Mirafit Axle Bar

The Mirafit Olympic 7ft Mirafit Axle Bar is used by many of the strongest people in the world. Over 500lb (226kg) worth of deadlifts and squats is a record set using this bar. It has a 5cm diameter centre, making it comfortable for your hands without compromising grip strength. This bar is smooth as possible so you don’t rely on knurling to maintain your hold on the bar. Ideal for Strongman style training.

The Mirafit Olympic 7ft Axle Bar weights between 11kg to 18kg, depending on which barbells you choose from. These Mirafit Axle Bars have a diameter of 5 cm and are covered in white vinyl for protection. They are tapered from the centre to the ends with double-knurled sides.

This 7ft Olympic bar from Mirafit is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to do some serious training at home. The bar is 5cm in diameter, which means a comfortable grip and firm hold. This is ideal for anyone, especially those who struggle with heavy lifting due to lacking grip strength. The bar also features a centre knurling, which allows you to put maximum pressure on it and attain more weight on your lifts. This is great for anyone looking to train with the Strongman style as the central knurling helps move weight from you and puts it onto the bar.

Some of the best Strongman competitors in the UK and Europe swear by Mirafit Axle bars as their primary grip strength training tool. With a 7ft length, this is one of our longest Mirafit Axle Bars. It’s a little longer than the 6ft Olympic bar which means that your shoulder muscles are forced to work harder when pushing and pulling loads.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced lifter, our Mirafit Olympic Axle Bars help you to increase the strength of your forearms by using a thicker bar.

Mirafit Strongman Axle Bar

Mirafit Strongman Axle Bar is convenient, sturdy and convenient to use. The item can be assured of durability as it is made from durable materials ensuring that the product can withstand rough uses during exercises and you’ll still have it in near mint condition years later. This product is suitable for both home and commercial use as well as physical reforms such as training, sports, gym, rehabilitation and fitness among others.

The Strongman Axle Bar is the newest piece of equipment from Mirafit, but don’t let its simple name fool you. At first glance its design appears to be very similar to a standard farmer’s walk handles. The handle is rather large and covered in foam. It also features a thick metal bar that runs through the center of the bar just like many strongman implements. However, the strongman axle bar from Mirafit is not just used for farmers walks.

Mirafit Strongman Axle Bar is the latest design in weight lifting bars. The wafer thin and knurled bar gives you a better grip for OHP and squats. The high quality, sturdy steel has a special coating to prevent rusting.

Mirafit Axle Barbell Bar for sale

This Mirafit Axle Barbell Bar is available on Amazon in a variety of weights and sizes. The barbells are hollow and made of high quality steel, and include a finish that prevents them from corroding during use. They are made with the idea of helping the fitness athlete reach their fitness goals in mind, as well as become an inspiration to those working hard towards achieving their set fitness goals.

We arrived at the conclusion that Mirafit axle barbell bar is awesome. We have even published our well-researched article on our testing of the bar and why we are going to be purchasing one!

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