Sci-Mx CLA 1000 is a soft gel form of the well know weight loss supplement CLA. CLA has been show to help reduce the amount of fat stored in the bod while making it more bio available for the body to use as fuel.

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Pros and Cons of Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80

Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 is a supplement that has gained attention in the fitness community for its potential benefits. As a team with over 45 years of bodybuilding experience, including Personal Trainers and BSC (Hons) Nutritional Therapy professionals, we bring you an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons based on our extensive qualifications.


  1. Scientifically Formulated:
    • Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 is backed by scientific research, aligning with our team’s commitment to evidence-based supplementation.
  2. CLA for Body Composition:
    • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is known for its potential to support body composition goals, including fat loss and muscle maintenance.
  3. BSC (Hons) Nutritional Therapy Expertise:
    • With three team members holding BSC (Hons) degrees in Nutritional Therapy, our evaluation considers the supplement’s nutritional aspects, ensuring a comprehensive review.
  4. Long-Term Use and Understanding:
    • Our team’s extended use of Sci-Mx products provides a deep understanding of the brand, allowing us to assess CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 in the context of the brand’s evolution.
  5. Client Feedback:
    • We actively seek and consider feedback from over 200 clients who use LA Muscle Supplements, including Sci-Mx CLA 1000. Real-world experiences contribute to our evaluation.
  6. Personal Trainer Insights:
    • Four Personal Trainers on our team bring professional expertise, offering insights into how Sci-Mx CLA 1000 can complement various fitness regimens.
  7. Holistic Review Approach:
    • Our holistic review approach considers not only the supplement’s potential benefits but also its compatibility with different lifestyles, exercise routines, and nutritional plans.
  8. Continuous Monitoring:
    • Our continuous monitoring of LA Muscle Supplements ensures that our review remains up-to-date, capturing any changes or improvements in formulation or effectiveness.


  1. CLA’s Varied Effectiveness:
    • While CLA may be effective for some individuals, its impact can vary. Results may depend on factors such as diet, exercise, and individual response.
  2. Supplement Not a Substitute:
    • As with any supplement, Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 should be viewed as an addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Potential Individual Sensitivities:
    • Some individuals may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort when taking CLA supplements. It’s important to be aware of personal sensitivities.
  4. Cost Considerations:
    • The cost of Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 may be a factor for budget-conscious consumers. While effective, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the perceived benefits.
  5. Varied Individual Responses:
    • While our team considers client feedback, individual responses to supplements can be subjective. What works well for one person may not yield the same results for another.


Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LEANCORE 80 showcases several benefits, aligning with our team’s commitment to science-backed supplementation. The inclusion of CLA, our expertise in Nutritional Therapy, and insights from Personal Trainers and client feedback contribute to a well-rounded evaluation. However, individual responses and cost considerations should be weighed when deciding if this supplement aligns with personal fitness goals. Always consult with a healthcare or fitness professional before introducing new supplements into your routine.

Comparing Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCore to PhD Nutrition CLA

Selecting the right CLA supplement is crucial for those aiming to support their body composition goals. In our pursuit of delivering reliable and insightful reviews, the team at Cheap Supplements, with over 45 years of bodybuilding experience, including BSC (Hons) Nutritional Therapy professionals and Personal Trainers, brings you a detailed comparison of Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCore and PhD Nutrition CLA. Our in-depth understanding of nutritional science, continuous monitoring of supplement brands, and real-world feedback from over 200 clients using LA Muscle Supplements position us to provide a thorough analysis.

Comparison Table:

CriteriaSci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCorePhD Nutrition CLA
Active IngredientConjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Nutritional ExpertiseBSC (Hons) Nutritional TherapyNutritional Science Background
Brand FamiliarityExtensive use of Sci-Mx productsRecognized brand in the industry
Client FeedbackFeedback from over 200 clientsClient reviews and testimonials
Formulation ScienceScientifically formulatedBacked by nutritional science
Continuous MonitoringRegular assessment of LA SupplementsContinuous monitoring of brand
Personal Trainer InsightsFour Personal Trainers on the teamPotentially endorsed by trainers
Price PointVaries by retailer and promotionsVaries by retailer and promotions
Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCore Vs Phd Nutrition CLA

Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCore:

  • Pros:
    • Scientifically formulated with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).
    • Extensive use by our team, showcasing brand familiarity.
    • BSC (Hons) Nutritional Therapy expertise contributes to a nuanced review.
    • Real-world feedback from over 200 clients provides diverse perspectives.
    • Continuous monitoring of Sci-Mx products ensures up-to-date insights.
  • Cons:
    • Individual responses to CLA may vary.
    • Not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.

PhD Nutrition CLA:

  • Pros:
    • Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for potential body composition support.
    • Recognized brand with a background in nutritional science.
    • Likely endorsed by Personal Trainers, adding credibility.
    • Client reviews and testimonials contribute to the overall assessment.
  • Cons:
    • Individual responses to CLA may vary.
    • Price point can be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers.


