills of Brazil in the sun. Having well fed cows that follow the diet that a cow should is essential to getting the full range of amino acids in the collagen. When you feed cows grain, they do not develop the levels of amino acids needed to make a truly beneficial level of collagen.

The cows are naturally fed and ranged on large farms in the sun of Brazil allowing the cows to get plenty of fresh grass and sunshine means there hides are rich in type 1 and type 3 collagen. Therefore, Zhou Nutrition sources its beef collagen from Brazilian farms.  The beef hides are then processed to extract the beneficial collagen and is purified and dried in FDA approved labs to the highest standards. The product is a smooth, soft collagen powder that mixes well with both cold and hot water. You will notice that collagens rich in type 1 and type 2 collagen gives the liquid a lovely soft texture and can help to keep you fuller longer.

Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides Review:

Zhou Nutrition is one of the very few companies that are trustworthy in providing the finest source of Collagen Peptides. In fact, there are only a handful companies who actually offer collagen peptides. The challenge most consumers face is that there aren’t very many sources of top quality collagen peptides available for sale. Also, there is a lot of misinformation about collagen peptides on the internet, such as whether or not you even need it and what form would be the most beneficial for your body.

I decided to write another review for Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides. This is one of my favourite supplements from them, and one that I take daily. Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides are probably one of the best collagen supplements on the market.

We had no issue with getting someone to want to review the Zhou Nutrition Collagen Peptides as in the office we have a tub near the coffee machine since we bought some from Amazon. We like this collagen so much as it froths a creamy froth when added to an Nespresso and that combined with the fact it mixes with water so well makes it a hit here. We decided to try and find someone to review it who had not yet tried the Zhou Collagen Peptides.

About the Zhou Collagen Reviewer:

I am Susan and I sometimes write for the blog part of the site, but as yet have not reviewed or taken any collagen before. I was always looking for a reason to take proteins but I never really workout with weights enough to justify it. But since lockdown I have taken up more cardio and road running. Having read some of my colleagues work who did previous collagen reviews I was interested in the affect collagen has on tendons and bones. Shin splints always put me off road running in the past, but having shelled out for some decent running shoes and been training to keep my feet in on line I have found the runs not as bad as I remember.

So, I received the tub I ordered of Amazon for the review. On first look there is a kind of tribal look to the font of the tub and was a little surprised at the branding, but the guys at the office love the Zhou collagen.

ZhZou Collagen Peptides UK

Zhou Review Day one:

I had my first day’s collagen with my morning coffee, the powder itself looks a little like creamer and mixed well into the coffee. There as my colleagues said an almost meringue like froth that came to the top which was creamy and light. There was not any real taste in the coffee of the collagen, and it went down well.

Day 2 of the review I decided to try to mix the Zhou collagen in my orange juice to see how well it mixed with a cold drink. It did take a little more mixing than with the coffee but not much, the collagen seemed pretty soluble and again there was not taste nor froth with this one. At the bottom of the glass there was no tell tail signs of any sediment.

Zhou Collagen Review Results: 

It took around 10-14 days to say I could notice anything. I was not really looking for changes in an instant and apart from felling fuller maybe from taking the Zhou collagen, nothing really happened dramatically. But having had issues with nail biting and cracked nails I could see my nails are growing faster than before. It took to around a month to feel my recovery from runs was improving, and by then I could see my hair was growing and seemed to grow thicker. My nails are now much longer and were there has been growth I can see they are clearer without the imperfections I used to get. I am not sure if my running is getting better or I am recovering better because of the collagen, but what with the hair growth and the nails I can feel the collagen is doing something. I have read about how you need to have enough vitamin C and zinc with collagen and have been taking that daily since around week 2. All in all I feel my skin is better, my nails are a lot better and I feel good. So would I buy Zhou Nutrition collagen again, well I have ordered my third tub from Amazon. I have since tried some other collagen and there isn’t a lot in it. The difference maybe is how they mill this one, its light and fluffy. Some collagen are grainier and harder to mix so I will stick to Zhou Collagen unless another collagen beats it.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Stockists in the UK

Do you want to know what is Zhou collagen and where to buy it? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this guide after seeing some of our readers looking for a good collagen peptide product.

Zhou brand is a relatively new player to the beauty industry but with collagen being so hot and popular, Zhou collagen peptides stockists become a much trafficked subject. What does this mean? This means that if you are an individual who wishes to purchase Zhou collagen products you have two options, you can buy online or from your local shop.

Zhou collagen peptides stockists. We have a list of shops selling Zhou collagen including Amazon, Boots and small health food shops.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Amazon

Are you searching for the ingredients of Zhou Collagen Peptides? Have you considered the price of this Peptide on Amazon?

Zhou Collagen Peptides isn’t a huge brand in England. We don’t see it advertised on TV and many of us have never heard of it, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this product has become extremely popular. Zhou Collagen Peptides can be bought on Amazon which is the best place to buy Zhou Collagen in the UK.

Zhou Collagen Peptides is sold on Amazon, and it can be bought on Amazon for a fraction of the price than buying elsewhere. This is because the high cost associated with marketing products on Amazon is not necessary for Zhou Collagen Peptides.

Zhou Collagen Peptides is sold on many different locations but the best place to buy Zhou Collagen in the UK is on Amazon. I’ve been taking Zhou Collagen for around two years, and am very happy with the results. You can buy it directly on Amazon or read my review here.

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