Mirafit Ab Mat

Mirafit Padded Ab Mat is being used in wellness centres, gyms and home exercise studios around the World. It’s your time to get Mirafit.

The Mirafit Ab Mat provides the ultimate abdominal workout by allowing you to fully extend your core muscles, while providing support for better stability and balance. Suitable for use in nearly any position, this padded mat features a non-slip surface that’s comfortable, even during high intensity workouts. Padded Ab Mats provide maximum support and comfort when working your core muscles. Our Ab Mats are designed with a wide, easy-grip handle for increased stability and come with a printed body workout chart that includes different workouts that can be performed on the mat. With a convenient carrying strap, our Padded Ab Mats can also be carried easily to the gym.

Mirafit Ab mat UK
Mirafit Ab mat UK

The Ab Mat has a non-slip surface and feels firm yet comfortable, ideal for high intensity core muscle workouts. The unique design allows you to lie down and perform crunches or sit up and perform traditional ab exercises. Perfect for using at home or at the gym.

The Mirafit Ab Mat is designed to allow you to extend your entire core for high intensity workouts. The mat has a non-slip grip surface and provides you with everything you need for a complete workout. Whether you’re working your abs or focusing on your obliques, this ab mat will help you achieve the results you desire. one other good way to tone the abs is using a weighted hula hoop, these firm up abs really well.

Mirafit Ab Pad Mat

Ab mats are a great way to work your core muscles, and depending on what sort of training you plan to use them for, you may want some padding. If you’re using an ab mat for doing crunches or sit-ups, padding will let you know if you’re working your abdominals the whole time. If you’re doing a lot of twists and side bends, it can be a bit tricky to gauge. Padding will also help with comfort — which is important if you’re going to do a lot of crunches in one session. If you’re looking for a perfect addition to your exercise routine, our Ab Mats offer some great help. The pads provide support to your body during workouts, decreasing the likelihood of injury. Aside from ab workouts, use these mats while doing crunches, sit ups, leg lifts and planks.

Mirafit Ab Pad Mat is a great product for core training. Yes, you heard me right. You should be working your core muscles every day. Strong abdominal muscles are vital for developing stability and balance during exercise. They also protect your back from injury, as well as help lengthen and flex your spine to promote healthy posture.

Mirafit Exercise Mat is great for abdominal exercises, weight lifting and stretching. The mat is padded to help eliminate pressure and discomfort from hard gym floors helping to support your body during exercise. It measures 210cm x 150cm x 8mm and has a PVC cover. It comes with a carry strap for ultimate portability as well as a microfibre storage bag.

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