Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer Review UK

The Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer is a gem of a cross trainer, we have managed to create a review of the Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer here. Use the link below to buy.

The Orbitrek X17 is particularly useful as a fitness device, since it has several different settings and levels. This allows users to choose settings according to fitness experience and desired results. The machine also comes with a number of great features that increase the level of the fitness experience, while using it.

Orbitrek X17 is an exercise machine that resembles an exercise bike but users are to stand in a upright position instead of sitting on a traditional bike. It’s stated that during any of the 17 workouts on this machine, users will burn up to 34 percent more calories.

Orbitrek X17 Multi Path Exercise Machine Review
Orbitrek X17 Multi Path Exercise Machine is a piece of “Easiest work out ever!” equipment that was designed to help you get in the best shape you can be. It has been designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind and is intended to give one of the most effective and fun experiences in a home gym you could find. In this review, I’ll cover everything there is to know about this machine, and hopefully, at the end of it, you’ll have a greater understanding as to whether or not using this machine is right for you!

What if there was an easy way to get in great shape and achieve the body of your dreams? – Without long grueling workouts on boring treadmills or stairmasters. – Without weighing yourself down with dozens of unwanted pounds of excess fat. – Without sacrificing your lifestyle to diet and exercise “routines.” Now there is… The Orbitrek X17 Multi Path Exercise Machine! The Orbitrek X17 Multi-Path is a revolutionary new elliptical exercise machine designed and engineered to get you out of the gym and living an active life in the comfort of your own home. The X17X combines all the benefits of a high-end elliptical fitness bike and a stair climber into one device.

Are you looking for an exercise bike that has multi-challenges and that can strengthen your muscles in unique ways? You may have heard of the Orbitrek X17 exercise machine which offers unique cardio conditioning and is ideal to attain optimum results. Orbitrek gives you the power to change your elliptical exercise workout faster, more efficiently and more effectively than other elliptical machines. Because of its dual-crank system, your body is trained, challenged and conditioned in multiple planes and directions as the pedals automatically move along a continuously changing non-repetitive movement path.
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Super Cardio Workout
Comfortable Workout
Simple to Setup
Only Workout Machine You Need
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Looks Overly Simply

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Orbitrek X17 Multi Path Trainer Specifications:

  • Brand: ORBITREK
  • Manufacturer: Thane
  • Product Type: Cross Trainer
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 28.45cm x 56.64cm x 71.12cm
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Resistant Type: Magnetic Resistance System
  • Console Functions: Time, Km-Mi, Resistance Levels, RPM, Workload, Distance, Pedal Path
  • Programmes: 21 User Programmes, including Beginner (1-6) Interval (7-18), Advanced Exercise (19-21)
  • Flywheel Weight: 3kg
  • Assembly: Self Assembly
  • Maximum User Weight: 125kg (19st, 10lb)
  • Pedals: Strapped Pedals
  • Transport: Transport Wheels Included
  • Resistance Levels: 8 Tension Levels
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Storage: Transportation Wheels Included
  • EAN: 5060092019460
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Orbitrek X17 is a cardio machine that replicates the look and feel of running outdoors. It’s up to 34 percent more calories as well as a better workout than biking. The company is offering for free shipping, a 12 months warranty, a 10-day trial period, providing all the necessary tools– like safety guide and DVDs — to start exercising in no time.

Orbitrek X17 is a versatile and compact exercise machine. It offers cycling, rowing, elliptical and stair climbing all in one machine. These work together to give you a complete feel of what it feels like to run outdoors on different terrains. There are 21 pre-programmed workouts on this machine. The Orbitrek X17 has three modes: Intervals, Hills and Manual. We don’t have an Orbitrek X17 to conduct our own tests, but reviewers who’ve used it suggest that the Orbitrek provides a tough workout because you have your whole body working at once and burning up more calories per minute.

Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer Review UK
Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer Review UK

Orbitrek X17 is a physical exercise equipment that helps you burn calories and lose weight. Aside from that, your workout will become more productive. This machine has 17 different programs that combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to keep things interesting and to ensure every part of your body will be worked out.

