Exercise Bikes For Sale UK

Look at our range of exercise bikes available to order in the UK. We have exercise bikes for sale in the UK here.

If you find the same or like the product at a lower price, we will refund 110% of the difference. Installation services are only available for exercise bikes supplied with an instruction manual, but we offer installation services for selected models. For more information call us on.

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Exercise bikes for sale under £1000
Exercise bikes for sale under £1000

In the world of fitness equipment, exercise bikes tend to be affordable, with recumbents in the lower price range and indoor studio bikes in the middle to higher price range. At Powerhouse Fitness we have fitness equipment for every budget. 

Exercise Bike For Sale Under £1000

Exercise bikes are a great way to exercise, whether it’s an intense spin session or a long endurance ride. They take up less space than treadmills, are affordable, and offer great cardio and strength training. Exercise bikes can be a great investment, but your choice can make the difference between a machine that gives you a great daily workout and something that collects dust. Now a lot of people could say for £1000 you could buy a set of cheap bikes, well not even that cheap a pretty decent road bike for that price, but some people just want to be at home to exercise.

We’ve put together some of the best cheap exercise bikes on the internet to make your choice easier. Exercise bikes may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great tool to get in shape. Much of the money you spend on the more expensive models is spent on digital tracking and training programs. 

Exercise Bikes For Sale in the UK
Exercise Bikes For Sale in the UK

Whether you burn the same number of calories or not, you get a personalized trainer and wireless connectivity. These things are nice to have, but no need – you can turn off your exercise bike in front of the TV and knock out a quick half hour to boost your heart rate. 

Exercise Bike For Sale Under £500

For under £1000 it is easy to get a good quality exercise bike. If you have something cheaper to use for a week, it’s a solid investment. This depends on how much you plan to use the exercise bike. 

We compared a number of the best exercise bikes you can buy in the UK. We start with a purchasing guide so you have a good idea of what to look out for with a good exercise bike. Then take a look at the exercise bike reviews we’ve included, from the best for a budget to the best high-end products. 

There are many questions that go through your mind when making a big purchase, especially if you want to get the best value for money for an exercise bike. We will try to put things right in our short purchasing guide, so keep reading. Then we will look at them all and analyse their advantages and disadvantages. Find out more below. 

Exercise Bikes For Sale in the UK
Exercise Bikes For Sale in the UK

A well designed exercise bike should be stable and not flex or wobble. Check that the frame is well built, that the metal is welded together with a proper surface, that there are no good sharp or rough edges, and that moving parts are shielded from prying fingers. 

Exercise Bike For Sale Under £300

Those who prefer to ride their own bike can also invest in a so-called turbo trainer, which is attached to the rear wheel of the bike so that it can be ridden stationary. A third type of training cycle to consider is the recumbent bike, where the rider cycles in a relaxed or recumbent position, which is great for those who suffer from back pain. 

The flywheel has a developed V-belt bicycle seat and is versatile in transverse use due to the upright pop-up strategy. It offers an easy ride for beginners and is fascinating for cardiovascular training and serious athletes. The chain drive strategy is fluid and noiseless and an industrial scaffolding with a scratch-resistant layer. Mixing the flywheel with a safe magnetic resistance arrangement guarantees that you reach up to 600 watts. Spinning bikes for sale Key features are an LCD console that in addition to scanning 5 functions and a calorie acceleration range includes. 

Exercise bikes take up less space than other exercise bikes, and few fit in cabinets or under stairs. The foldable model weighs only 13kg, so it is unlikely you will take the back out when you put it in storage. 

In conjunction with the IFIT app, the exercise bike offers a similar experience to the more expensive options on Peloton, but the app controls resistance levels to meet the demands of the trainer and class, and IFIT membership is only required if you receive a one-year subscription to the service. This is particularly appealing as many courses take place in scenic locations around the world, and with a studio you have a little more distraction in the harder sections. 

You can either pay a subscription to the courses or buy the bike directly, and it costs £39.50 per month for unlimited access to the class catalog. Compared to the cost of a regular spinning session at a boutique gym, this is a no-brainer, and you get the added convenience of doing the classes whenever you want. 

Recumbent bikes can be adjusted so that they are perfectly aligned. Unlike upright cycles, no one has to watch or adapt, so try to select one with horizontal settings so you don’t have to lean too close to avoid injury. 

Air is a kind of exercise bike that is not built around a flywheel. The fan itself is connected to the pedals via a belt or pulley. It starts to spin as your speed increases, along with the drag of the blades on it. 

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