Mirafit M200 Power Rack

The Mirafit M200 is a amazing piece of kit squating and lifting. See our Mirafit M200 Power Rack Review here or use the link below to buy.

The M-200 power rack features a 60mm steel frame in a choice of black or orange finish. Bearing-mounted safeties and spotters ensure maximum safety. The Mirafit M200 Power Rack is the latest addition to the popular range of racks and cages from Mirafit. The M200’s 60mm frame has been designed to offer a sturdy, durable and safe rack for Cross Fit, Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting workouts. From clean and press to squats, bench presses and dips, you’ll never need another equipment piece that allows for such a diverse range of exercises. Take a look also at the smaller Mirafit M100 for an alternative to the M200. If you are looking at using the M200 power rack as a bench press you can add in the M2 Bench from the Mirafit Range.

Mirafit M200 Power Rack

If you’re looking for the M200 Power Rack which is a strong all-rounder that’s still available at a reasonable price in the mid-range. The price tag will please those looking for the cheapest squatting shelves, although there are certainly cheaper options. If you are looking for a high-quality, high-performance squatter frame for your home station, Mirafit offers the best of both worlds. It is suitable for standard Olympic bars and we can guarantee that it fits you regardless of your training style. So if you’ve been following the news on power racks, then this is the rack you can put up as it is one of the cheapest options on the market. 

Mirafit M200 Power Rack Review UK

All in all, we think that the M200 Power Rack , if you’re looking for a reasonably priced Mirafit squat rack that includes a few extra features, has done a great job of pursuing your company’s goals. This is an admirable goal and their shelf is great for those who want to come with the cheapest squat racks, although it is still a bit expensive. 

This M200 Power Rack comes with 6 x 4” holes and 2 x single prong safety catches (200kg rated). All accessories, J-cups, and spotting arms are included. It is simple to assemble – the bottom legs simply slot into the frame, the uprights attach to the legs with bolts through the side holes in the uprights.

M200 Power Rack and Cable Pulley System

If you’re on the lookout for an Olympic weight lifting cage, then the Mirafit M200 Power Rack is definitely a good choice. This UK made power rack offers great value for money and will meet all your needs, including chin ups, as well as allowing you the ability to perform many useful exercises.

The Mirafit M200 Squat Rack is a great unit. It’s very sturdy and feels secure. The J cups are great for bench and shoulder press with lots of room to spare, the ability to add weight to the rack using the top rails is also very useful. Quite simply the M200 is everything you’ve come to expect from a power rack and we’d urge you to put that to the test in your training facility.

Mirafit M200 Power Rack - Assembly

Mirafit M200 Power Rack Specifications

  • Frame Size: 60mm x 60mm
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Steel Frame Pole Thickness: From 2mm right up to 6mm 
  • Adjustable: 16 levels Fully Adjustable
  • Holes: 1″ diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals
  • Feet Stability: Bolt Down Feet
  • Pull Up Bar Diameter: 32mm
  • Suitable For Use: 7ft or 6ft international barbell
  • Total Height: 220cm
  • Total Width: 147cm (122cm to outside of uprights)
  • Total Depth: 141cm
  • Internal Depth: 74cm
  • Frame: 60mm X 60mm
  • Net weight: 84kg / 185lbs
  • Max load: 350kg
  • Delivery: Delivered in 3 Boxes

M200 rack compared to the M100 rack

  • The M200 is taller and heavier than the Mirafit M100
  • The M200 has larger 60mm steel box sections (the M100 uses 50mm)
  • The M200 has thicker steel brace plates 
  • The M200 has full length UHMW protection on the spotters
  • The M200 has more holes for attachments to be added
  • The M200 has a larger internal workout space
  • The M200 is stronger and has a higher max load
Mirafit M200 Power Rack - Features Review

The Mirafit Power Rack is one of the most popular items sold at Mirafit. This is no surprise as our M200 features a wide range of exercises you can do to target specific muscle groups. From bench and overhead presses to squats, the barbell rack supports weights up to 120kg which means you can really put your muscles through their paces! The cage offers plenty of room with a space between the UHMW lined J-Cups and frame for even the tallest of us. When not in use, you can even fold down the safety bars for an easier user experience and storage options. Perfect for both home and commercial use (if used in conjunction with a weightlifting licence), the M200 weights rack boasts a black or orange frame.

