Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curlbar Weight Bar

Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curlbar Weight Bar Review

The Hardcastle Ez Curl Bar is a great value Olympic bar that will fit most lifting needs. Hardcastle Bodybuilding are making a name for themselves in great value well made weight lifting equipment.

The Hardcastle Olympic weight plates are available in a weight range from 1 – 25 kg to 25 kg. This is great because you can order exactly the weight you need, so while you might only need the 5 kg plate underneath at the beginning, you will need several 20 kg plates for the rest of the workout. The Hardcastle EZ curl bar has so many possibilities that it ultimately only requires a commercial gym. 

You can also get a standard bar of 5 feet, which takes up much less space than the standard barbed bar in a commercial gym or even a barbecue bar. 

I like it that the knurling on this rod has a flat, diamond-like surface that provides a grip without tearing the skin of the palm. When the collar is hung up to the end of the barbell, it slides back and forth, offering additional training safety. The flat diamond border gives you a less firm hold, but also not as hard on the skin or palms. 

Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curlbar Weight Bar Review Summary

The Travel Grip design also allows you to use the plate as a stand-alone barbell or as part of a set instead of standing alone. Knowing all these different facets, I can make a more informed purchase decision when buying an Hardcastle Olympic barb set. If you want to start bell training at home or in the gym today, any of the above equipment will do you good, and I would be happy to recommend it to you. I will cover all the details of each of them in my next post about the Hardcastle Olympic EZ Curlbar. 

Barbells are the most important tool used by construction workers, but they behave in different applications. Just as a hammer is better than a screwdriver, a barbell in the gym can be a better barbell, and it must be the hammer of the home gymnast who is the builder, so he behaves differently and behaves differently. 

This purchase comes with a pair of spring locks that provide a secure hold on the weight. Double-sided adhesive tape is attached to the bottom of the mat to keep it safe. You can get a good home gym set up with a decent bar, decent weights, some cheap gym equipment kit like a cheap runner and a cheap cross trainer.

Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curl bar Weight Bar For Sale

The bar is processed in chrome to ensure full corrosion resistance and at the same time give a great finish. This is a little pricey, but it’s a first-class offering of quality – smart, and there are plenty of other options out there for the same price as this bar.

The ComFy mat and foam mat provides great protection from the floor when you exercise with weights, and the angled handle design of the EZ curl also puts you in a great position to have easy access to your bodyweight exercises such as curls. The collar makes changing weights a breeze and allows you to concentrate on your workout, but it also offers a soft surface and plenty of bounce for body weight exercises. 

If you plan to use the bar for squats, make sure you have a decent amount of knurling, but you could put a lot more weight into squats with one hand – holding the dumbbell. Stupid ringing allows you to work both sides of your body and get a better range of movement for exercises like bench press. This small convenience makes tensioning weights on the bars and pushing the coil instantly easy. 

If you have such a rod, you don’t have to, as it provides the grip ability you need without tearing off your palms. 

The purchase of this Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curl bar is imminent, which offers you great flexibility in terms of weight and weight distribution, as well as the possibility to increase your bar weight.

The Hardcastle underarm twisting rod is ideal for deadlifting, as it prevents your thighs from coming into contact with the bar. The design of these bars is excellent for squats without having to carry the weight on your back. There are high quality panels that are rubber coated and are suitable for use at home and in gyms. These mats also provide grip for your feet and make your home gym a much safer place. They prevent dents and damage to the floor, and therefore keep your weight reasonably low. 

Hardcastle Olympic Ez Curl Bar in Stock

The hexagonal bar (also known as a shrug) allows you to position the bar so that the weight is not in front of the body, but in the middle. The bar is framed like the other hexagonal bars in this series, but with a slightly different design. 

The yield point is the amount of weight the rod can handle before it bends permanently. Tensile strength, a measure of the dynamic force exerted on a rod, is more applicable to home users. 

The maximum load capacity of this bar is 300 kg, the main area of the bar is 111 cm long. Overall, I think this is a great bar for your home studio, especially if you’re a fan of single-use bars. Getting a high quality barbell for home is probably the most important consideration when it comes to equipping your own gym. For private use, the standard Hardcastle Olympic range of 7 feet found in commercial gyms has been reduced by the manufacturer to 6 feet Olympic bars, which may cause some users a bit of a problem. 

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