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Looking for as great bit of cardio kit for your home gym? Then a Cross-trainer is the perfect option. Cross trainers offer great low impact calorie burning in the comfort of your own home. Cross Trainers help to give you a great all over body workout. Get the best cheap deals on Cross Trainers here using our gym equipment price comparison tool.

We check the prices and run a cross trainer comparison tool to make sure you get the very best deals on your new bit of kit. Look below for the best deal using the best cross trainer comparison tool we have at our disposal.

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Cheap Cross Trainer Buyers Guide

CrossTrainers guide showcases a great selection of cross trainers, versatile fitness machines that combine a walking motion with benefits for the upper body. Cross trainers do not put so much pressure on your joints, allowing you to exercise without worry.

We offer you this guide to help you to decide which cross trainer is best for you.

There are three types of cross trainers to choose from. Finding your perfect cross trainer will depend on what your fitness levels are, the available space in your home and whether you are looking for professional gym equipment. These are:

Compact cross trainers
Standard cross trainers
Commercial cross trainers

Compact cross trainers are ideal for smaller spaces. They feature a nice, compact design that can be folded away after use to save space and make the most out of the area available.

Suitable for – Novice, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.
Best for – Home use, especially homes with limited space.
Benefits – Can be folded away as a great space-saving solution in your home.

Standard cross trainers are cross trainers that are suitable for general exercise purposes. They feature durable designs and are ideal for home use. Different program’s allow you to set goals and objectives. Choose from a wide variety of standard cross trainers, from leading cross trainer brands, with different designs to suit individual preference.

Suitable for – Novice to intermediate fitness levels.
Best for – A range of fitness levels, for regular exercise.
Benefits – Great value for money and practical features.

Cheap Commercial Cross Trainers

Commercial cross trainers are great for intermediate users who are looking to take the next step up or for professional athletes who are looking for top of the range fitness equipment. They feature a high level of adjust-ability and excellent program’s so you can experience a top workout. Commercial cross trainers are perfect for hotels, gyms and saunas, and give you the luxurious style and comfort that you expect.

Suitable for – Intermediate to advanced fitness levels.
Best for – Preparation for a sporting event, advanced performance.
Benefits – Top of the range features and unbeatable programmed

Rear Wheel Cross Trainers

Rear wheel cross trainers have the drive mechanism at the back and give you a longer stride length. This allows for a jogging or walking type of motion. The position that you take on a rear wheel cross trainer is more central, making for a more comfortable exercising position.

Suitable for – Novice to Intermediate fitness levels.
Best for – Home exercise as part of an exercise routine.
Benefits – Value for money and high quality features.

Front Wheel Cross Trainers

Front wheel cross trainers give you a different exercise motion to real wheel cross trainers. Because your weight is more on the front it feels more like a going up stairs motion. Front wheel cross trainers tend to be more expensive due to the more advanced mechanics and are more common in homes than in gyms.

Suitable for – Intermediate to advanced fitness levels.
Best for – Gym standard exercise, creating a home gym.
Benefits – Advanced features and great builds.

Cheap Cross Trainer Features

Cross trainer stride length – Many cross trainers allow you to shorten or lengthen the stride, making it easier to match the machine’s movement to your own natural stride pattern. Most budget models come with a 16″ stride which is fine if your under 5′ 10″. If you’re taller than this you will really need a cross trainer with an 18″ + stride length, as you’ll only use the range your legs can manage, that is, if you’re under 5″ you can use any machine.

Cross trainer pedals – Cross trainers usually have oversized pedals in order to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes. The pedals are optimally spaced to minimise lateral hip shifting that could put stress on your lower back. There is often a Shock Absorption System that allows the pedals to flex to give you an even lower-impact elliptical workout. Many cross trainer pedals offer you the most natural and comfortable positioning for your feet with thoughtful safety rims and non-slip tread.

Cross trainer safety – The first and foremost for cross trainer safety is to be aware of the safety buttons such as the automated switch off and the brake adjustment system. Padded handle bars are also in place to stop your hands slipping. The maximum user weight for each treadmill is also something to be aware of.

Cross Trainer Key Terms

Heart rate control

If you like to be in complete control and get the most out of your exercise routine, then a heart rate control program’s comes highly recommended. With a heart rate control program you can target ideal productivity settings. This is particularly useful if you strive for cardiovascular goals.

Heart rate control program’s work through two different types of connections. Some cross trainers offer pulse rate measurement.

Cross Trainer Hand grip

Hand grip allows for heart rate measurement, directly from the handles. Simply hold onto the handles and the sensors will pick up on your heart rate activity.

Wireless Heart Rate monitor on a cross trainer

Some cross trainers come with a chest strap to give you convenient wireless heart rate measurement and control. Simply attach the strap to your chest and your heart rate will be transmitted to the monitor.

Pre-set programmes

Pre-set programmes, such as keeping track of the speed or of the calories burnt, are convenient and easy to use. Simply select one of these diagrams for your cross trainer monitor and start running.

A good way to approach exercise is to set goals and objectives. Using a pre-set or custom programme will help you to reach your goals.

Custom program’s

Custom program allow you more of an individual experience exercising. You can have a varied and challenging program that will improve your fitness.

Resistance levels

Program’s usually come with different resistance levels. These are great for endurance training. Intermediate and advanced treadmills feature many more resistance levels to accommodate your needs.

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Cross Trainer Comparison

Cross Trainers for weight loss

The main benefit of the cross trainers is that training on one is a low impact but high calorie burn exercise. Using a cross trainer for weight loss is one of the main reasons people buy a cross trainer. For those who have some excess weight you may find running has too much impact on the knees. Cross trainers support the feet as you exercise therefore there is little to no impact on the knees.

As you lose weight on the cross trainer you can start to move onto other cardio equipment that will have more impact on the knees. But as you will be lighter by then the impact will be less. So starting off your weight loss on the cross trainer is ideal to get the initial weight off and to support your weight loss until you get to your ideal weight.,

Elliptical or Cross Trainers?

There is some confusion around what is a cross trainer and what is a Elliptical trainer. To put it easily Elliptical trainers are category of many exercise machines and of those one type is a cross trainer. Cross trainers are a type of Elliptical Machine that exercises the arms and legs in different ways at the same time, meaning there is a cross over of training while using a cross trainer. The key benefit of this is the legs are doing an elliptical rotation and can be driven with the legs only, or the by using the arms of the Cross trainer you aid the legs in driving this Elliptical cycle. The arms drive this rotation through a push pull on the bar, whereas the legs is a cycling motion. This difference in how you drive the machine between the legs and the arms creates a need for coordination that engages your core muscles, aiding more cardiovascular and muscle work.

This cross body training is what gives the Cross Trainer its name and is key to how effective the Cross Trainer is at giving you a near full body exercise in one time frame and on one gym machine. Cross Trainers are a form of HITT, as you are exercise a near full body workout in the same time as you would a simple isolated body part on other exercise machines.


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