Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves

I love my Mirafit weighted exercise gloves, I use them for walking exercises and lifting dumbbells while I’m wearing them. They are the largest one-of-a-kind item I have ever used. They can weigh up to a kilogram if you feel like it. 

People love the Mirafit adjustable weighted vest but the weighted gloves, on the other hand, give me the added benefit of tone and allow me to concentrate on my technique. As an additional bonus, the foam gel also serves as a buffer to keep the palms smooth. I asked for a couple of them to try. The first thing that struck me about these gloves was how durable they felt. The four-way nylon stretch fabric is thicker than any previous gloves I have tried, and I can say that they protect better against calluses and blisters than advertised. 

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves In Stock
Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves In Stock

There are many other factors to consider when purchasing weightlifting gloves. This section discusses the most important criteria to help you find a matching pair. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the material. 

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves Review

Good weight lifting gloves will bring you a lot of advantages. The first and most important advantage is that they offer the lifter a grip on the pole. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about slips. 

Available weightlifter gloves can be made of various materials such as microfiber, synthetic fabrics, silicone, neoprene, leather, and nylon. The most popular due to their lightness, convenience and durability. Based on my experience I recommend gloves made of leather and neoprene. 

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves for Sale
Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves for Sale

Mirafit weighted gloves are a cost-effective and space-saving method of resistance training. They allow 360-degree movements and require a high degree of stabilization, making them a great functional tool for stressed movements. You can buy weights here, here and here. 

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves Vs Reebok Weighted Exercise Gloves

When you compare the Mirafit weighted gloves to the Reebok weighted gloves the biggest difference it the number of finger holes. The Reebok weighted exercise gloves have five finger holes whereas the Mirafit weighted exercise gloves has three finger holes.

But what does the number of finger holes mean to the function of the weighted exercise glove mean? Well the more finger holes you have means more control over the fit of the gloves, the more finger holes the snugger the fit of the gloves. The less holes means you lose a little in terms of snug fit, but you make up in range of motion, the less finger holes the more freedom your fingers have to move. Range of motion is very important if you are using the weighted exercise gloves to add weight to your lifts. When lifting a Barbell in these gloves, your grip is vital to the lift and the less finer holes gives you a better grip on the bar. Therefore we suggest buying the Mirafit weighted exercise gloves over the Reebok weighted exercise gloves if you are looking to lift weights wearing them.

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves Review UK
Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves Review UK

Dumbbell pairing As already mentioned, dumbbells tend to come in pairs. There are many exercises you can do with a single dumbbell, such as rows and triceps extensions. However, a pair is preferable if you do more exercises such as bench press, shoulder press and breaststroke. 

You can throw them in the washing machine if they get a little sweaty. The anatomical relief pad system provides ultimate grip support and the Velcro fastener supports your wrists to create a comfortable fit. Combine all these fantastic features with a fun design and you have a matching match for fashionistas. 

What makes Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves different from the competition?

Mirafit has a great build quality, when compared to the competition Mirafit weighted exercise gloves have three holes whereas the competitions weighted exercise gloves tend to have 5 holes meaning a lot of the flesh of the hands is covered in lycra. Having 5 finger holes means your hands are hotter than they would be in the three hole Mirafit weighted workout gloves as well as having less grip as the fingers are covered in lycra leaving less grip on the bar when working out.

Most competitions gloves come in one size only whereas the Mirafit weighted exercise gloves come in two sizes, 2 x 0.5 kg or 2 x 1 kg gloves. This gives you options for the weight level you want when buying the Mirafit weighted workout gloves.

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