Wooden Plyo Box

Wooded Plyometric boxes are very sturdy and durable. We have a list of some of the best wooded pylo boxes available on the UK market.

To be a box worthy of your cross training, it must be built with the most groundbreaking technology. This revolutionary method allows Garage Fit to ensure that your box is perfectly manufactured and supports the high quality, high performance and low cost products that our customers now rely on. Here is a look at some of the newest and best wooden plyoboards available on the market today. This 3-in-1 wooden Plyo box has become a go-to box for cross-training, fitness, and fitness equipment

You don’t have to worry about the box slipping either, because its surface is made with slip-free technology. In fact, if installed correctly, you leave a cuddly finished product without protruding screws or gaps, and without any gaps at all. 

Wood Plyo Box UK

In use, it is excellent for lifting the legs off the floor when doing push-ups and sitting, lying or sitting. Beginners can use it for a variety of exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, and even squats with a leg compressor. 

One of the other things that the trapezoidal box does for the manufacturer is that if you have to increase the height, you do not have to buy a new box. You can use multiple fields to change the required heights, such as the one above or the two below. 

The box slides easily on a wooden gym floor, but this is not a problem as long as you put a foam mat underneath to prevent it. If so, you can clean them up and do everything to keep them together, so it won’t be a big problem. 

Wood Pylo Box for CrossFit

The time for pre-drilling is really important because the plywood likes to be split, so you need a plyobox to make progress in training. Since it is easy to jump in and out, you can get all the cardio burns you need and exercise as fast as you want. 

If the holes are not straight or the screws go wrong during installation, there is a possibility that they will drill through the side of the box. Place the clutch on the driver so that he can snugly drive the bolt into the well, then stop and continue to drive, giving the finished box an ugly finish and potentially weakening it. 

Plywood Pylo Box for Sale UK

If you want a better finish, you might want to consider paying a little more for birch plywood. A few layers of varnish will give you a nice finish, no matter what you choose for the box. If you go further, it is a good idea to sand the edges of the laminated timber to remove splinters and smooth out saw blade marks on the edge of your timber. So if you have a little more budget and are serious about the equipment for box jumping, then you should choose the adjustable Plyo box Stamina X. 

Many people choose a 24-30 plyometric jump box because it fits so many different jumps like cross country, downhill and even cross country. The special feature of this speaker is that it has an adjustable height and width as well as a wide selection of angles. As it is a platform instead of a box, you have much more freedom in terms of height, angle and angle of movement. 

The main reason is that you hurt yourself when you miss a jump or hit your shin. Due to the loose and rounded edges, damage to the shin bone, which is accompanied by the Plyo-Boxing training, is avoided. The idea is that the foam prevents shin injuries and also relieves the joints during landing. Those who are afraid to miss jumps with a Plyos box prefer the safety foam option. 

I would recommend filling the properties of the wood with filler, which is then sanded flush with the wood surface. If this is not strictly necessary, it is a good idea to drill a countersunk borehole with a pattern into the final grain of each piece of plywood. 

Cheap 24″ Wood Plyometric boxes

The holes should be about five or six inches apart, about three inches from the edge of the plywood and about half an inch from each other. Measure the notch at 8 ‘from the theoretical edge to the wood and cut out a section, measuring how long it should be. 

If you have one, a saw guide can help you make more straightforward cuts when you use a circular saw for longer cuts. If you don’t have one, but have a straight piece of wood or metal that is long enough, clamp it onto the plywood sheet so that you can carry the saw foot to keep the cutting lines straight. Hanging the holes from the edge of your work surface, cut the lines with a jigsaw to create the handle. 

It is best to allow sufficient time for the assembly, so that the screws are not rushed and damaged. Just look for soft screws, maybe buy your own in advance or take the time to assemble them yourself. Then put the lid on the box and fasten the whole box with a piece of plywood or metal, making sure that all the pieces fit closely together. 

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