York Hex Dumbbells

This York Hex dumbbell set includes a set of 10 sets of 5 sets each with a total weight of 1,500 pounds, for a maximum weight of 2,000 pounds. 

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This versatile complement to the dumbbell & barbell combination body set features 20 weight plates to make setting the right weight for your barbells or dumbbells as easy as possible. Can you choose the set automatically or choose the adjustable dumbbell balls, which help you to adapt your workout and save space? Choose the dumbbell weights that suit you and choose from a wide range of weights, from 1,500 pounds to 2,000 pounds.

York Hex Dumbbell 7.5kg
York Hex Dumbbell 7.5kg

Improve your strength by using this set with the York Hex dumbbell combination bodies, the most popular dumbbell combination body on the market. 

York Hex NEO Dumbbell 10kg Set Review

The comfort level and durability of these dumbbells far exceed the basic hexagonal units, and there are currently units up to 100 pounds. The Vulcan Pro Set costs £2440 if you are willing to buy the dumb bells from 5 lbs to 50 lbs and from 100 lbs to 500 lbs. There are no prices, but the Vulcan Pro Set is only available in limited quantities and costs £647 including shipping in the US. A basic set of pros, which includes a Vulcan set of 5 lb, 50 lb and 100 lb, costs about £747 plus shipping, which is the same price as a standard set with the York Hex Dumbbells combination bodies. 

In fact, the Vulcan Pros are more comfortable than the standard York Hex Dumbbells combination bodies. It gets even better because the new Vulcans are still the same size and weight as the original Vulcan Pro Set dumbbells, but with a slightly larger body. 

See York Premium Dumbbells for more information about the new York Hex Dumbbells combination bodies and the Vulcan Pro Set. 

York Hex Dumbbell Reviews
York Hex Dumbbell Reviews

York Hex Dumbbell NEO 25kg Set Price UK

The stand is fun and colourful and comes with a practical storage space. Weight storage for lifting, up to 70 lbs stand up and try the new York Hex Dumbbells Pro Set and York Pro Hex Set. The sum that is not marked on the floor is safe inside, but not outside, given the weight of the stand. 

The York dumbbell sets are super durable and ideal to expand your home weight selection. Dumbbells are fully adjustable and offer a great variety in weight selection. You can go from 5 to 50 pounds of mute bells in a few seconds with just one spin. Another bonus of York’s rubber hex dumbbells is the size of 50 lbs, making them suitable for a wide range of weights up to 70 lbs. 

York Hex Dumbbell Set Review 25kg, 10kg, 17.5kg

York’s PVC Hex Dumbbells are one of the only brands where the high-quality PVC coating eliminates the smell of rubber dumbbells while protecting the dumbbell. York’s incredibly high quality equipment meets all your fitness requirements, and their hex dumb belles are no exception. With the York PVC hex Dumbbells you can do nothing wrong with a set of York Dumb Bells for your weight selection. 

York Hex Dumbbells 25kg
York Hex Dumbbells 25kg

These dumbbells are perfect for those who want to tone their muscles, build real muscles or improve their fitness level. They are a reliable option for everyone, from beginners to experienced lifters interested in fitness. York PVC Hex Dumb Bells are equipped with a rubber coated design with a high quality PVC coating and a low maintenance design.

York Fitness Hex Dumbbell 17.5kg

These are a great way to get your upper body in shape, tone, strengthen and define your muscles. This is the perfect complement to your home workout to tighten and strengthen both the upper and lower body. Get your own York PVC Cheap Hex Dumbbells and upgrade your home workout gear with our great online selection at eBay.com. 

Set 19 Vinyl Dumbbell Weight Set: You can get a set of 19 York PVC Hex Dumb Bells, ranging from 5 lbs to 125 lbs each, and a range of weights from 1 lb to 1.5 lbs. 

When York Fitness rubber hex dumbbells are placed on the floor, they roll back and forth like a rubber ball. When York Fitness rubber hex dumbbells are placed on the site, York rubber balls roll back and forth. When York, Rubber, Hex, Dumbbells or any other kind of rubber ball is placed on your body, you can roll it back into its original position. 

The disadvantage of this shape is that the corners can chip off or be rounded off, if you put the dumbbells on a dumbbell stand without rubber lining. 

Most dumbbells are used in a single mould, eliminating seams and burrs, so it is advisable to check them just to make sure they actually work. No matter what stupid bellies or weights you use, pick rubber – coated stupid bellies with a thick rubber layer to protect the floor from accidental falls. Rubberized hexagons are made of solid cast iron, but stylish and durable at the same time. Its rubber cover contains a thicker coating on the rubber, which protects against impact, abrasion and scratches. 

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