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Get cheap Protein Mousse Powder here to help you gain your lean muscle while having a protein that acts as a desert! You will be amazed at how nice this USN Protein Mousse tastes! USN protein mousse tastes a lot like a angel delight but without all the sugar. Packing 15g of protein per serving this is the ideal way to add some protein into the diet.

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Protein Mousse Powder is the fast making protein dessert ideal for anyone on a high protein diet. If you are missing dessert when gaining lean muscle then try this amazing tasting protein mousse powder.

Protein Mousse Powder is the ideal dessert for dieting and gaining lean muscle. This exquisite mix of delicious chocolate and caramel flavor tastes just like a mousse, but without the fat and calories that ordinary mousse supplies. Comprised of only 140 calories per serving, this powder is ideal for those on calorie restricted diets, those following a bodybuilding regime, as well as those who desire a treat with 0g of trans fats.

Whether you’re trying to increase muscle or cut fat, Protein Mousse Powder is the fast, delicious and convenient way to add protein to your diet. Our flavors are carefully crafted and baked into our signature mousse recipe, resulting in a delightful taste that will leave you coming back for more. This healthy alternative to other protein powders. Made with Whey Protein, this protein mousse powder is a fast digesting protein dessert.

Made with only real ingredients and outstanding taste, you will not find anything else like it and you will be wanting more and more! Only real protein and no sugar. Protein Mousse is 100% Made in the USA! With our powder, it’s easier than ever for people on a high protein diet to enjoy their favorite desserts while still getting that extra protein boost they need. If you are looking to add protein to the diet try protein bars as well.

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Dessert for Low Sugar Diets

Protein Mousse Powder is an ideal protein powder for dieters and weightlifters alike. It comes in a powder that is easy to mix with water or milk, and has no calories or fat, and only 1g of carbs per serving. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, chemicals or preservatives here. This recipe makes a fluffy, thick mousse with a great taste. Let this recipe inspire you to make your own healthy sweets with this easy-to-use powder!

You will absolutely fall in love with the mouthwatering delicious chocolate mousse. Just add over ice to make your own single serving 4oz mocha latte (1 scoop of powder). Or you can top on some berries for a fruity, low-fat mousse treat. Protein Mousse Powder is a perfect way to gain lean muscle mass and not sacrifice those delicious desserts. This powder mixes with water forming a mousse like texture. With only 100 calories per serving, it is perfect for those who are gaining muscle and need a high protein dessert alternative. Protein supplements do not come any better than this!

Protein Mousse Powder is the perfect solution to your dessert craving and food cravings. It is ideal for anyone on a body building diet or to create a delicious protein packed snack. With this powder you can create a low-fat but high-protein dessert in just minutes. More than just a tasty way to get an extra boost of high quality protein, it mixes with just almond milk and water. Each serving contains: 27g of Whey Protein Isolate to help build and protect lean muscle mass and 5g BCAAs to keep those muscles primed for whatever activity you do; 4g glutamine and 2g.

Protein Mousse Powder is a rich tasting powder that mixes into a satisfying dessert that you can enjoy to manage your healthy eating plan. This delicious mousse pudding combines superior nutrition, the convenience of a powder and the memorable taste of a traditional chocolate mousse. The perfect treat if you are missing dessert or want a velvety smooth chocolate dessert.


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