Fit4Home TF-S760 Intense Indoor Exercise Bike Spin Bike

Fit4Home Tf-S760 Spin Bike Review

The Fit4Home (F4H) TF-S760 is a studio bike or spin bike that allows you to do high intensity exercise in your own home. Take a look at our Fit4Home TF-S760 review here and see the links to buy the bike.

Fit4Home manufacture a number of spinning bikes and in this article we are going to be looking at the TF-S760 spin bike. The TF-760 is one of the most popular bikes from Fit4home.

The Fit4Home TF-S760 is an intensely robust exercise bike created to help you build more strength and stamina than your typical gym bike. It includes 7 levels of magnetic resistance, allowing you to gradually increase intensity as needed. Completely reclinable to any angle, the TF-S760 gives you the opportunity to control your workout at all times. The easy-to-reach bottle holder makes it convenient to maintain the balance of water and energy throughout your workout.

This full body exercise bike provides the perfect combination of cardio and strength training, strengthening your core and upper body as well as your lower body. The TF-S760 is designed to give YOU a more intense workout than any other exercise bike on the market, using our very own Super Circuit System which you can read about by clicking HERE. Our products are built from the highest quality materials on the planet and offer an exceptional warranty.

The TF-S760 is the perfect bike for increasing stamina, burning calories and losing weight. Security features like the “hold” button and iFit Live compatibility make this the ultimate workout on your schedule.

Fit4Home TF-S760 Specifications

Fit4home brings you the TF-S760 exercise bike for at home use. This sleek and stylish bike is perfect for use in small areas as it is 130cm x 51cm x 112cm in measurements. The transportation wheels which come with the machine allow you to store the bike effortlessly and are also useful if you wish to move the bike from one room to another. The phone holder and Bluetooth connectivity means that you can connect your phone or music device to the bike whilst enjoying your workout. The adjustable resistance allows you to adjust the difficulty of the workout, making this ideal for any level of experience.

The TF-S760 Specs

  1. Sturdy frame : The sturdy steel frame allows you to achieve the fitness results you desire.
  2. Anti Scratch Resilient Rubber Pad
  3. Adjustable Seat: To suit all heights
  4. LCD Display: Which shows your time, distance, calories, speed, pulse etc. , gives you feedback on your progress and stats
  5. Multi Function – Handle bar with 10 settings provides a more comfortable workout experience as you can fully control the intensity of your workout.
  6. Dimensions: 130cm x 51cm x 112cm
  7. Warranty – 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Fit4Home TF-S760 Review Summary

Fit4Home TF-S760 Review Summary, If you want to burn calories, lose weight and increase your strength capacity then our exceptionally built TF-S760 Intense Exercise Bike would be the perfect choice for you. Not only does this bike offer you some excellent features such as the 18kg flywheel, 3 Pc crank and adjustable resistance but it also has a holder for your smartphone and Bluetooth capabilities.

The Fit4Home TF-S760 exercise bike is available in black and the features are well thought out. There’s the 18 kg fly wheel, which is more than enough to give you the ride you want. The crank arms and chain are made from stainless steel, so no rust here. The pedals are adjustable with straps so you don’t need to worry about your feet slipping off. The handlebars are quite comfortable and have a soft finish for added comfort, something which is always nice to have on exercise bikes. Here’s what I think of this model:

Exercise bikes have become incredibly popular over the years, with more and more people taking them seriously in their quest to burn fat and lose weight. This has led to some innovative designs, but we’re not going to lie; why risk it when you can go for a bike that’s been proven? Fit4Home have certainly thought about the details since they’re so eager to give you everything you could possibly need when it comes to your health. The TF-S760 has a weight capacity of up to 136kg with a maximum user height of 131 – 227cm and one of the reasons why we recommend this bike is due to its adjustable resistance level. When cycling is done correctly, it targets multiple muscle groups and with

Where Can You Find the Fit4Home TF-S760 For Sale in the UK?

The Fit4Home is currently being stocked by a number of retailers, although the main seller is Amazon. If you want to compare prices I would recommend checking out Amazon. They currently have the best price and you can also get free delivery if you subscribe to their Prime service.

Fit4Home TF-S760 Spin Bike is on sale online and in several stores across the country. Where you can easily get the best deal, we have done the hard work and checked the prices with suppliers including Amazon, John Lewis and other local retailers to bring you the cheapest prices.

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