We R Sports Premium Rowing Machine Revxtreme Rowx™ Review

We R Sports Rowing Machine Review

We R Sports Premium is an entry-level rowing machine offering all the necessary functions to get fit and improve your rowing skills. There are many rowing machines in the gym, but some are ideal for home use, and there are some that are more suitable for home use, such as the REVXTREME ROWX. 

We R Sports Rowing Machine Review, The We R Sport rowing machine is a great rowing machine that provides you with good features to track your progress. It is an entry-level rower aimed at people who are just starting out on a fitness journey and who are looking to get some extra exercises to workout their upper body, legs, arms and core.

Before we start this We R Sports Rowing Machine Review we want to say a few things about the company that makes it. We R Sports is a company that offers high quality home gym equipment and fitness equipment for serious and top notch home workouts. Many of their products originated from one machine, the original We R Sports Rowing Machine. This low cost but highly rated rower is now available in six colour options.

We R Sports Premium Rowing Machine Specifications

Brand Name:We R Sports
Manufacturer:We R Sports
Product Name:We R Sports REVXTREME ROWX
Manufacturers Part Number MPN:RWM-BLK
Product Weight:17.14 kg / Kilograms
Item Dimensions:53 x 174 x 44 cm
Product Material:Plastic and steel.

As a small, light machine it is ideal for people who have little space at home. It is also a very lightweight machine and folds up to make it easy to store and use at home, and it is also very easy for a machine. 

Remember that the box can be difficult for some users and it is always good to have someone to help you with it. There are a number of different options for the We R Sports Premium rowing machine, so you should all be aware and behave while helping someone! 

The We R Sports rowing machine is a manually adjustable resistance rower designed for fitness newbies seeking the best home workout machine to improve their physique, lose weight and build muscles. The main selling point of this model is its stunning space saving design combined with an attractive price tag.

The We R Sports rowing machine comes with an ergonomically shaped seat that is padded with padded foam. The handlebars are likewise padded in a manner that keeps hands comfortable when rowing. The handlebars are also adjustable on this machine, allowing users to set them at the desired height. They’re positioned to keep the rower facing forward during use, instead of looking left or right as one can do while on a typical indoor rower.

Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine Price

Although it is simple, it is nevertheless a great addition to any workout and helps you track your fitness progress over time. It is really best suited to heal an injury at home, but it is really best – for an advanced user, such as a fitness trainer or even a professional athlete. There are other options on the UK is the JLL Ventus 2 Rower which is one of the best rowing machines on the UK market.

G users should look elsewhere, but those who want the simplest model can enjoy the We R Sports cheap rowing machine. If this is your first machine, you should definitely try it yourself. R – Sport is made of aluminium and plastic and is therefore a good choice for people with limited budgets and a high level of fitness. 

We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine Review

The We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ machine is a compact rower that offers all the benefits of this cardiovascular workout, but in an easy-to-store package.

The We R Sports Revxtreme RowX™ is a high quality home rowing machine that is compact, easy to use, and affordable for everyone to use.  If you are in the market for a home rowing machine, the We R Sports Revxtreme RowX™ is one you will want to check out. This is my We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine Review. I will point out the main features of this piece of home gym equipment, my only criticism, what was missing that would have been an advantage and my rating at the end.

Purchasing the right piece of exercise equipment is vital for getting in the fitness you need. It’s important to do your research when shopping around. The We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine may not be the best choice for everyone but, for some, it may be just what they are looking for.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic rowing customers, we have yet another incredible review for the We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine.

  1. Features of the We R Sports Premium Rowing Machine Revxtreme Rowx™

LDC computer display showing distance rowed, speed of rowing & time rowing.
foot supports with adjustable straps
Adjustable resistance with 4 levels of difficulty
Foldable, simple folding mechanism for storage
Padded seat with foam for support.
Handles with soft grips for comfort


  1. Pros and Cons
  1. Sturdy, well-built frame
  2. Great price for such a great product
  3. Great for cardio and cross training
  4. Compact design makes it easy to store


  1. Simple, maybe too simple for advanced users
  2. Low resistance number, giving limited options
  3. Slightly heavy for the size

Performance expectations

I purchased the RowX™ a few weeks and I haven’t looked back. The 4-way adjustable resistance lets you increase the intensity of your workout to suit, while the padded foam seat & soft grip handles mean you can carry on for as long as you wish in total comfort. It really is a bargain!

Supporting the weight of up to 100kg (15 stone), this particular machine is also foldable for easy storage – great for saving space.

RevXtreme RowX™ Premium Rowing Machine is a premium rowing machine. It has been designed to offer you comfort, stability and a great workout.

Advantages of a rowing machine

Rowing machines are among the most popular equipment you will find in any neighborhood gym. They offer an excellent cardiovascular workout, while also working a number of muscles in your upper and lower body. While the idea behind rowing is rather simple; the benefits of this machine are far reaching. Rowing machines allow you to perform a range of upper body exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, and upright rows at the same time as your cardio workout, so every area of your body is used.

Disadvantages of a rowing machine:

The only disadvantages come if you have a bad back or cannot row for some reason.

Bottom Line: The We R Sports Revxtreme Rowx™ Rowing Machine gives you an extremely stylish way to get your workout and stay in shape in the comfort of your own home. It also has a very high price point that makes it hard to justify considering all of its flaws. The Stairway To Fitness Folding Space Saver Review.

The material is the best quality, but looks good and the handles are padded with soft foam to prevent blisters so you can train longer. Users can follow their progress on the LCD display and enjoy the basic movement with sliding seat and handlebar. There were no glitches with the display, the problem is that the machine does not have a pulse sensor.  You may want to look at the best water resistance rowing machines, if you do take a look at the Bluefin fitness blade aqua w-1 rowing machine as its a top UK seller.

R Sports Premium rowing machine certainly looks like a rower that many people want to use at home. It has enough resistance to meet beginners, but it will not be challenging for advanced rowers, especially those with a lot of experience in rowing. The machine will challenge even the most experienced rovers, such as athletes and athletes at the highest level. R sports Premium has officially declared that it can handle users up to 100 kg (15 stone) and the machine reaches a top speed of 30 km / h. 

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