IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym

The Iron Man IM-118 is a single station Multigym, this is a very well made strong single station Multi Gym that for the price offers great value for money and is a awesome starter Multi Gym.

IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym is total body workout in single station.

IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym is designed for people, who want to grow stronger and healthier and it allows you to train all muscle groups. You can do muscle strengthening and toning exercises like: Chest press, Pec Dec, Butterfly Press for an awesome chest workout, Lat Pulldown, Leg extension & curling bar; strengthen your back and abs; target the biceps; develop strong shoulders and arms with the preacher curl pad; and much more. 

IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym
IronMan IM-118 Single Station

I’m a big fan of home workout equipment and investing in some high quality items to help you reach your fitness goals. I’ve been using the Body Solid G10S Home Gym and I love it and think everyone should get one of these bad boys. The Ironman IM-118 Multi Gym is made up of multiple amenities which include an incline bench, cables, weight pegs, weight stacks all in one machine. 

With this particular product, you could find the most recent cost, review it as well as even compare costs with similar items. The IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym for Sale is a single station home multi gym that provides you an ideal opportunity to build your core and strengthen all of your upper and lower muscles. This product delivers a range of exercises for your arms, upper and lower back and every one of the muscles in your body that you need to strengthen. With this, you can swiftly reach your fitness goals that you have been dreaming of for such a long time. 

IM-118 Single Station Multi Gym from IronMan Review

I have owned this gym for around 2 months now after reading various reviews online. I had done my research and decided that the IM-118 was the best multi gym for my needs, I am very pleased after using it regularly over the last few months. This is a very well-engineered piece of kit with a strong, long lasting construction. It will require some assembly but is easy to do in around an hour by yourself. 

[caption id="attachment_60910" align="alignnone" width="300"]IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym UK Review IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym UK Review

IronMan IM 118 Single Station Home Multi Gym UK Review

Welcome to another exciting review! Today we’ll be taking a gander at the IronMan IM-118 single-station Gym. If you’ve never heard of the iron man brand, you’re not alone. It’s a relatively new brand in the USA and Europe, but, has been around for many years in Asia and South America under the Kettler brand name. 

I’ve ranked this IronMan Multi-Gym as one of the top 3 cheap multi gyms I have reviewed this year. Despite being a home gym, it has all the features of a commercial gym with that will easily rival that of your local gym at a fraction of the cost. It even comes with an exercise guide with over 40 different exercises. If you are looking for a great budget exercise equipment with all the bells and whistles, look no further than this IM-118 multi station gym from IronMan! 

  • Strong High Quality steel Multi Gym
  • A pec Dec – Butterfly Press for an awesome chest workout
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Leg extension & curling bar
  • A Chest Press
  • Upright rows
  • Preacher curl pad for targeting the Biceps
  • A Lifetime Frame Warranty
IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym 1

IronMan IM-118 Weight Stack:

There is a 30kg / 66lb weight stack included with this cheap multigym with an easy pull pin locking system in place. This ensures that any weight changes can be done quickly and safely.

The IronMan IM-118 Weight Stack gives the user the freedom to do hundreds of exercises. The machine offers a leg raise station also, which will help to work not only your abdominal muscles but also the lower back muscles. This helps to strengthen the core of the body, improving your stability. 

The Ironman Im-118 weight stack totes 30kg/66lbs of resistance, which is more than enough to meet the needs of even professional bodybuilders older than 65. Its 15lb weight plates are all coated in rubber to prevent any accidents, but if you’re the clumsy type, the bar does have a hole for accommodating rubber grip handles or wrist straps.

IronMan IM-118 Construction:

The main frame is made from the highest grade box steel while the back pad & seat are thickly padded with foam and have a wipe clean PVC covering.

The IronMan-IM-118 Multi Gym is a sturdy and capable exercise machine which can support up to 210kg of weight. It comes equipped out-of the box with 8 standard home gym attachments and optional extras such as a preacher curl and leg extension can be purchased separately, which gives you plenty of variety during your workout routine. 

The IronMan IM-118 multi gym is a great piece of kit, and can easily be turned into a functional home gym. It’s an ideal addition to your home as it has many uses and can provide a great amount of workouts both for low and high impact workouts. The IronMan Multi Gym comes with attachments that allow you to workout your arms, chest, back and legs as well as giving you low and high impact workouts. The design of the multi gym allows for exercise programs that combine cardio and strength training, getting the best results from every workout. 

Ironman IM-118

IronMan IM-118 Built Dimensions:

185 x 100 x 201cm Length x Width x Height

The IronMan IM-118 Multi Gym is a multi-functioning machine, and with the added leg developer and preacher curl / high pulley component, you can easily gain all the muscle groups that you set out to. You want to get in shape for your summer holiday and the IM-118 Multi Gym will take care of that for you. 

This is an great multi-gym machine. It is well built and has a very strong steel frame. This one available in red/black/grey/silver grey or blue/grey colours. This is one of the cheapest gym equipment I know, but it has high quality features. 

Plenty of Multi Gyms are available yet not every one of them offers you arrangement for all the basic exercises. Discover how the Ironman IM-118 Edge Multi Gym with Decline Bench can give you everything you really want in your exercising Center.

Total Weight:


IronMan IM-118 Single Station Home Multi Gym 3

Box 1 Dimensions:

163 x 40 x 15.5cm Weight 32.5kg

Box 2 Dimensions:

37.5 x 21 x 26cm Weight 25kg

User Maximum Weight:


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