The M200 is Mirafit’s top of the range power rack. It’s been designed to provide plenty of safety and stability as well as flexibility to get into a huge variety of exercises, particularly for squats and bench press. The M200 features four J-cups that are lined with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic liners for protection and hygiene.

However, the rack is equipped with wall mounting and equipment, which you must purchase separately. You can add optional extras or purchase the Mirafit M200 Power Rack with wall mount and wall mount, both still fantastic choices. 

Mirafit M200 Power Rack - Features

Mirafit M200 Power Rack For Sale

We have used this product in the past and still use it today, just as they do at Mirafit and we still use it today. What is the Mirafit M200 Power Rack? The Mirafit M200 Power Rack is a home gym designed to be as effective as machines in the gym, but doesn’t take up much space, allowing you to build muscle and strength at home while saving money instead of joining a gym. This is why this rack is one of my top picks for getting a full body workout.

This is one of the most unique products on our list because it contains everything you need right in the box. It feels like a serious set designed for those who want to take their workouts to the next level. It’s versatile, space-saving, and doesn’t have to waste so much space on separate equipment. However, the size is a compromise in space and the pull-up and squat racks take up a little more space than the others on this list, as they cannot be folded. This rack is small enough to take up space when not in use, but large enough to be multiplied. 

Mirafit M200 Power Rack - in black

Mirafit M200 Power Rack Best Price

Olympic Rack brings a number of benefits, and taking a step up to Olympic weights can really recharge your workouts. Throw in a brilliant M200 Power Rack 35 kg bench and we has provided a tempting level of strength and power for bodybuilders for each workout. Make sure you use all of them on this list so you can concentrate solely on your workout! 

Mirafit M200 Power Rack is a great piece of equipment if you are looking to start bodybuilding. I have spent many hours in a power rack over the last ten years and I can tell you that Mirafit M200 Power Rack is one of the best available on the market.This review is for those of you looking at the Mirafit M200 Power Rack because you are intrigued about it and want to know more about it. You are probably reading this article as you want to buy it. You have decided to not use one of the many imitations there are online which claim they are the best power rack on the market which is what Mirafit does. So I hope this brief review will help you decide whether or not you can confidently buy this product.

Mirafit M200 Power Rack Customer Reviews

This could easily be the best Power Squat Rack on the market, and you can trust the company to buy the next Squats Rack, as the excellent customer service and high quality products prove. The high-quality stainless steel frame of the M200 Power Rack is proof of its quality And they come in a variety of colors. 

If a squat rack is not enough to train your whole body, you can also have a look at the M200 Power Rack Power Squat Rack for a more powerful and powerful squat. 

This is a brilliant freestanding hockey stick that meets all requirements, is robust and safe, and really helps you to set up your home gym. As you can easily see, the M200 Power Rack Power Squat Rack is a great addition to any gym or gym and could be considered a home gym in itself. Due to its size, I think it would fit perfectly in a gym in your own home or even in a fitness center. I think the Mirafit Squats Rack is the perfect outdoor hockey rack for those who prefer to exercise outdoors. 

Mirafit M200 Power Rack - In Orange

There are many Power Racks in the UK today, and it’s important to know which one to buy. The Mirafit M200 Power Rack is ideal for anyone who wants to build up muscle, tone up and perfect their workout technique.

As you will soon find out, squatters can be priced from extremely affordable to more expensive. If you are looking for a high-quality Olympic hockey stick, you will find hardly anything better than Hammer Strength’s offer. But if you’re looking for the commercial take on everything that’s thrown at you, then you can’t do much wrong with the GPR370. 

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