10Kg Sandbag Power Bag

10Kg Sandbag Exercise Bag

One of the most versatile tools you probably do not use is a sandbag if you want to exercise your full body. Whether you can’t find cheap dumbbells or kettles, or are just looking for a tool to combine hiit strength training with muscle gain, sandbags are a way to put a strain on your whole body.

If you want to make it even cheaper, throw together your own home made sandbag, which can be built from an old duffel bag or backpack. In this situation I would recommend to be medium bag, but in this case you need a heavy, medium sized powerbag, like this 10kg Sandbag Power Bag. 

Using the 10kg Sandbag for strength training

Imagine feeling like you’re pulling back on the weight, rather than just wrapping your arms around it. You can even lift the sandbag higher than with a hydrogen hand grenade, so that it can be used as a barbell instead of a heavy, heavy power bag. When you put the bag on the back arm, you can get all the weights and shifts you want out of your sandbag workout.

Make sure you hold your core tight so you don’t feel it in your lower back, and you can use your hips a bit more to help rotate when the bag gets heavier. To combat your body’s desire for rotation, you need to involve the core and really squeeze your erectile tissue. 

If you have tight shoulders or shoulder pads, lift the bag to chest level only and hold the end of the handle of your bag. The handle makes it easier to grab and throw the sandbag, so you can concentrate on your core and not on the weight of a 10 kg powerbag in front of you. If you squat too low, it becomes a squat, so just do it and do shoulder presses instead of throws. Make it easier: Put your feet on the floor and squat up to about 5-6 inches above your knees. 

10 Kg Sandbags aka Power bags for sale

For forward-force exercises, core work becomes even more difficult to carry the weight, and vice versa, shifting the weights in the sandbag makes fluidity impossible. Take a beating: Work hard on something you’re really there for, and you’ll be able to regain your strength. At the first rep of each movement, use the lift, then the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and so on. 

To make the sandbag do a single leg deadlift, you can hold the sandbag in different ways. At the end of this article, you can also try the full-body sandbag workout by McGrath.

10kg Sandbags and Power Bag Ranges for Sale

If you are doing alternating overhead pressing, you can hold the sandbag by pressing the bag over your head. Use the swing to lift your arms up and twist your bag in a fist to lift it above your head, then bend your elbows back to lower back down and press your left heel to return to the starting position. When you get up, use the force from your lower body to push the pockets overhead and lift them up to your chest. Turn it over in a quick movement and move your left foot away to get back to the middle. 

Then quickly bend your knees and turn to the side and push the sandbag with your legs back to the side to start over. Hold the bag over your chest and put your butt down again, hold your head and chest up, then sink down to break the mold and lower it to your other shoulder. Then keep your body on your chest, right foot in front of you and left foot behind you, bending your knee and left foot quickly over your sides. 

Beginners want to hold the sandbag in their hand, while advanced users want to do a suitcase or monopod lift by holding it with the other hand to the standing leg. I recommend a sandbag if you want to increase the intensity and high repetitions, but even with a backpack the grip breaks quickly. Try using uncomfortable sandbags that have no grip and need a hug – like grip. To help with high reps, grab the handles and hit the thing with your right hand on the floor, then with your left.

Look for Mirafit sandbags in your local gym or studio, but if you want the best on how to make a sandbag at home, read “How to Make a Sandbag.” The recipe is simple: Buy 3 bags of sand from Home Depot, wrap them in as much tape as you can and get yourself a pair of high-performance sandpaper and a few pieces of plastic wrap. 

We love Sandbags for full body workouts. You can do some great HIIT training with a sandback for muscles and a rower such as the Jll Ventus 2 Air Rower. With these two bits of kit you have all you need for a mini home gym set up.

When you make a bent sandbag, hold onto the handle of the sandbag with one hand. To pull yourself out of the bag, you put your hand out with your other hand and crawl up the bag, then lean back on your backside. 

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