Orbitrek X17 is a steel construction exercise machine that has been built to feel like you’re running outside in the fresh air. It has 17 different settings that mimic outdoor terrains, and is stated to burn up to 34% more fats compared to machines that don’t function like this one does. This exercise equipment, known as the Orbitrek X17 machine, mimics what it feels like to run across varying types of terrain. It’s built with an adjustable height, a cushioned deck, and padded handles and seat.

The Orbitrek X17 is the first and only cardio machine that mimics natural outdoor running! The X17 comes with 17 different workouts pre-programmed onto a tablet, allowing individuals of any fitness level to perform instructional running workouts. With three training modes, you can choose to focus on increasing endurance, strength or boost your metabolism by mixing both up! The X17 has a range of workouts that allow users to create their own goals and progress at their own pace.

Orbitrek X17 Review Summary

The Orbitrek X17 is a unique piece of exercise equipment that gives users the feeling of running on foot. It works the legs and improves balance by standing upright on a moving platform. Various workouts are included that will trump the leg-training benefits of traditional exercise bikes.

The Orbitrek X17 is a combination of a treadmill, stair climber, and elliptical trainer. It “walks” you forward, backward, diagonal and side to side using the handles for upper-body exercise. As you are pressing the handle forward you’ll be in a full sprint, full stride running motion. The unit measures your progress with its built in computer that has 17 different workouts.

The Orbitrek X17 is a unique and exciting aerobic exercise machine. Stand on it horizontally just as you would stand upright and jog naturally across different types of terrains and in different directions. It’s 17 workouts are scientifically proven to burn up to 34 percent more calories, yet keep your heart rate within the ideal fat burning zone. This machine is unique and will give you an aerobic workout that feels much more natural than the other aerobic machines on the market. The products themselves are strong and offer significant benefits. However, they have all been over-branded with features! Do not be fooled by these descriptions.

Orbitrek X17 resembles a stationary exercise bike, but is so much more. During workouts, this machine is designed to feel like you are running several different types of terrains, including mud and sand. This helps users burn up to 34 percent more calories per workout and replicate the feeling of running outdoors.

Built to mimic outdoor distances and terrains, the X17 is a unique exercise machine that lets users set up their own personal running course. During any of the 17 programs on this machine, users will burn up to 34 percent more calories than they do when exercising on a regular treadmill or bike. And when finished, they’ll be ready to tackle the hills outside with newfound energy and stamina.

Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer For Sale

If you plan to use this new elliptical cross trainer every day, it is a good choice for those who plan to do so. With a stride length of And backwards, the unisex still offers some value, but not as much as the commercial cross trainers. 

The best elliptical cross trainer set to get you from home fitness to fitness, and it is also the best of all good elliptical cross trainers available. The best elliptical cross trainer sets for those who want to maintain their fitness at home or at home. And backwards, but with a longer stride length and a greater range of motion, it is also one of the most versatile crosstrainers available on the market today. 

Orbitrek X17 Cross Trainer Best Price UK

This inexpensive elliptical cross trainer is a fairly normal budget elliptical cross trainer, but runs smoothly and has many features, which provide an effective workout. It is one of my favourite machines in the gym as it is more or less fulfilled and easy to set up and operate. 

It uses a magnetic resistance, which means that you still get the same resistance as a normal elliptical cross trainer, but with a slightly higher resistance. It has a large display on the side of the machine so you can monitor your progress while you are driving. 

The console feedback allows you to track your speed, distance, calory consumption, heart rate, and body temperature. If you want to do a great cardio workout, you will find that this elliptical cross trainer is ideal for this. It helps you train your legs and torso, and if you miss the gym and find it much easier to work out at home, you may find that this fits your needs. I expect to use it regularly, not only to improve my cardiovascular fitness, but also to put a lot less strain on my joints when I walk. You could call it an elliptical, or even a treadmill or elliptical, with a slightly higher resistance than a normal one. 

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