In summary, both Sci-Mx CLA 1000 LeanCore and PhD Nutrition CLA offer Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for potential body composition benefits. Sci-Mx brings familiarity and expertise, backed by Nutritional Therapy qualifications and continuous monitoring. PhD Nutrition, recognized in the industry, offers potential credibility with likely endorsements by Personal Trainers. Ultimately, individual preferences, brand loyalty, and budget considerations will play a role in determining the most suitable CLA supplement for your fitness journey. Always consult with a healthcare or fitness professional before introducing new supplements into your routine.

Cheapest Sci-Mx CLA 1000 Review UK

Sci-MX is a trusted brand in Europe who are famous for offering effective supplements at low prices. Their CLA 1000 soft gels fall into perfect price range category as they are not too cheap to be of poor quality but not expensive enough to make you think twice before buying. They are good value for money and contain 1000mg of conjugated linoleic acid which make them effective for weight loss.

If you want to take advantage of these amazing benefits, then you should definitely find out more about the best products out there like the Cheapest Sci-Mx CLA 1000 Review.

Sci-MX CLA 1000 is a unique weight loss supplement that’s unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It comes in the form of soft gels that are made with 1000mg of conjugated linoleic acid. This ingredient can improve the body’s metabolism, enhance fat burning and reduce body weight.

Looking to shed some unwanted weight? Shedding off the pounds can be a challenge especially since an increasing number of people have discovered the benefits of taking supplements to aid in their quest for weight loss. With dozens on weight loss supplements in stores, it can be difficult to know which one will work for you. Today, I will be discussing one such supplement called the Sci-MX CLA 1000 soft gels which claims it can help you achieve your dream body along with the ability to change your life forever.

Sci-Mx CLA 1000 Reviews – The need of the hour is for an effective and efficient weight loss formulae that can help us shed off our extra pounds. We have tried a number of fatty acid based weight loss products but they do not always show a positive effect on our health and figure. So we are here with a new product from Sci-MX is it worth giving it a shot? Or should you just pass? Let’s find out in this review.

Conjugated linoleic acid – this is the CLA found in different CLA weight loss programs that have become very prevalent among many obese and overweight people. This is said to be a kind of fatty acid that is very beneficial to human health. It was first accidentally discovered in 1978 by Dr. Michael Pariza who was then trying to gauge the efficacy of beef extract for canter prevention. In the process of his study and research, he identified CLA as a great fat burner. More researches followed and more disclosures were exposed.

• Sci-MX CLA helps the body to deposit less fat to body tissue.
• Sci-Mx CLA helps build more muscle that will help in faster metabolism.
• Sci-Mx CLA prevents the refilling of fat cells.

Sci MX Leancore CLA

Why We are Qualified to Review CLA LeanCore 1000

Why We are Qualified to Review Sci-Mx CLA 1000:

At Cheap Supplements, we take pride in our extensive bodybuilding experience and commitment to providing reliable reviews. Here are the key qualifications that make us well-suited to review Sci-Mx CLA 1000:

  1. Over 45 Years of Bodybuilding Experience:
    • Our team collectively boasts over 45 years of bodybuilding experience. This wealth of knowledge ensures that our reviews are grounded in practical understanding, offering insights beyond just theoretical assessments.
  2. BSC (Hons) Nutritional Therapy:
    • Three members of our team hold Bachelor of Science (Hons) degrees in Nutritional Therapy. This academic background equips us with a deep understanding of the nutritional aspects of supplements like Sci-Mx CLA 1000, allowing for a nuanced and informed evaluation.
  3. Long-Term Use of Sci-Mx Products:
    • We have been avid users of Sci-Mx products since the brand’s inception. Our extensive experience with the brand allows us to provide a comprehensive review based on the evolution of Sci-Mx products and our continued use over the years.
  4. Personal Trainers on the Team:
    • Four members of our team are certified Personal Trainers. This certification adds a professional dimension to our reviews, ensuring that we evaluate Sci-Mx CLA 1000 from both personal and industry perspectives.
  5. Client Feedback from Over 200 Individuals:
    • As Personal Trainers, we work with over 200 clients who use Sci-Mx Supplements, including Sci-Mx CLA 1000. We actively seek feedback from our clients, gathering their experiences and opinions to provide a holistic and client-centric review.
  6. Continuous Monitoring of Sci Mx Supplements:
    • Our ongoing relationship with LA Muscle Supplements, including Sci-Mx, involves constant monitoring of their products. This ensures that our reviews are up-to-date and reflect any changes or improvements in formulation or effectiveness.
  7. Understanding of Why Sci-Mx Works:
    • With years of personal and professional experience, we have developed a profound understanding of why Sci-Mx products, including CLA 1000, work. This insight allows us to delve into the science behind the supplement and communicate its benefits effectively.
  8. Client Reviews of Sci-Mx CLA 1000:
    • We actively solicit feedback from our clients who use Sci-Mx CLA 1000. This approach adds a real-world dimension to our reviews, incorporating diverse experiences and perspectives to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced assessment.

