Free Protein Samples UK

Getting Free Supplement Samples UK 2023

How to get free protein samples in the UK in 2023

Not only can you get free samples of protein in the UK but you can get other samples such as free pre workouts, bcaa sachets, post workout shakes and a whole lot more!

Free protein samples are often sent out by protein brands to brand ambassadors and known brand lovers, they get these free protein samples out to create a buzz about there protein launch. Creating a buzz is what these protein brands need so you can tap into this and get free protein samples by tapping into this need to get protein samples out by following our guide to getting free protein samples in the UK. The free protein samples uk guide will help you get freebies sent to your door in 2023.

What are samples of supplements?

Samples of supplements tend to be one portion or serving of a supplements sent out in a sachet. Supplement samples are an ideal way to get to taste or try a new flavour or type of supplement before you commit to paying for a whole tub. Imagine buying a full tub of protein costing you £50 to find you can’t stand the flavour? Well then that is why it is good to ask for free protein samples from supplement brands before you buy.

If you have ever been to a fitness exhibition you will have seen the supplement brands handing those samples out like they are trying to get rid of their stash before the police come. Protein samples are the brad and butter of the supplement marketing program for these guys. It costs the supplement companies around 10p a free protein sample, but to you it saves you buying a tub of protein you might not like the taste of.

The reasons for asking for free supplement samples:

  • Try protein samples to see if you like the flavour
  • Test to see if the supplement sample works for you
  • If a brand is confident in their supplements then they should let you sample it first
  • Try out all the strange flavours of protein their are!
  • Get on free mailing lists for cheap whey protein deals
  • Well its free supplements!

free protein samples

How to get free supplement samples:

There are a number of ways to ask for free protein samples or other supplement samples. Supplement samples are given away at a lot of events, see if any fitness events are coming up in your area and if they are sponsored by a supplement company it is pretty sure that that supplement brand will be there giving out free supplement samples. But if you cant find any fitness events then its best to find a contact form on the companies websites and ask them directly for a free protein sample.Free protein samples at bodypower

I suggest wording a free supplement sample email request like this example:

Hi “supplement brand name”

I buy my supplements currently from “insert competitor brand name” and I spend around £60 a month, but I am getting tired of the same old flavours and to be honest the “insert competitor brand name” don’t seem as innovative as they once were.  I would love to try “insert supplement wishing to try here” but I am not sure of which flavour to go for. Would it be possible for you to send me some samples of your best selling flavours for me and my friends to try and I promise if I find a flavour I like I will switch from “insert competitor brand name” from my next and future orders.

Your sincerely


Add address.

Does asking for a free protein sample work?

In a word yes. Samples are one of the best and trusted ways supplement brands get you to try a new flavour, new protein blend etc.  Supplement brands know that new flavours, especially strange sounding ones need you to try them to know that you like the flavour, therefore they create sample bags.

Often a supplement company will have protein samples listed for sale on their site, there are a number of reasons they put a price behind the sample. Firstly they hope people will buy the samples and secondly when they give that sample away for free, it gives that free gift a value.

Here is a list of supplement companies you could look to ask for a free supplement sample from. (We do not guarantee a free sample but its worth a try)

Try asking for a free protein sample from these guys.

Bodybuilding Warehouse

LA Muscle

Discount Supplements


Predator Nutrition

How to say thank you for a free protein sample?

It is always good practice (as well as keeping you in there mind when releasing new supplement samples) to thank any supplement brand that does send you a free protein sample. A simple thank you and facebook post really helps make you a brand ambassador, and therefore the go to person for future free supplement samples.  Keeping people friendly is the best way to get ongoing free protein or supplement samples. Leave reviews on the supplement brands site, and then let them know you have reviewed, therefore showing them that sending you a free protein sample was a good idea.

If you managed to get a free protein sample from our instructions? Then please let us know below.

Or if you just want a protein sample fast, you could buy one from the below.

Buy protein Samples:

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You never know they might just throw in a free sample of pre-workouts, BCAA and some diet tablets! You never know.

Let us know if you got a free protein sample

Please let us know if the comments below if you managed to blag a free protein sample or not and who gave you one? We like to keep the page updated with the companies who do offer a freebie and who did not.

Also if you have blagged any freebies let us know in the comments.

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  1. Got to love a freebie aye protein is protein after all!
    I tweeted out a few people and got a couple of samples in the post so nice one!

  2. Cheers, blagged quite a few free samples at Bodypower last year so will give this a try.
    I like to get a taste of the whey some flavours are sh£t

  3. I did not want to wait so bought some samples from Bodybuilding Warehouse will let you know how they taste! Do you have a reviews section?

  4. Hello,

    I have just started weightlifting and doing press ups and sit ups from home and I have changed my diet to a high protein diet.

    I was also looking for some snacks, or shakes to have throughout the day to have aswell as my diet, to help me gain weight and muscle as I am skinny and looking to bulk up a bit.

    After researching the Internet the amount of companies I have come across selling whey protein and other things can be very overwhelming, but I came across your website and it looks great, but I’m finding it difficult to find the right products for me, personally.

    What products that you stock would you recommend for someone like me that wants to gain weight and muscle definition?

    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear back from you soon.


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