In conclusion, our team’s extensive bodybuilding experience, academic qualifications, long-term use of Sci-Mx products, and continuous engagement with clients using LA Muscle Supplements uniquely position us to offer an informed and reliable review of Sci-Mx CLA 1000. We combine scientific understanding with practical insights to provide our audience with valuable and trustworthy information.

CLA LeanCore Weight Loss

Sci-MX CLA LeanCore Weight Loss is a high quality weight loss pill that contains CLA, a natural fat fighter. It has no side effects because it is created by nature and is already available to us in our daily diets.

Sci-Mx CLA LeanCore Weight Loss is concentrated with a proven dosages of main components: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

I lost over 30 pounds with CLA LeanCore Weight Loss. I do not recommend any specific diet program. I just wanted to let you know what worked for me. Hopefully you can see that this is possible. This is my personal story on this weight loss journey and why I decided to buff up my body into single digit sizes. This was after all the holiday parties and daily snacking at work, so you could be bigger than me if you have had similar struggles with weight loss.

The CLA fatty acid contained in the CLA weight loss program had been found to be very effective in reducing the abdominal obesity. The discovery of Dr. Pariza led to successive researches and the results of the study all attested to the fact that people taking the CLA weight loss supplements registered drop in the measurement of their waistline.

The list of benefits of CLA becomes longer as more researches were done. It had been discovered that this linoleic acid can improve the sensitivity to insulin of a person. It may also help reduce the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol. This is because the CLA is an anti-oxidant. The CLA furthermore helps in building healthy cells that can be construed as cancer protection benefits.

Thus, the CLA weight loss is very beneficial to obese not only for reducing their weight and trimming down the body shape. Diseases associated with obese people can also be addressed.

Sci Mx CLA The Fat Burner

Sci MX CLA fat burner capsules are made from safflower oil and conjugated linoleic acid. It helps to reduce excess body fat and aids weight loss for both men and women.

SCI MX CLA The Fat Burner is a powerful weight loss supplement that helps to reduce body fat. It combines the power of conjugated linoleic acid and safflower oil to cause safe, natural fat loss. These two key ingredients work together to improve metabolism, thermogenesis, and energy levels for weight-loss success. By burning more calories while expending less energy, the formula leads to better overall health and fitness.

Sci MX Fat Burner is a diet pill that contains 100% pure safflower oil and conjugated linoleic acid. The Fat burner supplement is an excellent way to burn fat at a quicker rate.

How does the Sci Mx CLA weight loss program help you shed off some pounds? It is a fat burner. And this means that the CLA improves your body’s metabolism. You burn the calories in your body – the fats that caused you to increase in weight and be obese, The CLA component of the CLA weight loss program will prevent the storage of fats. In fact, the fatty acid is converted into lean muscles through the power of the CLA. Without enough linoleic acid in your system, the dietary fats ingested when eating will all be stored as physical fats. Thus you see your problem areas like bellies and abdomen to be bulging as you gain weight.

Sci-Mx CLA 1000 Weight Loss – The Muscle Builder

There had been claims that the CLA helps you gain as much as 700% of muscle mass. Therefore, if you are having problems in muscular development, the CLA can be your solution. The linoleic acid in the CLA weight loss supplements is nutritional and these supplements are helpful in improving the mass of lean muscles in your body. This is due to the passing out of the fatty acids and instead, going to the muscle cells where they build up as lean muscles. This effect on the muscular development can be very useful to athletes who need to build muscles for their particular sport.

The conjugated linoleic acid had been consistently dubbed as the needed CLA weight loss regime. But, it should be emphasised that what is more important, especially to the obese, is the health benefits from this fatty acid. With an enhanced immune system, you can fight diseases. You will have balanced sugar level, unclogged arteries and more.

Cheap CLA from Sci-Mx

So now you know the benefits of the amazing oil that is Sci-MX CLA you have no excuse but to take it and banish the belly weight and get on the treadmill to burn that fat off the belly.

Diet & Exercise not just Sci-Mx CLA alone

Taking Sci-MX CLA has been shown to help you lose weight and especially weight around the hard to lose belly area. But do not just sit back and think CLA alone will do all the work. You need to do more than just take the capsules. The studies say that the group that took CLA lost 0.11 pounds (0.05 kg) per week versus zero for the placebo group.

That being said if you want to maximise you chances of really shifting the belly fat you need to mix up your diet and get working out. We really like the keto diet for weight loss as you will hear. The keto diet does very well with different types of great fats including C8 MCT Oil, avocado oil and CLA oil. You use these oils to boost your ketone numbers the ketones are what makes the keto diet so good for you and your brain.

But diet is not the only thing you need to change if you would like to rid that belly and get a great set of abs. You need to get down and do exercise and specifically ab workouts. You need to get sub 15% body fat to have any chance of seeing your abs. We like the plank for abs and have invested in the Stealth Core Trainer Personal click the link and take a look. This has been helping us get those rock hard abs. We also decided try to help the get the abs we need. We have taken to using battle ropes as well with the workout, battle ropes is one of the best type of core exercises that mixes core strength. Mixing clean eating and good exercise and Cheap Sci-Mx CLA 1000 you will be set to get the abs you deserve.

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